how to Set up Voicemail on phone

To set up voicemail on your iPhone, you must do something different for each provider. On the iPhone, you can also use “Visual Voicemail”. The messages are stored on your device and clearly displayed in a list.

Set up Voicemail on phone

To be able to use “Visual Voicemail” at all, you must first activate the service. Afterwards you can comfortably set up the answering machine. However, first clarify with your respective mobile phone provider, if this will incur additional costs for you.

Set up Voicemail on phone

  1. First open the phone app on your iPhone. Then select “Voicemail” at the bottom left.
  2. If the mailbox is called directly, you have to activate the “Visual Voicemail”. This process differs in relation to the respective provider.
  3. Telecom customers send an SMS with the text “VVM” to the 3011. Vodafone customers call the number 5500 and then enter the sequence of numbers 245. o2 customers call the 333 and then dial 982.
  4. Now select the “Voicemail” in the phone app again. That should now correspond to the screenshot.
  5. If you then tap the “Welcome” button in the top left corner, you can set your mailbox announcement once again.
  6. Note: Visual Voicemail is not only supported by the major mobile operators. Even smaller providers such as “Edeka Mobil” use the technology. Since Edeka Mobil uses the Vodafone network, the settings are the same as for the D2 provider. Therefore, test out Visual Voicemail in any case.

Set up voicemail for the iPhone

If you can not get to your phone, an answering machine for your iPhone is very handy. Depending on your provider, voicemail can be set up differently for the iPhone. Visual Voicemail also clearly lists missed calls and recordings on your mailbox.

With voicemail for your iPhone, callers can leave a message to you when you’re down. The answering machine with Visual Voicemail can be set up differently depending on which provider you use. It does not differ, however, where you find the setting, but only what number you enter for activation.

To enable Visual Voicemail for your iPhone, you must write a text message or call a number to a specific number. For Vodafone call the 5500 and then enter the “245”. As an o2 customer, dial 333, and then tap 982 to enable visual voicemail. For the telecom you set up an SMS with the message “VVM” to the 3011. If you use a small provider, you can still use visual voicemail most of the time by following the same procedure as the network to which the provider belongs.

Set up Voicemail on phone on the iPhone

You can set up Visual Voicemail on the iPhone in just a few steps:

  1. Open the Phone app and select “Voicemail” at the bottom left to activate the answering machine.
  2. Then activate the service with the number for your provider.
  3. Now open again “Voicemail” in the phone app and you will see the still empty list of Visual Voicemail.
  4. If you want to give an individual greeting, you can tap on “Welcome”.

Set up Voicemail on phone Telekom over speed dials

The mailbox announcement can also be changed via speed dials. For telecom customers this goes as follows:

  1. Call the number 3311 to get to the main menu of the mailbox.
  2. Select the number 3.
  3. With another input of the number 3 you can record your personal announcement.

Set up Voicemail on phone with Vodafone

As a Vodafone customer, you can set up your mailbox as follows:

  1. Call the number 5500 to get to the main menu of the mailbox.
  2. Now select the number 2.
  3. Enter the number 2 again to set up a personal announcement.
how to Set up Voicemail on phone
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