How to Update Windows 10 ( Win 7 / 8 to Windows 10 )

Update Windows 10. If you have a Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 PC , Microsoft has made an installer available to update your current copy of Windows to Windows 10 with ease. The icing on the cake, it is possible to keep all his personal files and all software installed during the upgrade to Windows 10!

How to Update Windows 10

If you follow step by step this tutorial, I promise you that in less than 2 hours you will have made the update to Windows 10 without turbulence or snagging.

Update Windows 10

Prerequisites for updating to Windows 10

  • a PC with Windows 7 SP1 or Windows 8.1 ;
  • Windows 10 installation media (see step 2).
  • Windows 10 license

Also, for the upgrade to Windows 10 to go smoothly, I strongly advise you:

  1. to update the drivers for your PC ;
  2. to  update all installed software ;
  3. to uninstall your antivirus and firewall software (you will reinstall them after the update).

It will take you half an hour but believe me, it can save you a  lot of trouble !

Step 1: Create a backup of Windows 7 or 8.1

Before upgrading to Windows 10, I strongly advise you to back up your current version of Windows by creating what is called a system image .

In case Windows 10 does not suit you , you will simply have to restore this system imageto find your current version of Windows and all your personal files, settings and software.

Step 2: Launch the Windows 10 installer

You have several options to install Windows 10 :

  • with Windows Update ;
  • with a Windows 10 installation USB key ;
  • with the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool ;
  • with Windows 10 ISO image .

Whatever the installation medium you choose, your goal is to launch the Windows 10 installer . To do this, follow the instructions below.

With Windows Update

Important: It is no longer possible to benefit from the free upgrade to Windows 10 from Windows Update.

1- Open Windows Update from Control Panel> System and Security .

2- Once the Windows 10 download is complete, an upgrade window should open. Click on Accept .

Windows Update then prepares the upgrade to Windows 10 .

3- Click the Start Upgrade button .

Your PC will restart to install Windows 10 .

With an installation USB key

  1. Create a Windows 10 installation USB key (simple and free).
  2. Double-click the USB key in the File Explorer and run the setup.exe file .
  3. Then proceed to the installation of Windows 10 .

With the Media Creation Tool

1- Download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool .

2- Launch the executable and select Upgrade this PC now on the first screen.

The media creation tool then starts downloading Windows 10 .

Then create the installation media for Windows 10 .

3- Then proceed to the installation of Windows 10 .

With the ISO image of Windows 10

  1. Download the ISO image of Windows 10 .
  2. Mount the ISO image .
  3. Once the ISO is mounted, open the drive that was created in the File Explorer and run the setup.exe file .
  4. Then proceed to the installation of Windows 10 .

Step 4: Install Windows 10

1- Here we are in the Windows 10 installer . Leave the Download and install updates (recommended) box checked, and then click Next .

2- If your copy of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 is not enabled, you will get the Product Keyscreen . There are two possibilities for you to continue installing Windows 10 :

  1. you exit the Windows 10 installer , activate your copy of Windows 7 or 8.1 and then restart the Windows 10 installer;
  2. you enter the Windows 10 product key you purchased (it is on the Windows 10 box or in the order e-mail).

3- Accept the terms of the license agreement .

4- Windows 10 is now ready to install ! The following screen summarizes the edition of Windows 10 that will be installed and what you want to keep . By default, all your settings, personal files and applications are kept.

5- Click on the Edit Items to Keep link to have other options including formatting your system disk:

  1. Keep Windows settings, personal files and applications .
  2. Keep only personal files .
  3. Do not keep anything .

6- Click Next to start the installation of Windows 10 !

After a few minutes, your PC will restart . Windows 10 installation continues with file copying, installation of features and drivers, and configuration of settings.

After (long) minutes, Windows 10 is finally installed on your PC !

7- At the login screen , enter the password for your user account.

Tada! Windows 10 has correctly installed on your PC !

How to update Windows 10 for free

Offers for free Windows 7 and 8 updates to Windows 10 are officially complete. But it is still possible to get the latest version of the OS, without paying.

When Microsoft launched Windows 10 in July 2015, Microsoft launched a major promotion campaign to offer its OS for free to Windows 7 and 8 / 8.1 users. This free update was valid for one year and then it was still possible to do it through the Microsoft site dedicated to assistive technologies , used for example by the visually impaired. The editor has terminated this operation but all is not lost if you still want to update your Windows 7/8 / 8.1 machine. For that :

1 – Download the support creation tool

To install Windows 10, you need an empty USB stick of at least 8 GB. Download the media creation tool , connect the key and run the program MediaCreationTool.exe from the file explorer .

2 – Create your installation USB key

  • Accept the terms of the license agreement, and then click Create Installation Media and the Next button . Check that the language and version of Windows (32-bit or 64-bit) are the right ones. Click the Next button .

Click USB Flash Disk and then the Next button . Select your USB drive from the list and click Next . The USB key is then erased and the download of the Windows 10 installation files begins.

3 – Start the installation of Windows 10

You then have two choices. If you boot the PC from the USB key, you perform a full installation of Windows 10 that removes all previous data (apps, user files) and that requires entering the product key of your current Windows to activate the BONE. This is not the path we propose to follow.

  • To update your current system and keep your data and apps running, launch the file explorer, click on the USB key in the tree and double-click on setup.exe .
  • In the Get Important Updates window , click the Next button . Then click on the Accept button for the Notice and Conditions window of the applicable license agreement . When the Ready to Install window appears , click the Install button .
  • The computer will restart several times during installation, which is perfectly normal.

4 – Check activation

Use the key combination <Windows> and <Pause> to display the system configuration window.

In the Activation section of Windows , Windows is enabled and must be present. If it is not, click Change Product Key and enter the key provided with your old OS (it is in the form of five groups of five letters and numbers separated by dashes).

The final word

I hope this tutorial has been useful for updating your copy of Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 easily. If you have any comments, questions or problems, please let me know in the comments I will try to help you as much as possible.


How to Update Windows 10 ( Win 7 / 8 to Windows 10 )
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