Coconut Oil For Dark Circles

Coconut Oil for Dark Circles. There are many home remedies to remove dark circles naturally and you should know that coconut oil stands out among all of them. The reason? This oil has very beneficial properties for the skin around the eyes, being a great moisturizer, repair, regenerator and natural anti-inflammatory.

All this allows that the action against the dark spots that appear under the eyes is much faster than that of other products and that your face looks radiant and full of life sooner than expected. In addition, it is excellent for combating premature skin aging and preventing the formation of wrinkles in the eye area.

Coconut Oil for Dark Circles
Continue reading to know how to use coconut oil for dark circles and discover the best treatments you have at your fingertips.

Benefits of coconut oil for dark circles
There are several factors or causes that can favor the appearance of dark circles and among the most frequent are: lack of rest, poor diet, stress, hereditary factors, excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco, etc.

Coconut oil is one of the natural products that exists to prevent the formation of these dark colors under the eyes and to lessen them and make them less visible once they have already appeared on the face.

It is its nutritional composition that makes it a very effective natural remedy for dark circles , and its main properties include those listed below:

* It is very rich in essential fatty acids, which penetrate to the deepest layers of the skin, nourishing it from the inside and thus preventing its dehydration.

* The combination of lauric acid, vitamin E and K is perfect to deeply hydrate the skin and contribute to cell regeneration.

* It helps reduce inflammation of the skin around the eyes and decongest the area completely.

* It is an antioxidant, thanks mainly to its vitamin E content, and prevents premature aging of the skin, including that of the area where dark circles appear. Therefore, it is also a great ally to avoid the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes.

* Protects the skin from the harmful action of sunlight, which can cause the appearance of dark spots and premature and accelerated aging of tissues.

* It gives the skin much more light and softness.

* Its lightening effects also help to naturally bleach spots and darkened areas, such as dark circles.

How to use coconut oil for dark circles step by step
To take advantage of all the benefits of coconut oil for the skin that we mentioned in the previous section, it is important that you first acquire the right oil.

The most recommended is organic coconut oil , because that way you make sure that it will not be harmful to your skin or that it will cause irritations. You can easily get this at herbalists or stores specializing in the sale of natural products. Store it in a cool dry place to keep it in perfect condition.

Coconut oil treatment to remove dark circles
1- Wash your face with cold or warm water. In the event that you have traces of makeup, it is important that you remove them with the appropriate make-up remover, as the skin must be perfectly clean so that the oil can act favorably.

2- Pour a few drops of coconut oil over the tip of your ring finger. If the coconut oil you have purchased is in solid form, you will first have to heat it a little in the microwave so that it becomes liquid and you can apply it on the skin.

3- Apply the coconut oil on the dark circles giving small touches with the ring finger all around the eye contour rhythmically. Do it without excessively pressing the skin and quickly so that it reactivates the blood circulation of the area and thus make the dark circles disappear faster.

4- Let the coconut oil act on the skin until it dries on its own and then rinse the face with warm or cold water.

For best results, we recommend that you repeat this treatment daily and preferably do it at night before going to sleep. In this way, coconut oil will act for more hours on the area of ​​dark circles and these will be much less noticeable the next day when you get up.

Another option that is also quite effective is to add a few drops of coconut oil to your usual eye cream or eye contour to enhance its moisturizing, decongestant and repairing effects.

Home remedies with coconut oil for dark circles
In addition to using coconut oil for dark circles through the previous treatment, there are also other home remedies that mix this oil with other effective natural products to combat those dark colorations and that are excellent to make them disappear from the face once and for all. Take note of the preparations that will offer you the best results:

Coffee and coconut oil
Mix 1 tablespoon of ground coffee with 1/2 tablespoon of liquid coconut oil. When both ingredients have been integrated well, apply the preparation on the area with dark circles and let it sit for 10 minutes.

After this time, remove with plenty of warm water. Repeat the treatment about 3 or 4 times a week and you will see how it works. Caffeine is perfect for improving blood circulation in the area, deflating and decongesting.

Coconut oil and almond oil
Mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with 1 tablespoon of almond oil and apply the resulting oil on the dark circles giving small touches with your finger until the skin completely absorbs it. Almond is another of the best oils for dark circles that we can use, as it is highly moisturizing, regenerating and soothing.

Coconut oil for eyelashes
Not only can you benefit from this product to remove dark circles and eye bags, but it can also help you improve the health and beauty of your eyelashes . That’s right, coconut oil is ideal for nourishing them, promoting their growth and protecting them from external agents that can damage them and cause them to fall.