How to Tighten your Vag ( Vagina ) Overnight

Tighten your Vag Overnight, the inner part of the female genital organ, also known as the progenitor bed, is called the vagina. This is where the baby begins sexual intercourse. The birth of the fetus, which completes its development, is again here.

Despite the fact that birth is the most important part of the emotional and physical rapport between the spouses, sexual intercourse is provided by the vagina is a very important organ. After normal births, it may lose its vaginal tightness and fail to fulfill the function of the joint. In this case, vaginal constriction (vaginoplasty) is required.

How to Tighten your Vag Overnight with Exercise

Tighten your Vag

How to make Kegel exercise?

First you need to understand how to squeeze vaginal muscles. This is actually a gynecologist who will learn how to use your muscles more effectively. Using these muscles, for example, to hold urine while holding the urine is a way to hold and leave your muscles squeezed.

In kegel exercise, however, it is necessary to do this with the exception of urine. When you have urine, do not apply while your pussy is full. Otherwise you can stay with the problem of the urinary tract.

1- Relax your vagina, tighten your vaginal muscles for 3 seconds and then relax.

Tighten your vag again after 3 seconds. Make this move 20 times in a row. Reply Step 1 You should apply 2 or 3 times during the day at different times. Increase this number by 20 next week and continue increasing by 20 every week.

2-Lie on your back and breathe deeply. Move your index finger slowly into your vagina. (Do not apply to the Virgin ones.)

When your finger is in the vagina, feel the vaginal muscles tighten your finger by tightening the vaginal muscles you made in Step 1. Do this 20 times in this way. Even if you get pleasure when you try it, it is possible.In this step you will do your kegel exercises with the help of your fingers.

Important note: While performing the exercises, you will not hold your breath, ie normal breathing should continue. Another important point is that you should not let any of your muscles in your abdomen, legs or hip.

When Kegel Exercise is regularly performed, you may notice improvement at the end of 12 weeks.

Tighten your Vag ( Vagina )

Vaginal narrowing of the vagina is called vaginoplasty, which is performed on women who have delivered from the vaginal canal and who have not yet had a delivery but who have enlargement and compromise in the vagina due to sexual experience and other somatic factors.

Currently, the most effective method in the world is the vaginal narrowing operation with small surgical intervention performed by local anesthesia.

How to Tighten your Vag ( Vagina )

Even after the normal birth or when not giving birth, the women asking how to narrow the vagina by feeling the enlargement and enlargement in the vagina during sexual life.

In this article, we already give technical details about how to perform vaginoplasty surgery with surgical method, and we also consider the inconveniences of laser vaginal narrowing.

Tighten your Vag ( Vagina ) with surgery (vaginoplasty)

In vaginoplasty surgery, which is superior to laparoscopic vaginal narrowing method, in vaginoplasty surgery, the abundant and dangling parts of the vaginal canal are surgically removed and a narrow vagina is obtained in a real sense and there is no enlargement of the vagina unless you have normal delivery.

Vaginal narrowing surgery takes about 45 minutes, you will not feel pain because the vagina is completely numbed. Stitches heal in 2 weeks, during which time you can continue to work. Within 6 weeks you will be ready for sexual intercourse.

Tighten your Vag ( Vagina ) with Laser

With the help of a 10 cm probe inserted into the vagina, the laser current applied to the vaginal tissue creates burns from the inner wall of the contacting vagina and transient constriction occurs in the vagina with a burned contraction rash, but it has to be said that there are many adverse side effects.

Burn marks and rough structure in the vagina , discoloration of the vagina, and enlargement like re-enlargement after a period of 6 months is the disadvantage of laser-vaginal narrowing. I do not recommend this method.