Upper Middle Abdominal Pain

Upper Middle Abdominal Pain.Occurring pain or discomfort, located in the area from the costal arch to the navel , are referred to as discomfort of the upper abdomen . The upper abdomen is divided into three sections: the right upper abdomen , the upper upper abdomen and the left upper abdomen . Pain that occurs in a certain area of ​​the upper abdomen may indicate diseases of various organs.

Pain in the upper upper abdomen are less common than discomfort in the right upper abdomen, but still require urgent clarification by a doctor, In most cases, they are caused by diseases of the stomach, which is localized in this area or by pathological changes in the pancreas.

Upper Middle Abdominal Pain


Upper Middle Abdominal Pain can sometimes not be directly separated from the right and the left side . Therefore, it can sometimes happen that pain caused by organs of the right or left upper abdomen radiate into the middle and manifest themselves there. If the abdominal pain is the strongest in the middle , this may be an indication of gastritis.

Upper Middle Abdominal Pain

Upper Middle Abdominal Pain at Right

Central upper abdominal pain, which is more oriented towards the right upper abdomen , may indicate various illnesses. An acutely occurring stabbing and drawing pain can be achieved by inflammation of the gallbladder caused. If these symptoms occur after eating and have a kollikartigen character , it can be gallstones . The right side of the liver can also cause pain, which can sometimes radiate to the Upper Middle Abdominal Pain. Causes can be hepatitis or liver cirrhosis .

Upper Middle Abdominal Pain at Left sided pain

Central upper abdominal pain, which is more oriented in the direction of the left upper abdomen , can sometimes be a sign of disease of the spleen . which are noticeable by a strong swelling of the organ.

Upper Middle Abdominal Pain causes

There are several causes that can cause central upper abdominal pain. In many cases, the discomfort is caused by the stomach or pancreas . The most common cause of upper abdominal discomfort is stomach disease .

Acute inflammation of the gastric mucosa ( gastritis ) may occur after a high-fat meal or increased alcohol consumption. Also, the colonization of the stomach with a certain bacterium called Helicobacter pylori may cause gastritis. Any acute inflammation can also be in onechronic irritation of the gastric mucosa , which then causes discomfort over an extended period of time.

A gastric ulcer or an ulcer in the region of the duodenum may cause central upper abdominal pain. Another disease, the symptoms of which project on the upper abdomen, is the inflammation of the pancreas . The most common cause of this is increased alcohol consumption over a long period of time. Tumorous changes can also be a cause. Inflammations of the lung lining may in some cases project to the upper abdomen.

It is always important to remember that also a heart attack or inflammation of the pericardiumCan cause Upper Middle Abdominal Pain. Another possible source of pain may be an aortic aneurysm . Intestinal parts that come to rest in the upper abdomen can cause problems there. This may be due to flatulence , inflammation or infarction of the bowel .

Upper Middle Abdominal Pain symptoms

The symptoms of central upper abdominal pain are very different depending on the cause. By a reflux of stomach acid produced heartburn . The pain often occurs after eating very fat meals and can also be a pressure on the sternum trigger. In addition, patients report that they need to regurgitate and feel a sour taste . In acute inflammation of the gastric mucosa.

These are usually new Upper Middle Abdominal Pain, which tend to be long-lasting and often occur only after the increase of meals. But they can also occur as a strong burning and stinging pain . By applying pressure to the mid upper abdomen, or even by tilting the patient forward , they worsen .

On the other hand, chronic inflammation of the gastric mucous membrane leads to long-lasting, recurring pains, which can vary in their strength and intensity. As a result ofuntreated gastritis, a gastric ulcer may develop which also causes pain in the mid-upper abdomen.

Patients describe an onset of pain after eating , often in combination with nausea and vomiting . If there is a breakthrough of an ulcer , then very strong, sudden, stinging, annihilatory pain sets in the Upper Middle Abdominal Pain , the onemake fast treatment necessary.

