How to Reset My iphone

Reset My iphone. An application is no longer responding? Or do you want to sell your iPhone? Reset your iPhone can solve some problems by restoring the factory settings. For that there are three solutions: simple, complete and from iTunes.

How to Reset My iphone

Save your data

Before you reset your mobile, make sure you do not lose anything by backing up your data, either using iCloud (here’s a passionate page on the subject) or via iTunes.

Reset My iphone


Connect to a WiFi network, click Settings> iCloud> Backup, then “Backup Now”. There you go ! And if you are afraid that the operation may have failed (if, like me, you are also looking inside the mailbox in which you just slid your letter), go to Settings> iCloud> Storage> Manage storage, select your device and you will see your backup, check the date and time. You are now sure that the backup worked well. If you still have problems in this step.


To back up your mobile device through your computer: Open iTunes, click File> Devices> Transfer Purchases . The backup then starts automatically. Again, to verify that the backup was successful, click Preferences> Devices, you will see your backup and the date.

Reset your iPhone The simple method

Now that you are sure you will not lose anything, you can start the operation: press the Power button and the center button at the same time . Hold until the appearance of the Apple apple. That’s it, simple what …

The complete method

The complete method is a tad longer, but still trivial. Before you begin, turn off the Locate My iPhone service in the Settings tab. And still in this tab, gently tap the General icon. On the General tab you will find the Reset option , which when touched offers you different types of resets .

Reset all settings

The option resets all settings on your device, but does not change the contents of the mobile itself.

Clear content and settings:

Click here, and all content will be erased after a reboot.

Reset network settings:

WiFi settings will be erased, and all WiFi addresses forgotten.

Reset the keyboard dictionary:

As the annoying self-correcting feature of your device adapts to your habits and retains the words you use often, forcing the keyboard to forget all the words will remove bad habits taken by the option.

Reset home screen

To restore the icon layout according to the original settings.

Location content and settings:

Restores the original settings according to the original programming.

Once you have chosen the preferred option, tap the “Erase iPhone” option, connect the device to a power source – you never know, the restart may take a while, depending on the amount of information present on the device, and it is crucial that it does not turn off during this step. The black screen and the white apple will indicate that the restoration is in progress.

And then ?

The phone will restart, and to find your data, nothing more simple. After entering your PIN to unblock the SIM card, choose the language, the country, connected to a WiFi network, the device offers you the possibility to restore all your data from iCloud . You have the choice between several backups, the last of which you have made.

Your iPhone is now like new, with all your information!


How to Reset My iphone
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