How to Put in a Tampon ( Step by Step )

How to Put in a Tampon. Tampon is, like hygienic pads, are products that are used to suck the blood that is drawn from the vaginal tract out of the body during menstruation. Unlike Petler, it helps to absorb the blood before it is thrown out of the vagina, thus eliminating the factors that are seen with the use of pet and which make the woman’s social life difficult.Vaginal tampons are produced by pressing soft cotton fibers into a cylindrical shape.

Thanks to the cylindrical shape, the tampon can be easily inserted into the vagina.Tampon menstrual blood can be absorbed directly into the vagina, without the chance of reaching the outside of the body. Vaginal tampons have different length and suction capacities. Knowing the shape and amount of your pieces will make it easier for you to choose the appropriate tampon .

How to Put in a Tampon


If you are going to use the bumper for the first time, it is normal to be nervous and tense. This can make it difficult to position your muscles because it causes too much muscle contraction. You can ask your friends how to use the tampon before hand and get help with them. Many products sold in the market include instructions on how to use and place them. Read these instructions carefully and try to understand them.

Some products have an application tubing that makes it easy to place them inside. Some do not have this tube. In both cases the placement depends on the same principle.

Before placing the tampon , wash your hands thoroughly with soapy water and dry thoroughly

1. You can sit on the floor while placing the bumper.

It is important that your position is comfortable. Some women place the bumper more comfortably when the feet are on the toilet seat near the toilet. Try to find the position where you feel most comfortable. Place it using your hand to write the letter, do not try to place it using your right hand.

Hold the applicator near your lower extremity with your thumb and middle finger.

2. Separate the labia on both sides of the vaginal opening with your other hand.

So that the vaginal opening becomes visible. Place the tip of the applicator in the vagina entrance.

3. Reach the vagina back and slightly upward.

For this reason, push the bumper smoothly in the direction of this axis. Do not try to push it by turning the applicator right or left. Continue pushing the applicator until the tube is completely in the vagina and the two fingers holding the applicator touch your body.

4. Then use your middle finger to push the piston or tube with the bumper thread.

This movement will allow the bumper to move out of the applicator and settle into the vagina. Pull your finger from the inside of the tube to release the spinning ropes.

5. Gently pull out the applicator.

If you place the bumper correctly, you will not feel any discomfort in the vagina and you should not feel tampou. If you are uncomfortable, then you probably do not have enough depth in the tampons .

The main reason for the discomfort is to draw the tapered inward opening of the vagina entrance. In this case, remove the bumper and insert a new bumper. Do not try to remove the same tampons and place it again.

Removing the bumper

If you feel that the tampons is filled and the blood runs out of the vagina, or if it has been full for 6 hours, or if you need to use the tampons, if you are left in the middle, pull the rope slowly away from the vagina. Be careful not to move too hard during this time.

Need to Know in Using a tampon

* As opposed to the idea of using a tampon , there is no difficulty in getting out of bed. Because the location of urine and menstrual blood is different.

* The presence of the tampon does not create pressure for the urine, you do not need to be afraid.

* tampon use allows for swimming, dancing, and challenging sporting events.

* Providing the ladies to pass this period comfortably by passing the odor formed during the menstruation.

* It will be convenient to choose to use the pet on days when your number is lightened and at night.

* During peak periods you will not use more than one tampon unlike pet usage during peak periods of your stroke.

* Do not use any tampon due to out-of-period discharge or any physiological reasons.

* Long-term use (6-8 hours) can cause “Toxic Shock Syndrome” especially in hot weather. For this, take out your tampon for an extended period of time.

How to select the tampon ?

By choosing the most suitable tampon according to the intensity of the period and the size of the vagina, you can start to use and experience the comfort of the tampon on menstruation days. Moreover, the bumper takes up very little space in your bag and you can take it with you wherever you want; not visible from the corner of the bag.

In the days when you first start to use the bumper, you may feel a little uncomfortable, it is very normal. When you put the bumper in the correct position and get used to it, you will forget that you are a regular. When you wear an abiye dress or white trousers, you will not live anxiously like “will I be able to use my pussy?”

Does the bumper break the hymen?

The bumper breaks the hymen because it is placed in the vagina. For this reason, if you’re a virgin you definitely do not use tampon . It is suitable for you to use hygienic pad during menstrual periods. You can use the tampon after the sexual relationship starts to live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the spontaneous fall?

No. When properly positioned, the vaginal muscles hold the bumper in place. For this reason, even when active sports do not fall bump.

Do I have to be at high risk for infections when using a tampon ?

Both yes and no. Tampon infection does not increase the risk more when used properly. On the other hand, the table referred to as toxic shock syndrome concerns the use of tampons.

