How to Upload Video to Instagram

You can either upload a video to Instagram from your library or directly in the app and share it with your followers. In addition, the video can be brightened up before with various filters. How this works, we show you in this practical tip.

How to Upload Video to Instagram

Instagram lives from the media content of its users. Whether photo or video, the upload and share feature in the app is not hard to find. Our guide will show you how to upload a video in Instagram.

Upload Video to Instagram

Follow these steps to upload an Instagram video

To take and upload an Instagram video, follow these steps:

  1. Tap the plus icon in the bottom of the Instagram app.
  2. The recording window opens. Tap on “Video”.
  3. By pressing with your finger on the gray circle, you take a video.
  4. When the video is ready, tap Next on the top right.
  5. The video is saved. The next step is to apply filters and give the video a title. At the top right, tap “Next”.
  6. Then you are on the page “Share on”. There you can add more information such as your location or a caption and specify which networks you share the video on, for example, Facebook or Twitter.
  7. Then tap Share on the top right.

The video will then be uploaded to the selected channels. Alternatively, you can upload existing videos in the same way. Simply tap on “Gallery” instead of “Video”. The upload options are the same.

Upload videos on Instagram

  1. Open the Instagram app on your smartphone. There you will find a video symbol in the middle of the lower bar.
  2. If you touch this, the gallery will appear first. You would like to upload a video from here, you can search and select the corresponding clip.
  3. Want to record a new video, tap “Video” on the far right.
  4. It opens the preview of your camera and below it appears a gray circle.
  5. As soon as you tap and hold it, the video will be recorded. You can also stop the recording in between by releasing the circle and continuing by pressing again.
  6. With “Next” you can now add filters and titles.
  7. The next step is to enter a caption and choose whether to share the video with all your subscribers or send it directly to selected people.
  8. Afterwards, the video will be uploaded to Instagram.

Upload Video to Instagram from PC

  1. Choose the right export settings for your Instagram videos

This step only affects videos In order for your smartphone to play the video clips, the right settings are crucial. First requirement: Your video must not be longer than 15 seconds . The resolution of media in Instagram is 640 by 640 pixels . When exporting the clip you need to adjust it accordingly.

The frame rate per second is set to 25. Export the video using the H.264 codec . The bit rate of the file must be less than 35000 Hz. If everything is configured correctly, you export a copy of the clip.

  1. Import photos or videos from the iPhone, Android or Windows Phone

This step depends on the operating system on the smartphone:

  • iPhone : The Apple-recommended approach to iTunes is complex and not really suitable for a clip less than 15 seconds or a single photo. The solution? E-mail the photo or video from your computer, open the mail program on your iPhone, and save the movie.
  • Android and Windows Phone : Connect the smartphone to the computer via USB. Unlock the phone and use the Explorer to copy the media files to the Media Library (in the Pictures folder for Android , in Camera Roll for the Windows Phone ).
  1. Open Instagram and go to the media

Now you can select the files that you have just imported from your computer. Just search for and access the latest files.

  1. Upload a photo or video

Download the media in Instagram as usual and share it on Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. You can use this method to publish great content, even if the smartphone does not have the latest generation camera. The Instagram community is looking forward to your latest photos and movies.

How do I post a video?

To upload a video or record a new video, tap at the bottom of the screen :

  • To upload a video from your mobile phone’s library, tap Library (iPhone) or Gallery (Android) at the bottom of the screen and select the video you want to share.
  • Tap ” Video ” at the bottom of the screen to capture a video. Tap and hold the button to start recording, and take your finger off the screen to stop recording. You can tap and hold the button again to capture multiple video clips . Tap to switch between front and rear camera.

Remember that videos are allowed to be 60 seconds or less. After you’ve captured or uploaded a video, you can add a filter , a caption, and your location before you share .

Note: You can not capture or upload photos from a desktop computer.


How to Upload Video to Instagram
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