How To Clean Cats Teeth

Clean Cats Teeth. Even if cats are intelligent, intuitive and relatively independent animals, we must not forget that they are still animals, so there are certain things that they can not do themselves, such as brushing their teeth.

How to Clean Cats Teeth

Touching a cat’s mouth and teeth and getting it used to this cleaning and hygiene routine that it can not do on its own can seem like an odyssey, but we explain how to clean your cat’s teeth step by step so that your cat is happy, healthy and clean and does not suffer too much stress when you need to clean your mouth.

Clean the cat’s teeth: how to get him used to it
Plaque or accumulation of food debris are the main cause of dental infections in cats and can cause gum pain, bad breath and, in the worst cases, tooth loss and infection: that’s why you have to get used to cleaning the cat of teeth since a puppy or since he arrives at home.

Unlike domestic cats, wild cats can find objects with which to clean their teeth like branches, leaves or grass and in this way the cat is able to clean the teeth. In the case of a domestic cat, however, it is up to you to carry out this task.

Taking care of dental hygiene is fundamental to the health of the cat and will help you to prevent any infections or, even worse, some treatable disease only with painful and expensive operations.

At the beginning it will not be easy to clean the cat’s teeth, but slowly, and doing this work regularly, it will eventually get used to. Try to brush your teeth and pay attention to the health of the cat’s mouth at least 3 times a month . As you can imagine, if the cat is a puppy it will be easier to get used to it.

Toothpaste for cats
To clean the cat’s teeth step by step is different from our brushing our teeth. The toothpaste for cats is different from that for humans and you do not have to use the latter to wash the cat’s teeth because it can be toxic.

The same applies to the toothbrush: even if it is not toxic, the one for people may have too hard bristles and be too big for the cat’s mouth. A comfortable way to brush your cat’s teeth is with a sterile gauze or a soft sponge on your finger to use as a toothbrush. You can buy everything you need in pet stores.

How to wash cat teeth correctly
The first step to clean the cat’s teeth is to place it on your legs so that it gives you your back, because even if it is a puppy or a docile kitten, it may scratch you because no pussy likes to feel your hands on or in your mouth . Show him the toothbrush so that you associate it positively, caress it and reassure it by focusing especially on the head, ears and lower part of the jaw.

When you see that it is quieter, lift your lip and start gently brushing the outside of the teeth from top to bottom . Go a little further down the gum attack to the tip, just like you do about yourself. It is very important to remove all residues from the mouth of the cat to avoid any infections as we explained in the first paragraph.

To clean the lower part, however, it may be necessary to exert a little pressure to open the mouth to the cat. You do not need to rinse your mouth after using the cat toothpaste because it is edible, but from the water so you can drink it if you wish.

What to do if the cat does not clean the teeth?
If you’ve tried a thousand ways to brush your teeth and not even our article on how to clean your cat’s teeth step by step has helped you, you must know that there are some types of food useful to fight the dental plaque of our feline friends. They are not 100% effective and do not replace deep tooth cleaning, but somehow help to improve the situation.

Whether it is you who clean the cat’s teeth, or if you do it to the vet , remember to do it periodically so as to prevent problems in the mouth of the cat.

Cat’s teeth: control and care
At birth, the cat already has twenty-six thin milk teeth that are replaced by 30 permanent teeth in the first six months of life. Upper and lower incisors are used to bite prey and food, canines to bite and kill, premolars and molars to tear, cut and chew meat.

The cat has few molars, the upper ones are rather rough because they are not indispensable for a mainly carnivorous diet. The cat’s teeth lacerate the flesh like serrated blades . With a natural food they are cleaned by rubbing on the bones, otherwise they risk to deteriorate.

The tartar on the cat’s teeth
The teeth to be healthy must be white , free of tartar and with strong roots. As on the teeth of any other animal, even the cat’s tartar is formed on the cat’s teeth, that is a soft and yellowish substance produced by salts of saliva and the remnants of food. The old tartar then assumes a calcareous consistency.

From a hygienic point of view , tartar is a small outbreak of infection and locally exerts an irritating action on the margins of the gums. May cause disorders of the gums (gingivitis, peridentitis) with pain, falling teeth, bad smell in the mouth.

clean the cat’s teeth
It is advisable to get used to the cat from a very young age to have your teeth brushed regularly because it is not easy to clean your teeth.

The meat-flavored toothpaste is usually a premium, alternatively a specific oral antiseptic can be applied to the gums once a day. To be able to clean your teeth with less difficulty it is better to proceed in two so that one person holds the animal’s head firm and high and the other can use one hand to keep the mouth open and the other hand can clean it.

To brush the teeth of cats you must use a toothbrush for cats or for children. At the beginning brush up and down for a few seconds then give it a reward. Gradually increase the duration of the cleaning and gently massage the gums and clean the rear part of the teeth more prone to disturbances.

Beware of toothpaste!
NEVER use human toothpaste with your cat. In addition to being unwelcome, they contain highly toxic substances such as xylitol which, once ingested, can seriously damage their stomach. In cases of more obstinate tartar, only the veterinarian is able to proceed with a more thorough cleaning using special tools and in some cases proceeding also with anesthesia.

Tips and tricks to clean your cat’s teeth
A bit of tuna and a piece

You have to start massaging the cat’s face first. Then getting your fingers dirty with tuna you can continue the massage by passing a finger on the teeth and its gums, the cat will like! Then use a soft cloth or gauze by wrapping it around your finger.

Also in this case you can try to make the gesture more “welcome” flavoring with tuna or something particularly attractive and then pass it on the teeth and its gums. Every time you can brush your cat’s teeth you must reward them! Try to clean your teeth at the same time and in the same place so that it becomes a habit.