Sciatica Pain Relief

Sciatica Pain Relief. Have you ever had the opportunity to make Sciatica Pain Relief in your life? Sciatica sounds like the nice neighbor next door, but as soon as he has made itself felt in you, you wish you, have never met him. He puts you out of action for days and sometimes even weeks and is happy to complicate your everyday life.

Because sciatica problems are usually understood as stinging pain that spreads from the lower back over the buttocks to the legs and sometimes even to the toes. This pain is most commonly caused by irritation of the sciatic nerve, which is the longest nerve in the body and runs from the lumbar spine to the feet.

Sciatica Pain Relief

But what role does the sciatic nerve play in your body? 
On the one hand, it has the important task of relaying instructions from the brain to your legs via the spinal cord; conversely, it transmits signals to the spinal cord via your legs. Simply put, the sciatic nerve makes it possible to feel in your legs.

Particularly prone to sciatica pain relief are those who are more likely to have pain in the lumbar spine area, including larynx shots (medical: “lumbalgia”).

While sudden lumbar pain in a lumbago is accompanied by irritation of the spinal nerves, it is called a “sciatica” when inflammation of the sciatic nerve occurs. This is often caused by the irritation of one of the 31 spinal nerves (also spinal nerves), which among other things are responsible for the supply of the leg and buttocks region.

But do not worry. Did you catch the sciatica, you do not have to hang your head.

However, this also means that you actively participate in the recovery of your sciatic pain. What you should pay attention to and how you can contribute to your recovery, you will learn from our tips. However, these of course do not replace medical advice, so you should definitely visit a family doctor at the first sign.

Of course, to recognize a sciatic at an early stage, you should know which typical symptoms can cause sciatica pain relief. In addition, you should also be aware of other triggers of sciatic pain, if necessary, to be able to prevent pain.

Are you in the starting blocks? Let’s do the sciatic pain together! 😉

Possible causes of sciatica pain relief

Sciatica pain relief is usually not considered as an independent disease, but rather as a concomitant, which may be associated with various causes. 

These causes include above all:

  • abrupt and unusual movements (eg wrong bending over, lifting, etc.), which can not only lead to lumbago, but also to sciatica pain relief
  • a herniated disc (prolapse) or a disc protrusion (protrusion) , both of which in turn is usually caused by bad stress or lack of exercise. Here, the intervertebral discs, which normally sit between the individual vertebrae. If they are displaced, they press on the spinal nerves of the spinal cord, whereby the pain can also radiate to your leg to the toes, depending on the pressure intensity [1]
  • a degenerative constriction of the spinal canal (spinal canal stenosis), which squeezes the sciatic nerve or spinal nerves. The most common reason is excessive muscle tension in the lumbar spine. [4]
  • arthrotic diseases of the vertebral joints (spondylarthrosis), which are triggered by degenerative wear processes of the intervertebral disc – usually due to excessive tension structures. [5]
  • Spondylolisthesis (Spondyolisthese), in which individual vertebrae move toward each other and pinch the nerve roots can. This is favored by unfavorable postures, such as long sitting in a bent position or frequent overstretching of the spine [6]
  • A pregnancy that causes a shift of the body’s center of gravity, which puts additional strain on the gluteal muscles, causing sciatica pain relief. In addition, the weight of the child pushes into the pelvis and causes irritation of the sciatic nerve
  • in rare cases also a spinal tumor , which presses on the spinal nerves and causes sciatica pain relief
  • The sciatic nerve runs close to or even sometimes through the piriformis muscle. Due to the many sitting this is usually very tight ( Piriformis syndrome ) and can thus irritate the sciatic nerve. [7]

There could also be other causes behind sciatica pain relief, which is why an early diagnosis by a doctor is very important. However, the above causes are the most common.

Typical sciatica pain relief symptoms

How do you recognize a sciatica? Sciatic pain can be very variable and can be felt in several ways.

So here’s a list of typical symptoms to help you spot a possible sciatic event:

  • tearing back pain that radiates from the lower back (lumbar region) starting in the buttocks and lower legs. In particular, the pain increases when you sit down, stoop, sneeze, cough or squeeze
  • In affected areas, additional paralysis, numbness, tingling or burning occur
  • Your mobility is severely limited and you are less physically resilient
  • Your pain is accompanied by strong muscle tension
  • In one buttock half you have to fight with persistent pain
  • As you extend your leg or lift your foot, the pain worsens
  • To alleviate your pain , you take the following restraint: the aching leg is angled and slightly inclined outwards while keeping your upper body crooked [8]

Now, for the time being, I have been plaguing you with enough theory. 😉 So now, head straight into the hands-on part, where you’ll learn how to treat your sciatica pain relief and help make it faster.

Important: Before you start with the exercises, talk to your doctor beforehand if they are also suitable for you. Because our advice will certainly not replace any medical advice.

