Red Light Therapy : New treatment method for diseases

Red Light Therapy, The popularity of red light therapy continues to grow and is sought after by many treatment experts and non-laymen. But what can I do for the real magic and skin behind this seemingly all-too-simple technology?It does not have the tremendous soothing qualities of light but it has been known for centuries that it has only been discovered in the last century by red NASA and infrared LED only offers therapeutic power but also significantly speeds up pain and healing.

These discoveries led to study work further into the benefits of red light therapy.

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy

Scientific research has proven to create positive reactions at the deep cellular level in very specific wavelengths within the LED (light emitting diode). It is the blood and the high content of water in the body of the blood LED and the body can easily drive skin for more oxygen treatment area and much more to start skin repair and boost the healing, boost circulation, stimulate elastin and collagen synthesis, absorb the tissue where they increase cellular energy, .

What do you mean by all these reactions? The skin is treated with yellow, red and / or infrared LEDs that will start to move the skin younger, repair damage and make the skin look beautiful inside out.

As overtime changes from these skin appear younger, brighter and healthier. The benefits are many and the list seems to only take more work to be done as the longer and longer power LEDs in the light bulb have been arranged.

Red Light Therapy benefits

1. reduce lines and wrinkles

2. pore size is reduced

3. balance skin tone

4. Age of fades spots

5. Tighten and firm firms

6. Reduce redness

7. Relaxes rosacea symptoms.

8. stigma accelerate healing

9. sun burn helps with redness, pain and inflammation

10.Corrects skin texture.

11.Collagen and elastin stimulates.

12. Reduce inflation

13. promote a healthy brightness

14. scar is erased

15. skin makes it look younger

Red Light Therapy reviews

Red light therapy offers a powerful but gentle means to develop skin at greatest risk, without pain or interruption. With units designed for personal use, Spas can be widely used in lounges, Dr’s offices, as well as at home.

High quality and effective for the main unit you will want to be sure when searching for the proven ranges (590 nanometers, 625-660 nanometers red and infrared, 880 nanometers and over, for example yellow.) LEDs have a tongue to penetrate different depths of skin and tissue in each set of waves. Higher nanometer range of deeper penetration.

There are a large number of household units on the market and this quantity continues to grow as more individuals discover a multitude of benefits that offer red light therapy. So, how do you know which ones really can be trusted?

First of all, this treatment is an investment in skin, beauty and confidence. If a unit looks extremely cheap it probably will not happen to you what you are looking for. High quality LED will pay more for a unit that uses the correct nanometer range. There are a few systems that have proven track records on the market come from reputable companies and have real person references as actual device activity.

There will also be a free panel system option hand unit against a hand. There is the possibility that the device will remain more consistent in the main thing to consider which style? The hands-free panel sees your system face and you need to keep your eyes closed. The hand unit is open during treatments to keep the eyes open, but the device needs to move its face to different parts.

The panel systems have strong evidence that this is due to the fact that hand units LEDs are closer together and are not easily scattered in wavelength as the unit heads directly on the skin.

These are exciting moments with red light therapy, which gives you the opportunity to easily develop your skin with powerful healing LEDs. A simple technology to operate, your skin and your home systems are now extremely useful for making it more convenient and convenient.

What is red light therapy

Red Light Therapy is a treatment that allows the skin to heal itself as it does in all other light treatments. The most important feature of Red Light Therapy application is to shorten the renewal process by activating the skin.

Red Light Therapy devices have 4 separate titles developed for different applications. Red, green, blue and yellow diodes are used in the treatment. This light activates the collagenous tissue at the bottom of the skin. Because of this reason, the healing process after surgery is shorter. In this process of accelerating the skin’s self-renewal, a rapid healing of wound scarring, a decrease in edema and re-vascularization is accelerated.

You do not have to chase the season to do the Red Light Therapy because it does not increase the sensitivity to the sun.


* There is no difficulty in daily life as well as no side effects after treatment.
* Pregnancy can be used safely in people who do not take medication due to complications.
* Antibiotic resistance is effective for people who have a weak influence.
* Effective and safe for all skin types.
* It is painless operation.
* It can be applied in large areas such as whole face or chest area.
* No maintenance after application.

Areas of Use of Red Light Therapy:

* In sunspots and stains due to aging,
* In all kinds of tissue renewal,
* Acne treatment,
* Anti aging / fine wrinkles,
* In order to accelerate wound healing after surgery,
* In the treatment of some skin cancers,
* In the treatment of muscle and joint aches,
* In unhealing skin ulcers,
* Skin tumors and wart treatment,
* In vitiligo disease,
* Known as psoriasis in medicine, psoriasis,
* Temporarily increasing blood circulation.

Warnings and Precautions for Red Light Therapy:

No side effects have been identified according to the investigations made.

Some people may have light sensitivity. Pre-test is required for those with light sensitivity (photosensitivity).

This treatment does not apply to epilepsy patients.

Red Light Therapy : New treatment method for diseases
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