How to Shave your Pubic Area ( Women and Men )

How to Shave your Pubic Area .Shave your Pubic Area, using scissors and razor blades to cut off the hair on and around the external genitalia. When using cutting tools in one of the most sensitive areas of the body, you need to be very careful, take steps to prepare the hair and area before shaving, and to prevent irritation after shaving.If you are the first to shave or if you have not touched this long-lasting area, shorten the long hairs first.

You can do this with a shaver or with a small scissor (if you have a manicure-pedicure scissors). If you are going to use a shaver, move in the direction of the hairs in the upper part, and do not use it on the testicles if possible. Especially in the lower parts of the hair curling or a cut will be quite painful.

How to Shave your Pubic Area Women

Many women are worried about the appearance of Pubic Area, which is quite normal. Not only to wear bikinis but also to feel good …

Shave Pubic Area

Maybe you do not want to do this yourself. There are methods that can be dangerous, such as networking. When it is not done carefully, it can damage the special zone in the network.

If you go to a professional, mistakes can happen. At the end, we are all human. Because of this, we will find recommendations for you to get the feather in our bikini area.

1-Shave the Pubic Area

There’s something you need to do before you start. Decide how you want your Pubic Area to look. Choose something that makes you feel feminine, comfortable and attractive.

Especially if you have long groin hair, this decision is very important. Shorten the scissors before washing the fur.

If you want to demolish the Pubic Area, do it before shaving. So you can prevent irritation of the skin.

2- Scrub Your Skin

It is common for people to apply a gel before shaving and clean the skin. However, this is not the best way to shave. The best is to cut the skin both before and after.

So the feathers are fine. This allows the razor to be more effective during shaving. Cutting also cleans dead cells, which can block the spread.

By doing this, you can prevent wrecks. If you are submerged in your skin, you know how painful it is. Therefore, it is important to interrogate.

3- Soak the Razor that  will use for shave 

The best is to have more than one gilet. So you can change one of them to blind. After a few uses, you have to go several times in the same place to shave with blind razor.

-Soak the razor before each use. Also use shaving cream. A good cream will soften and moisturize the Pubic Area you want to shave.

-Choose a moisturizing shaving cream. Also, shave long and gently. You should also shave in the direction of your hair.

-Put your hand above your Pubic Area above your stomach. Pull up your skin. So the hairs are ready and hard.

-Do not press the razor. Allow the shaving blades to self-operate. Soak the razor before every touch. So you can protect your skin from irritation.

4- Shave your groin area

When shaving the bikini area, choose the side you want to start.

You’d better start with the opposite side of the dominant hand. Bend forward and raise the side of the side you want to shave. This helps you see clearly what you are doing.

Hold your hoop over the wall of the shower or, if necessary, another floor. If you shave like this, you can prevent the wrecks. Rinse the Pubic Area and apply shaving cream. Make sure nothing touches the lips.

Shave outwards. Stop after every passage until you come to the end of your lips.

You need to raise your pants a little more and keep the skin tight. This helps prevent unwanted cuts.

5- Care after shaving

You can not get rid of these by shaving the feather in the bikini area. You need to cut it twice. This will take dead skinned razor. It also pores the pores.

So you can prevent wrecks. You can use sugar or carbonate for the pouch. Dry your bikini area with a soft towel. Do not rub the towel. If you do this, you can irritate sensitive skin.

If you have missed any feathers, take them with tweezers. If you shave for hours, remember that you can still miss a few hairs. Use a non-perfumed moisturizing lotion.

Use baby powder or baby fluids to prevent irritation in the bikini area. Soak the Pubic Area just to air the skin.

Only use products externally.

6- Make it a place with good light

You can avoid cuts with good light. Usually the best place to do this is the bathtub. But if you need more light, do it somewhere else.

If you follow this recommendation carefully, shave it quickly. And you get the results you want.

How to Shave your Pubic Area Men

Approaching a sharp instrument to the Pubic Area may be daunting, but with proper preparation, time and practice, the Pubic Area can be a shave, a child’s play. To clean the long fur, you should first start with the fur in the testicle area.

This cleaning can be done in the basin. How you will do this is explained below. However, the easiest way to shave the testis area at regular intervals is to perform the shaving process on the back. A razor blade with a double razor works well. In this way you should shave your Pubic Area every few days and you do not have to use shaving cream.

1- Shorten the feathers

Take a beard or hair straightening machine and shorten the hairline in your genital area to less than 6 millimeters. This will enable the hair to be shaved more easily in the future. Long feathers cause the shaving blade to become more clogged.

Using an electric shaver, like a beard trimmer, functions better than the machine and cuts the feather much shorter. If you are using your machine with the scanner, make sure that you are using the 0 or 1 setting. If you use the machine in this way, it will be almost as successful as a razor blade.

-Avoid using an electric machine for the testis area (testis bag or scrotum). The skin in this Pubic Area is very thin and loose. It can therefore be pulled by the shaving machine and this is very painful. Shortening of the fur on this area should be done with the help of scissors.