5 supportive tips to treat sciatica pain relief

If the sciatica pain relief has hit you, it is important in the first place to keep calm. Keep in mind that the pain will most likely dissipate with a little patience and the right measures. Additional stress can make the pain worse. You will also find out how to best avoid stress in our infographic .

It is also important that you act directly on the first symptoms. If the pain remains untreated for a long period of time, it may cause you to experience a pain memory , which promotes a chronification of your discomfort.

1- Stay in pain, despite the sciatica pain relief

Exercise is not only the most effective remedy to prevent disease, but often to fight it – especially when it comes to spinal disorders. Although it is important to find the right amount of movement, but only so you can build targeted muscular system and keep your spine intact. This is confirmed and recommended by Harvard Medical School .

Bed rest reduces acute symptoms, but in the long term you only delay the healing process unnecessarily and possibly aggravate your pain, as ligaments and muscles weaken, which support your spine.

Start slowly and keep getting better. It is important that you pay attention to your body signals and do not overstrain yourself. If necessary, your doctor can also prescribe pain-relieving medication. However, strenuous exercise should only be pursued again as soon as your pain has improved significantly.

Exercise regularly to avoid sciatica pain relief relapse in the long term. 

Also at work you should always keep moving!

At work, take enough breaks for more movement in the workplace . A height-adjustable desk that lets you sit and stand in turns, an ergonomic office stool or a stool, add more dynamism to your workday and help prevent tension. Also, be sure to sit in a dynamic posture and maintain a healthy posture .

In addition, it is recommended to occasionally short workouts insert. Here’s our 5-minute workout program for the office.

2- Apply heat or cold therapy

Not only heat but also cold treatments can help you heal your sciatica pain relief. Cold therapies are particularly suitable for initial pain, while heat treatments usually start well with prolonged pain.

cold therapy blocks the pain forwarding and works best if you put out, for example, a gel or ice pack in the temperature range of ideally 10 to 15 degrees to the affected area. If these are to be used purely for pain relief, it is sufficient to cool the painful area several times a day for about 3 minutes.

heat therapy, on the other hand, promotes circulation, which relaxes tight muscles. A hot bath with a rosemary or lavender bath, a hot water bottle, a cherry stone pillow, warming ointments, or about 20 minutes of infrared radiation will help you get rid of your sciatica pain relief faster.

3- Have a massage prescribed

You long for a massage after a long time?

Then I have good news for you: a massage not only helps with muscle relaxation in the back, but also relaxes muscles that are directly related to your sciatic pain. [10]

Through a massage, your blood circulation is promoted, which in turn accelerates healing. However, you should only massage yourself by expert hands or use a massage mat recommended by health experts .

4- acupuncture

Anyone who thinks that acupuncture is a fantasy of crazy esoterics or hippies has been clearly wrong. Because numerous studies prove that acupuncture can very well help to relieve pain.

By placing thin needles in affected areas (so-called acupressure points) muscle spasm and tension of the lower back can be solved, which are in direct communication with the sciatic nerve. The lower back is increasingly supplied with blood.

5- Exercises for releasing the pain

Korean researchers have shown that mobility and stretching exercises provide significant pain relief and a high level of prevention. Therefore, we recommend the following selection of the most appropriate exercises for sciatic pain.

The step bearing

For this exercise you need a solid pad and an increase to take off your lower legs (eg low chair, bed edge, suitcase). Lay now flat with your back on the surface and put your lower leg at a 90 ° angle on the increase.

To support the relaxing effect, you can also put a warm towel or a hot water bottle under your back.

Take a deep breath in and out to give your body a better oxygenation. As a result, your back muscles are increasingly supplied with oxygen, so that tensions dissolve faster.

Put on the knees

Lie back flat on the floor and bend your legs. Your feet are still on the ground. Pull your right knee with your arms towards your right shoulder as far as it goes, and hold this position for about 30 seconds.

You repeat this exercise three times for each page. Finally, you pull both knees close to you and hold this position again for 30 seconds.

Put angled knees on one side

Stay in the starting position, where you lie flat on the floor with your back and fold your hands behind your head.

Angle your knees and roll gently to the right side until you feel a slight stretch in the lumbar spine area. Stay in this position again for 30 seconds and then change sides.

Conclusion: A cure of sciatica pain relief is possible in most cases without surgical intervention

In Germany, back pain patients are often literally put on the cross.

That does not have to happen to you. In your next sciatica pain relief attack, you can use my exercises directly and thus show him the cold shoulder. 😉

Keep in mind, however, that exercise is the A & O for your (back) health. Only with sufficient physical activity can uncomfortable pests like sciatica pain relief or other back diseases.

I wish you great success! 🙂

Sciatica Pain Relief
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