How to Reset Iphone to Factory Settings

Reset Iphone to Factory Settings takes a maximum of five to ten minutes. However, once the process is complete, all data including contacts, music and photos will be deleted. So, first backup all necessary data and continue with resetting the iPhone. The process may vary slightly depending on the iOS version of your iPhone, but is basically the same. You can therefore follow this guide to reset your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or other iOS device.

How to Reset Iphone to Factory Settings

Resetting to factory settings erases all data and settings on your iphone. Therefore, an iPhone Hard Reset may not be ideal, but in many situations we need to do it: if you want to sell your phone so your personal information does not fall into the wrong hands, sometimes to fix some software issues, etc.

Reset Iphone to Factory Settings

So, knowing how to recover the iPhone sometimes comes in handy. If you do not know the steps, do not worry, we will discuss the process in a step by step guide

There are two ways to recover your iPhone through iTunes and use the smartphone. We will describe both ways here.

reset your iPhone to factory settings Quick Guide

Important: Before you sell or share your device, you should delete your personal information, or even better, create a backup. Also, sign out of iCloud on your iPhone before you delete your device and data. Otherwise your data on iPhone and iCloud will be deleted and unrecoverable.

sign out of iCloud

Step 1: Tap Settings, then touch iCloud.

Step 2: Scroll down and tap “Sign out”. Tap “Log out” again to confirm. Finally, this process is confirmed by entering your PIN number (Apple calls this restriction code).

Resetting the iPhone with a hard reset – that’s how it works

Step 1: Tap “Settings” again and then “General”.

Step 2: Now swipe to the bottom of the menu and tap “Reset”.

To really erase all content on your iPhone, you need to tap on the menu item “Delete all content & settings”. If you have activated “Search my iPhone”, you will be asked to enter your Apple ID and password.

Step 3: When asked for your restriction code, enter it as well. From the next step there is no way back. Now tap on “Delete iPhone”.

Afterwards all data on your iPhone will be deleted. After an automatic restart, your iPhone is reset to factory settings. You start as on the welcome screen and can reconfigure your iPhone.

Reset Iphone to Factory Settings on iTunes

1- Get your iPhone ready for recovery

Click the iTunes menu located on the left side of the iTunes toolbar. Then select “Check for Updates” and make sure your iPhone has the latest version of iTunes. Now connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable and the Back up Now button must be clicked when you see the Samsung tab in iTunes. It stores the apps, contacts, photos, and other data so you can restore the data later.

2- Restore the iPhone

After the backup completes, iTunes displays a summary tab for your device. Click the Recover iPhone button there. A pop-up window will be displayed with the Restore button, click this button to confirm. If you see the “Agree” button, click on it and download the required iOS software file before restoring.

3- Make sure the iPhone has been restored

The process of resetting the iPhone may take several minutes. When the process is complete, check your iPhone to make sure it completes successfully. If successful, the iOS setup wizard appears on the screen when the phone starts up. There you will get three options: “Set up as new iPhone”, “Restore from iCloud backup” and “Restore from iTunes backup”. Click “Set up as a new iPhone”.

Reset Iphone to Factory Settings on Iphone

1- Make your iPhone ready for recovery

Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB and click the “Back Up Now” button when a Samsung tab for your iPhone appears in iTunes. This step will restore your iPhone’s data such as contacts, photos, apps, and settings so you can restore another iOS device from the backup line.

2 -Navigate to reset the menu of your iPhone

On the home screen of your iPhone, tap the main settings icon. In the menu that appears, you will find the General option. Touch this option. Now tap the Reset button found at the bottom of the next screen.

3- Reset iPhone

Clicking the Reset button displays a new page with the option “Delete all content and settings”. A pop-up will open and the red “delete iPhone” must be tapped to confirm.

4- Check and make sure the phone has been restored

After completing the iPhone recovery process, which may take a few minutes, check your iPhone to make sure the iPhone returns to its original factory settings. The iOS Setup Wizard will be displayed at startup if the process runs correctly. Again, you will see three options under which you need to select “Set up as a new iPhone”.

Reset IPhone To Factory Settings : iOS settings

A full factory reset is unfortunately only possible with iPhones if you have never done a software update. Instead, it is just reset to the state with the currently installed iOS system, but as if it were a new device.

When delivered iOS 8, 9 or 10 may have been on the smartphone, but as a basis, only the current operating system can be restored. Otherwise, the reset iPhone behaves like a new device. That’s how it works:

  1. Open the iPhone settings.
  2. First, make sure you have an iCloud backup to make sure you can set up a new iPhone at any time on the old device’s stand. Our guide: Setting up iCloud Backup shows you how to do it.
  3. After completing the backup, you can go to the actual reset. Very important: you have to disable the iPhone search! Otherwise the device will be blocked for every Apple account except yours! To do so, open the “Search my iPhone” item in the iCloud settings.
  4. Turn off Find My iPhone. The iPhone then asks for your iCloud password, which you must enter. The device is then open to other iCloud accounts and can be deleted and shared.
  5. Now navigate back to the main window of the iPhone settings with the Back button in the top left corner. Touch the point “General”.
  6. At the bottom you will find the “Reset” option, tap it.
  7. You will now see a whole range of options: Reset All Settings, Clear All Content & Settings, Network Settings, Keyboard Dictionary, Home Screen, and Location & Privacy. To completely reset the iPhone, you must tap “Clear All Content & Settings”.
  8. The next question is whether you want to update the iPhone backup. Since this has already happened, you can answer the question with “Delete now”.
  9. The iPhone will ask you for the unlock code now. Enter this.
  10. Last but not least, there is a double safety net: The iPhone will ask you twice if you really want to delete all data and settings. Confirm both messages with “Delete iPhone”. Now there is no turning back: The iPhone is completely deleted and reset and then behaves like a newly purchased new device.

Reset iPhone: Why disabling iPhone search is so important

As you’ve already read in step 3, it’s extremely important to turn off iPhone search before resetting. This is in fact Apple’s theft protection. Thus, the thief of an iPhone can not do anything with the device, even if he reinstalled it.

Conversely, this means that the iPhone search also prevents anyone without your Apple ID can use the iPhone. Your iCloud credentials will still be required even after you reset the device. Since you certainly do not want to share this data with the new owner of your iPhone, it is important to disable the feature.

Occasional reset can not hurt

By the way: Even if you do not want to sell the iPhone, it may be worthwhile to reset the device every now and then. Because even iOS is slipping over time, so some app leaves traces in the iOS system.  This can also solve problems on the iPhone – such as the battery or other strange behavior.

If you have apps that require their own access – such as Facebook, WhatsApp or Twitter – you may have to sign in again after the reset, which can be annoying. As I said: It can make sense to reset the iPhone. But if there are no compelling reasons, you can just leave it as it is.

How to Reset Iphone to Factory Settings
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