-If you decide to use an electric shaver, avoid shaving the lower part of the penis and the testis area. Because the cuts in these regions are very painful.

-The long feathers in the testis area, after shortening in the canyon, your bed stretches over your back; you can shorten it more easily. This also applies to shaving.

2-Stay away from the depilatory creams

These are the melting products of the feathers. Most men avoid using such hair removal creams because of the sensitive structure of the testicle area. If you still want to try it, try using your inner crotch in the inner zone of your elbow before using it in your Pubic Area.

Then, test the cranial, Pubic Area in small amounts before applying to the Pubic Area. During application, be absolutely sure that your cream penis does not fall into your head. (If you are not circumcised, you can also try it at the circumcision skin that covers the head of the cranium and penis.)

3-Take your position

Make sure that the room you use for shaving is only reserved for you for at least one hour (or how long you think the process will last). This is not a situation that you may want to capture and therefore do not hasten. For this reason, evaluate the idea of shaving your genital tract late at night.

-Try to perform a shaving operation with a little hot water in the tub. The hot water in the bathtub is the Pubic Area where you will perform the shaving process; they prepare better than showering. In this position your body will remain fairly constant (remember you are sitting) and your Pubic Area will be easily accessible. You will also have a water source where you can wash your razor blade. If this position is not possible, consider the idea of sitting on the ground because of its ease of transport and stability.

-If you are using a toilet to sit on, your genital area is standing on a garbage during shaving, which means that there will be nothing to clean after shaving.

-If you prefer to stand, carry out the shaving in the shower cabinet. Make sure you stay away from water to keep your shaved foam from getting wet and rinse the knife constantly. By performing the shaving process at the entrance to the shower cabin; you can ensure that your clothes are not smudged.

4- Shag Pubic Area for shaving

Foam the area using a shaving cream, especially for sensitive skin. Avoid menthol or perfumed creams due to the possibility of irritation. Using an antibacterial shaving gel reduces the irritations caused by bacteria accumulating in the pores and hair follicles. Also, this kind of jelly is transparent. This allows you to see the Pubic Area while shaving.

5-Start shaving

Shave the whole Pubic Area with a 3 or 4 razor blade and a short, light stroke. The key point in the shaving of the genital area is to make sure that you are always deep in the Pubic Area you are shaving. Loose grip; the skin will move along with the razor blade and cause an inconsistent surface. After each stroke, keep the razor blade under the water. You may also want to shave the remaining long hair from the missing application.

-Do the application as lightly as possible. When you gently slide on the skin without applying pressure, you will not cut yourself.

-The following proposals are for shaving the reverse direction of the elongation of the fur (“going out” – providing smooth shaving). However, if you first shave the fur towards the elongation directions, you will shorten it in most cases. Then reverse shaving will be easier. Cutting the hair in the opposite direction, causing hair rotations and apnea, some people find it sufficient to shave in the direction of the fur, elongation, and finish the process there.

6-Shave on the penis

Shave down the area from the top to the belly button by pulling your penis down.

7-Shave the sides

Shave the sides of the penis and testicle area, keeping the pen sideways.

8-Shave between the penis and the testis area

Shave towards the lower part of the testis area, starting with the penis, holding the pen upwards. Performing this process can be easier when the penis is in the erect state, as the skin will spread much more and the penis will be much easier to control.

9-Stretch the skin

It’s much easier to shave the testis area if the skin is tense. This region; must be carefully shaved from the center front to the sides. It is more effective to perform the shaving procedure by stretching the testicles upward. This means to take the testicles by pulling them towards your body. The piece of skin between the penis and the testicles can be particularly problematic.

-One method you can apply is to rinse your testicles with ice to get an ice piece and tighten your skin. This allows you to get rid of the drooping skin between the penis and the testicles.

10-Clean Pubic Area

Wash and rinse the Pubic Area using plain soap. Also clean the room where you performed the shaving. It may be embarrassing for them and embarrassing for them to find the remaining remaining feathers of the others.

11-Dry it gently

Rubbing with a towel will increase irritation.

12-Reduce irritation of your skin

If you are shaving for the first time or for the second time, your skin will tend to irritate when the hair starts to grow again. This can cause itching and redness. This will last approximately a week. It will disappear from the center once you start shaving more frequently.

-You can put baby powder on the shaving Pubic Area that run together like the inside of the legs.

-Use an antiseptic cream to minimize skin irritation.

13- Reduce discomfort

Get some clues from the ladies and do peeling-like applications. This is the repair of the feathers; they prevent hair rotations and reduce the itch that starts when the fur begins to grow again. You can also moisturize your skin with an odorless cream or ointment. Balsam is a good alternate. It’s pretty good for your skin and it does not have a feminine smell.

-Baby oils are another option. Some people find it very effective in rubbing the baby with the Pubic Area immediately after the shaving, and removing itching and irritation.

-In addition, to soften the hair that hardens due to the razor blade; After shaving with the soap in the shaved Pubic Area, rub it with the ponza stone. This prevents the hair extension process from itchy.