How To Train A Pitbull Puppy

Train a Pitbull Puppy. Most people think that pitbulls are aggressive dogs, but nothing is further from reality, if you educate them well since youngest, you will get an obedient, affectionate and faithful companion. However, they are considered potentially dangerous dogs, so before adopting a puppy of this breed, you must be in possession of a PPP license and know the legislation in force.

How to Train a Pitbull Puppy

They are very strong and energetic dogs, so they need an experienced master who guides them properly to a good education and training. This is not to say that you must use force to educate him, on the contrary, you must be firm, but always using positive reinforcement.

Train a Pitbull Puppy
We show you how to educate a pitbull puppy so you learn to control these dogs and get a balanced and happy companion.

The arrival of the pitbull puppy at home
As with all dogs, preparing and understanding how to host your puppy at home will be essential to start the experience in a positive and appropriate way. For that, you must teach him what his place is . He will have his own space where he will feel comfortable and safe. The best thing to do is to put your bed in a place where you spend enough time, like in the living room.

To educate a pit bull puppy properly , it is important that you set rules of behavior from the start and that you are firm, do not let him do certain things one day and not another or he will be lost. For example, if you do not let him get on the couch or enter your room, you must teach him right away and always keep that same attitude.

If you are not going to let him sleep in your room and spend his nights alone, you must be firm and not go when he cries, because otherwise he will never learn to sleep alone.

The pitbull puppy’s diet
You must feed it with good quality kittens for puppies about 4 or 5 times a day. For up to four months, you can moisten them with water so that they can be chewed on and from that age you can gradually reduce the moisture until you get used to dry eating. . If you see that it is still very difficult to eat dry foods (even if they are mixed with water), you can opt for moist food. Nevertheless, it must always be of high quality.

On the other hand, you must remember that the pitbull is a medium to large dog, so it will need specific food for puppies of this size. In addition, some people provide calcium supplements to their dogs for better development. Consult your veterinarian on all these questions to find out if it is necessary or not in your case.

On the other hand, and to avoid unwanted future behaviors, we recommend that you teach him to sit down, the first of the basic orders . So you can ask him not to eat until you give him permission, so he does not throw himself on food in the future.

Another thing to take into account in the education of the pitbull puppy is the time of the meal . Your dog should make a habit of eating what you put in his bowl once it is full. If, on the contrary, you leave the food all day long, he may not know if he is eating properly or not.

For this, it is best to leave the bowl for only 15 minutes and remove it after this time. In this way, he will learn that he must eat on time. Do not worry if the first few times, it does not finish, in one or two days it will be solved.

To teach him to go to the bathroom outside , you will have to follow the same guidelines as any other dog. Remember that you will not be able to get him out until he has all his vaccines , so in the first few months you will have to teach him how to help with a newspaper .

During this step, you need to identify when your puppy tends to go to bed, so you’ll know when to get it out when it’s ready.

When he’s ready to go out, you’ll have to go out every two or three hours and congratulate him every time he goes outside . When you see that he could not restrain himself and did it in the house, do not hit him or be too hard, remember that he is still a puppy and he is learning.

Physical exercise and education of the pit bull puppy
The pitbull is a very energetic dog. So, once he has all his vaccines and he can go outside, you have to walk between two to three times a day and even do some physical exercise. So that it is not too tired, because of its young age, it is recommended to dose the time of the activities. For example, it is better to play the ball moderately twice instead of doing one very intense activity.

Remember that after exercise and walking, by letting him sniff, your pitbull dog will be more relaxed and inclined to have a positive attitude.

Remember, it’s very important that you socialize with other dogs and other people by following our tips for socializing the puppy. This will prevent him from developing behavioral problems, which in the long run and into adulthood could be very serious, bothersome and even very difficult to change. This is the perfect time to work on socialization.

Apart from socialization and basic obedience orders (sit, come here, calm …), your dog will also learn tricks and activities so that his mind is always stimulated. Intelligence games are also an excellent choice.

Something to consider is that sometimes it is necessary to sterilize the dog not only so that it has a more stable behavior, but also to prevent your dog or bitch from having unwanted litters. In addition, castration offers many benefits, for example a reduction in the risk of cancer.

If you do not know how to raise a pit bull puppy, you can always go to a dog trainer to take classes and learn how to train properly. Similarly, in case of behavioral problems, it will be essential to consult an ethologist who will help you to make the new family member grow happy, balanced and adapt perfectly to the family.