What Is The Meaning Of Geometric Tattoos

Meaning of Geometric Tattoos. Tattoos are always more fashionable and accepted in our society. It is more and more normal to meet people who are completely tattooed from head to toe. However, small discreet tattoos are also becoming more and more fashionable.

Geometric tattoos are more and more fashionable especially on places such as the forearm, wrist, ankle, back and even on the fingers of the hand! The triangle or the arrow are among the most common geometric tattoos, however, we see more and more flowers on the bruised skins circles, moons or combinations of forms as diverse as varied. But do you really know what you are getting tattooed on?

What is the Meaning of Geometric Tattoos
Geometry has always had a special relationship with the alchemy and knowing this link that unites them, it is easy to understand that all geometric forms have their own meaning. If you want to know the meaning of a geometric tattoo.

Meaning of Geometric Tattoos
Alchemy and geometric symbols
Alchemy was a widely used practice from antiquity to the Renaissance. It was a proto-scientific practice in addition to being a philosophical discipline, it encompassed several sciences and currents of thought such as chemistry, metallurgy, medicine, astrology, mysticism and spiritualism.

Alchemy had a close connection with the search for the philosopher’s stone, an alchemical substance capable of converting metal into gold. This proto-science allowed the creation of links between human beings while explaining certain natural phenomena! One of the most important subjects that made her was chemistry because she had a close relationship with popular and religious beliefs. At that time we tried to merge the different elements and each of them had their own meaning because they were associated with a symbol

The alchemical symbols were represented by combined or simple geometric shapes that today are used in many tattoos! In the following of our new article What is the meaning of geometric tattoos we will present the meaning of the geometric figures that are most used in current tattoos.

What is the meaning of triangular tattoos?
Triangles are the most tattooed geometric shapes in the world. They are simple and can be tiny causing people to tattoo them on the fingers. The simple or minimal tattoos of triangles find their meaning in the 4 natural elements of the Earth: fire, earth, air and water.

In ancient Greece some philosophers tried to demonstrate that living matter could be broken down into a single basic unit that represented the foundations of all the animated objects on planet Earth. They thought the 4 elementswere the only essential elements for life. In fact, we can easily see tattoos composed of 4 triangles representing these 4 elements.

Water is represented by an inverted equilateral triangle whose base is at the level of the upper part. The earth itself is represented in the same way except that it has a horizontal line running through it.

Air and fire are represented by equilateral triangles whose base is located downwards and the point upwards. In this case, the horizontal line that crosses it represents the air while the triangle representing the fire does not have a line piercing it.

Triangles can also represent the duality that exists between the masculine and the feminine. Thus, a triangle pointing upward is a solar symbol of life that represents fire (as we have just said) but also the masculine. And a downward triangle is a lunar symbol that represents the feminine.

What is the meaning of moon tattoos and its different phases
The moon is a celestial symbol that has many different connotations and meanings. The tattoos that incorporate moons, whether growing or in all its phases, represent silver which is a chemical element that at that time was closely related to the moon.

Nevertheless, the moon has other meanings. It also represents femininity . Many cultures have claimed that the moon symbolizes woman and money while the sun is identified with gold and with men. It is common to see tattoos of chemical symbols intertwined with moons. In addition, the moons are super aesthetic! If you have a tattooed moon you must know that she represents femininity as well as mystery.

By not taking into account alchemy, the moon has many other meanings such as, for example, magic. Nevertheless, in this sense, the moon is not represented geometrically but in much more detail. While geometric moons are drawn only by outlines.

What is the meaning of circle tattoo?
Circles represent balance and perfection. A circle has neither beginning nor end, in fact, this continuous rounded line which is the circle also represents the eternal and the absolute. It is a symbol that represents the circular movement of life and its cycles. If from a point of view of alchemy the moon represents silver, the circle represents gold , the most precious metal.

In addition, the circle is one of the easiest elements to combine inside a tattoo. There are an infinity of drawings that include a circle or that combine several geometric shapes of which the circle is a part!

What is the meaning of a tattoo of the philosopher’s stone?
The Philosopher’s Stone has been one of the most famous legends in the world of alchemy. His relentless search has made it one of the most famous stones of all time. In the world of tattooing, it is represented by several geometric forms joined together . The geometric shape that encompasses the whole is a circle in which we find a triangle whose angles delimit the circumference of the circle.

Inside this triangle and at its base, there is a square whose angles join the lateral edges of the triangle. And finally, inside this square there is another circle. Each of these geometric shapes is perfectly nested in the other.

The philosopher’s stone also represents the balance and perfection of all the elements in order to reach the physical and emotional fullness. It is this concept that the alchemists have interpreted as the elixir of immortality .

What is the meaning of arrow tattoos?
Another composition of geometric shapes more than known are the arrows. It is possible that you have seen many people with arrow tattoos . What many people do not know is that an arrow tattoo is a composition of several elements and each one of them has its own meaning.

We find the tip of the triangle that represents the elements of life, but if we look good we can find other alchemical elements that make up this drawing. There are no two arrows that look alike because the possibilities of different shapes and sizes are endless.

Apart from alchemy, arrows also mean many other things. They represent protection but can also symbolize the flow of life or the will to move forward. When represented as crossed, they may want to symbolize love or friendship. And when we talk about love, it is common to see couples with tattooed arrows because we do not forget, the arrow is the symbol of Cupid.

What is the meaning of combinations of geometric shapes?
Many different combinations of geometric shapes can be found for tattoo ideasin fact, we have already seen in this article when we told you about tattoos of arrows or the philosopher’s stone. Another symbol that is extremely tattooed is a triangle whose interior is filled by a circle that is crossed by a vertical line that starts from the base of the triangle and joins the tip of the triangle.

Yes, we have just described the symbol of the relics of Harry Potter’s death! Refresh our memory on the meaning of the symbol of the relics of death, the triangle represents the cloak of invisibility, the vertical line represents the rod of elder (the most powerful rod in the world) and the circle represents the philosopher’s stone. True or not, this fictional symbolism has a link with geometry and once again with alchemy.

Nevertheless, one can easily find variants of this symbol, for example, a triangle in a circumference symbolizes eternity. The combination of several geometric shapes has resulted in animal shapes or particularly geometric objects. For example, in hipster culture tattoos of geometric animals like wolf or deer are very common.