In an inflammation of the pancreas are burning and stabbing pain in the mid upper abdomen indicated that often to radiate in the back . The abdomen is very sensitive to pressure in this area and is often described as rubbery. Other symptoms that may be associated with the upper pelvic pain in inflammation of the pancreas are fever , fatigue, dark urine , a light stool and a changed skin color .

Central upper abdominal pain triggered by a heart attack may become aware of newly occurring dull or sudden onset of pain. In addition, there may be a pull in the stomach .

In an aneurysm, a slowly increasing pain develops, which ties up the upper abdomen and radiates into the back. Overall, the symptoms of central upper abdominal pain can be very diverse and requires further diagnostic clarification.

Upper Middle Abdominal Pain Spasmodic 

Upper pelvic pain, spasmodic and phasic, may be due to irritable bowel syndrome . They often occur in combination with diarrhea and a feeling of restlessness in the intestineand can be triggered depending on specific situations, such as stress . If it is only a short spasm , they can also occur in the context of flatulence .

Upper Middle Abdominal Pain in pregnancy

Central upper abdominal pain that occurs during pregnancy is usually heartburn . The higher uterus causes a change in the position of the gastrointestinal tract and increased pressure on the lower sphincter of the esophagus. This can result in an increased reflux of gastric acid , which, in addition to heartburn, also causes Upper Middle Abdominal Pain. Also inflammations in the area of ​​the stomach , the duodenum and the pancreas can lead to Upper Middle Abdominal Pain in pregnant women.

Upper Middle Abdominal Pain diagnosis

In order to be able to diagnose central upper abdominal pain, a detailed discussion with the patient is necessary above all . It should be asked for the exact symptoms, the course of the disease, the history, medication and especially food intake and defecation and a detailed description of the localization and the pain character.

Thereafter, a detailed physical examination . The first choice is an ultrasound to assess the organs more closely. Many causes can be clarified by the ultrasound already. A blood test should also be done. This is especially on signs of inflammation, as well as for some organs specific values.

An ECG is used to exclude a heart attack . If further diagnosis is necessary, an X-ray of the thorax or abdomen can also be taken. Free air in the radiograph could be an indication of a ruptured stomach or duodenal ulcer . ACT of the abdomen can also provide more and more specific evidence for an organic cause.

So can an aneurysm , a tumor , a gut infarct or even an inflammation of the pancreasbe excluded. If there is a suspicion of gastritis or a cause of the pain that results from the intestine, further examinations such as gastric and colonoscopy can be performed.

Upper Middle Abdominal Pain therapy

The treatment of upper abdominal pain, which occurs in the middle, varies depending on the underlying disease. In most cases, the pain is caused by inflammation of the gastric mucosa . In case of an acute inflammation, the diet should be switched to light food .

Several small, well-tolerated meals are better for the patient and are gentler on the affected mucosa than several large portions a day. Foods such as rusk or oatmeal are recommended for such inflammation. To relieve the pain, antispasmodic medications may be prescribed. To prevent further damage to the mucosaAcid inhibitors are prescribed that reduce the production of acid stomach juice .

If the upper abdominal pain caused by a gastritis , the cause of certain bacteria ( Helicobacter pylori ), must be made additional antibiotic therapy . Central upper abdominal pain caused by an inflammation of the pancreas are triggered, are treated at the hospital .

After a temporary food delay, the diet should also be switched to light food. On a proper hydration must be ensured. Medicamentous is an antibiotic therapy, For other serious causes that cause upper abdominal pain, invasive methods may also be used for proper treatment.

Upper Middle Abdominal Pain forecast

The prognosis for central upper abdominal pain can be very different. If they are triggered by the two most common causes, such as inflammation of the gastric mucosa or the pancreas , the prognosis is very good . With the right therapy , in almost all cases a complete cure occurs . Overall, the prognosis depends not only on the present cause but above all on a rapid diagnosis and a correctly initiated therapy.

Upper Middle Abdominal Pain
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