Can I go to the toilet with the bumper?

Yeah. There are 3 different openings in the female genital area that open out of the body. Urethra where urine is made, vagina and anus. They are independent of one another and therefore the tampon in the vagina does not prevent you from going to the toilet.

After you go to the toilet, you do not need to remove or change the tampon . You can take the bumper rope in your hand with your hand while you urinate just to avoid getting wet.

Can I swim when I use a bumper?

Yeah. There is no objection to this.

Can I play sports while using the bumper?

Yeah. While using the bumper, you can do all kinds of sports such as ballet, weight lifting, athletics.

Can I shower / bath while using the bumper?

Yeah. There is no objection to this.

Can the bumper escape and disappear?

No. This is impossible. Only the bumper thread can escape to the vagina. In this case, do not panic, relax and try to find the rope by slowly putting two fingers into the vagina. If you can not, do not force it. Call your Heen doctor

Could the tampon cause allergies?

Yeah. Very rarely, the cotton contained in the tampon can cause an allergic reaction. In this case you should use a tampon . Perfumed tampon sold in the market are more likely to cause allergies. Do not opt ​​for such products.

Can the tampon reduce the smell that occurs during menstruation?

Yeah. When a person’s blood comes into contact with air, a special smell is produced. The tampon blood naturally blocks this smell because it sucks in the inside without allowing it to come into contact with air.

Should I use a pet when I have a bumper?

No. The tampon you are using must have the capacity to absorb four to eight hours of haemorrhage. If during this time the menstrual blood comes out despite the tampon, either you have not correctly positioned the tampon or have not selected a tampon with proper sucking capacity.

If you use the highest-quality bumper and the blood is still getting out, your menstrual bleeding may be normal, and you should talk to your gynecologist.

Can I use a tampon while sleeping?

Yes, but that’s not a good behavior. The tampon should not be used unless necessary. Especially if more than 8 hours of sleep, the tampon should be removed.

Can more than one tampon be used at the same time?

No way. This is a dangerous act that should never be done.

Is it possible to have sex with a bumper?

No way. This is a dangerous act that should never be done.

Will the tampon protect against sexually transmitted diseases?

No way. The only effective way to do this is to use a condom.

Points to be considered

Although the cause-and-effect relationship between tampon usage and TSS is not known precisely, it is a known fact that this syndrome is seen more in tampon users. A few simple rules to consider when using a tampon reduce the risk.

* Use the smallest bumper that will suffice for your piece of material
* Follow the suggestions of the tampon manufacturer
* Thoroughly rinse your hands with soap before and after placing the tampon
* Replace the tampon frequently in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation.
* Do not hold the same tampon for longer than 4-8 hours
* Never use more than one tampon at the same time
* Use a pet instead of a pad when you sleep at night
* Never use a tampon with the cause of discharge outside the period
* Use only cotton-containing tampon .


Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) is a type of serious infection that can be brought to life by toxins secreted by a bacterium called “Staphylococcus aureus”, which can reach life-threatening dimensions. It can be considered a form of blood poisoning.

It is extremely rare. S. aureus is a bacterium normally found in many areas of the skin, nose, elbow, vagina. Bacteria, the most important pathogen in skin infections in particular, can lead to TCS with toxins (poisons) that it produces in very rare cases.

Although the cause-and-effect relationship between buffer usage and TSS is not fully known, it is a known fact that this syndrome is seen more in buffer users.

After the use of vaginal tamponade by a student named Paige Roffey, who lives in England, the debate about how healthy the use of the buffer is with the introduction of toxic shock.

Today, vaginal tampons provide comfort for working women. However, we do not recommend the use of vaginal pads on the doctors routine. We use it and we have very hungry patients with habits. Because it is necessary to replace it frequently when using vaginal tamponade. We will tell you in the morning that it should not last until the next day.

We can develop a picture of toxic shock syndrome, which can cause life-threatening vaginal tamponade.

This picture is caused by a bacterium called Staphylococcus aureus, and the toxins it secretes cause life-threatening infections.

Complaints in toxic shock syndrome can be listed as follows:

Suddenly rising and fever over 38
Muscle aches
Lesions such as sunburn on the skin
Sudden drop in blood pressure

What measures can be taken when using the bumper?

When using the bumper, the hand must be cleaned with clean soap before installing and removing
Immediately vaginally applied without any contact with the opening of the buffer gelatin
It must be changed every 4 hours, but every toilet must be changed even if the time does not expire

Apart from the hygienic bumpers sold, you should not use cotton-like bumpers at home
Remove the pet and use it at night.