Windows 10 Classic Start Menu ( How to make )

You would like to use the classic start menu under Windows 10? We’ll show you how. With the upgrade to Windows 10 also came a new start menu. But what if you miss the old Windows 7 Start menu ? We’ll show you how to keep the classic view even after the update.

Use Windows 10 Classic Start Menu

There are several programs with which you can use a classic view under Windows 10. These include Start10, Start Menu 8 , Start Menu X and Classic Shell . In the following article, we explain how to restore the classic Start menu using Classic Shell .

Windows 10 Classic Start Menu

Step 1:

Download the Classic Shell free program and install it on your computer.

Then click the Windows icon in the lower left corner of the taskbar to open the Start menu.

Step 2:

Now Classic Shell opens automatically and you have to choose one of three styles : you can choose between a classic style (one or two columns each) and a Windows 7 style.
If you close the window now , the desired settings are applied immediately.

Step 3: 

For example, your startup menu now looks the same as Windows 7.

quick start Guide

  1. Download the free program ClassicShell on your Windows system and install it.
  2. Then click on the Start menu icon in the lower left corner of the taskbar. It automatically opens a window in which you can set the design of your start menu .
  3. If you close the window now , your selection will be accepted immediately and the start menu will be displayed in the selected style.

Windows 10 Classic Start Menu

Windows and the Start menu – from (at least for me) inexplicable reasons since Windows 8 an absolute irritant topic for many Microsoft disciples. In the brand new Windows 10 , Microsoft has tried to combine the classic Windows 7 start menu with the controversial Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 touch menu, and is even applying for it quite extensively.

Nevertheless, even before the release of Windows 10, we received several inquiries as to whether and, if so, how to recover the “real” classic start menu in Windows 10. Thanks to a free tool that is fortunately no problem.

A note:  The development of Classic Shell has now been officially discontinued by the developer. But in the form of Open Shell there is a follow-up project on an open-source basis. Should Classic Shell no longer work for you, you should look at the alternative.

It’s possible with Classic Shell

It is made possible by the excellent Classic Shell , which we have already presented to you as a menu alternative for Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. The open source program already worked in the preview versions of Windows 10 and is already doing its job in the final version of the 2015er Windows without blemish and blame.

The developers offer at the time of this Tutos the version 4.2.2 as beta , which should run even better under Windows 10 (with me, they made just like older issues no problems at all). All Classic Shell versions from 4.2.2 should work with Windows 10 as far as possible without errors.

Classic Shell replaces the Windows start menu with an alternative, which is based on the start menu of Windows 7 in terms of appearance and functionality. The nice thing is that the tool is not only well-programmed, it also occupies only minimal system resources and actually integrates perfectly into the Windows interface.

After some time, fans of the classic Windows 7 Start menu will not realize that they are not using the “original”. But that’s probably because Classic Shell even improves the home page of Windows!

In no time back to the Windows 7 Start menu

The decor and the first steps with Classic Shell are a breeze. On first launch, the program offers a number of settings. Among other things, you can set the look of the alternative start menu of Classic Shell, in addition to the complete Windows 7 look also two variants are offered, which are used in older versions of Windows.

If desired, Classic Shell can also replace the Windows 10 start button. If you decide against it (which I usually do;)), Classic Shell will open when you click on the Windows 10 start button and when you press the Windows key on your keyboard.

If you accept the selection by clicking on “Ok”, you have replaced the start menu of Windows 10 with that of Classic Shell. The program automatically starts with Windows, so you do not have to get used to it. Of course, if you want to access the new Windows 10 Start menu for one reason or another, that’s no problem either.

Optionally, you press the key combination “Shift + Windows key” or you click on the Start button and select the entry “Start menu (Windows)” at the top. By the way: The new Universal apps Windows 10 you can find in Classic Shell either via the search function or in the folder “apps” that you can find in the “All Programs.”

The advanced settings: Start menu made to measure

Even if Classic Shell is ready to use almost instantly, you can also customize the new Windows 10 Start Menu to suit your needs. Click with the right mouse button on the start button and select “Settings”. Here you can change the design or change the behavior of Classic Shell under the tab “Basic Settings”.

For example, it is possible to show or hide the list of recently used files or to specify what happens when you click on the Windows key.

If that’s not enough for you, put a checkmark next to “Show all settings”. Here Classic Shell shows its full potential. You can show and hide elements from the Start menu.Determine whether newly installed programs should be highlighted and even change sounds and icons in the Start menu to your taste. Just dig through the options and you’ll get the new-old Windows 10 Start Menu that suits you best.

What do you say:

Since you are satisfied with the changed start menu of Windows 10, you bring back the Windows 7 look with Classic Shell or misses even the startup interface of Windows 8.1? We would be happy to receive your comments!

Windows 10 Classic Start Menu ( How to make )
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