How to Post a Gif on Instagram

Post a Gif on Instagram. On Instagram you can also post GIFs. But recently this is no longer possible. We explain why there are currently disabilities and where the function hides.

How to Post a Gif on Instagram

Anyone who shoots photos with his smartphone camera can barely get past Instagram. In addition to photos, especially animations in GIF format can be found on every corner of the net. But what about if you want to post an animation as a GIF on Instagram ?

Post a Gif on Instagram

Typically, you can post a GIF on Instagram as follows:

  1. First, you’ll need to pick a photo or video to post in the Instagram app.
  2. Then tap on the sticker button in the upper middle and then beautify the photo / video.
  3. One of the functions is called “GIF” – tap on it.
  4. Now you can enter different search terms for the GIF. If you type in some snow, you can use your video to create snow and thus a winter GIF.
  5. Alternatively, you can also pick out a GIF on the GIF platform Giphy and share it via the Instagram button.

Instagram prohibits GIFs

  • Unfortunately, it is currently not possible to post a GIF on Instagram. After users distributed racist gifs from Giphy to Instagram, Instagram took the GIF feature offline.
  • Giphy apologized for not erasing the racist GIF before. It was a GIF with the slogan “Nigger crime death counters”, which would supposedly count the fatal crimes of African Americans.
  • Instagram wants to turn the GIF feature back on as soon as the racist GIFs on Giphy disappear from all databases.

Post a Gif on Instagram – GIF post

upload of a GIF is also possible on Instagram. However, during a normal upload, only one frame is displayed. The actual animation is lost.

Update March 10, 2018:  Attention – the GIF feature is currently disabled in Instagram. The background is the ability to access animations with racist content via Giphy. A corresponding GIF was criticized on Twitter. Also with Snapchat  the feature was switched off. First of all, you want to check whether such content that violates the GTC can be permanently removed from the GIF platform. Only when there is a solution, the GIF feature is unlocked.

GIFs can be posted in stories

However, the creators of Instagram do not sleep and retrofit the GIF support in the popular photo app. From now on, GIF animations can be used in stories. Thats how it works:

  1. Create your own story in Instagram .
  2. On the picture small animations can be inserted as GIF. These can be found under the “sticker” overview.
  3. Any number of GIFs can be put on a picture. Instagram relies on the lush archive of Giphy .

Instagram: convert and post GIF animations

With a little detour you can also post GIF animations outside of stories. Although Instagram does not display image animations, moving content plays as videos . The GIF can therefore be converted as a mini-video before uploading:

  1. Start with Giphy and choose your desired animation.
  2. Under the full view of the GIF is an Instagram icon. Click this.
  3. Now a box will appear in which you enter your e-mail address.
  4. You receive the GIF as MP4 version to the given mail address.
  5. Download the MP4 file.
  6. Now open Instagram. You can now upload the video file in the photo network.

With this little detour and the conversion of the GIFs into a video, you can also use the popular animations on Instagram.

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What do you think of the new GIF feature in the Instagram stories? Useful innovation or superfluous nonsense? Or have GIFs lost nothing on Instagram? Post your opinion in the comments!

How to Post a Gif on Instagram Stories

First you open the app Instagram and film as usual an Instagram story . Then type the smiley sticker post-it on the top right or wipe it from bottom to top. Now you get the ad, where you can choose the location, weather, time, hashtags, polls and more smileys and stickers.

From now on you can also find the option GIF to choose from. If you click on the button, you will find the first suggestions for GIFS. If you are looking for special GIFS, you can search for GIPHY by entering a keyword.

Then you select the GIF and place it in the desired size at the desired location on the picture. If you draw the picture too big, you can quickly see the poor quality of the GIFS.

Take Care When Using Gifs

However, one should not only make sure that the quality does not have a negative effect, but you should be aware that not every GIFS arrive well. GIFS are fun and entertaining for some people, repulsive, hectic and childish for others.

Yes, according to target group and external presentation, you should therefore be very careful with GIFS and not overdo it. Personally, I personally like to use an animated arrow in the GIFS, as it can give more attention to special things like links .

However, there is another important point to keep in mind when using GIFS in your stories. The deposited GIFS are partially protected by copyright and may not be used as such. If you do not want to take any risks here, you should rather forego the “funny” stickers and for safety’s sake prefer the official Instagram smileys.

Gifs on Instagram Stories

Another innovation in Instagram Stories, which is deliberately aimed at a younger audience and will tend to appear more in private news. I can not imagine that in the future I will see many GIFS on my subscribed channels in the stories.

Gifs on Instagram Stories – Moving Stickers and Smileys

From now on there is a new addition in the Instagram stories, in order to further promote the play instinct. If you’re still looking for the next extra for your Instagram story, you’ll be happy about the new options. From now on, you can use the assortment of the GIPHY archive for GIFS and put a special stamp on your Instagram stories.

How to Post a Gif on Instagram with Giphy

First, of course, you have to install and open the GIPHY app. Then you just choose the GIF you want to post on your Instagram account. If you have your own GIPHY account and want to post one of your own GIFs, then you need to open your account first. It works like this:

– In your account you select only the GIF you want to post on Instagram. I’ll choose the GIF I created for the Queen’s birthday.

– Now you will be offered a publication bar under the GIF. There you click on the three points.

– What appears now is, among other things, the Instagram link, and of course you have to click next.

– You can now choose to publish the GIF in an Instagram story or in the Instagram feed. In our example I choose the feed.

– From now on, the normal posting procedure begins, as you already know from posting your photos and videos, so first on “Next”.

– … if necessary select one of the offered filters …

– and at the end write the post text, add hashtags and share.

Add GIFs to Photos & Videos in Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories is the area where you can post pictures and videos that will automatically be deleted after 24 hours. Photos and videos that you post in the Stories section can now be enhanced with GIF stickers, ie moving pictures. That’s how it works:

  1. First, open the Instagram app on your iPhone and type in the Stories section.
  2. Click on the preview image icon at the bottom left and select a photo or video you want to edit.
  3. Press the smiley icon in the upper right corner and then the GIF button . You can now select a GIF under “Topaktuell” or search with a corresponding keyword.
  4. Move the GIF sticker anywhere on your image / video and resize via pinch-to-zoom with thumb and forefinger. Finished!
How to Post a Gif on Instagram
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