Pain in Lower Right Abdomen

Pain in Lower Right Abdomen can have various causes and in some cases accompanying symptoms such as fever, nausea or rbrechen trigger. Especially pain in pregnancy should be taken seriously and medically examined to detect possible diseases. If the pelvic pain is associated with back pain , menstrual problems arethe cause in most cases , but also spinal disorders can cause abdominal pain. Flatulence is often due to food and is not easily located in a section of the abdomen.

The pain can also be felt rather than in burning ( see also burning in the stomach ) or pulling ( pain in lower right abdomen ).

Pain in Lower Right Abdomen


There are a number of different diseases and reasons for the occurrence of right-sided pelvic pain. Particularly obvious are reasons associated with the intestine . But also diseases of the genital organs or the urinary tract can be responsible for the complaints.

Acute pelvic pain, typically occurring first in the middle of the abdomen and then felt in the lower right abdomen, indicates the presence of acute appendicitis . Also, inflammatory bowel diseases such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis may be associated with Pain in Lower Right Abdomen discomfort . It should also be clarified whether an infectious bowel disease is present. 

Also can be a hernia Cause discomfort in the region of the Pain in Lower Right Abdomen. Inflammation or tumors of organs in this region also typically cause pelvic pain. Especially in women diseases of the reproductive organs should be excluded as a cause, since eg ovarian cysts or other diseases occur here relatively frequently.

More detailed symptom description and accompanying symptoms

The exact description of the symptoms can often help to narrow down which disease it is in an individual case. The main symptom is right-sided Pain in Lower Right Abdomen. These pains can be piercing , pulling , dull , throbbing or spasmodic . The pain intensity, which is usually indicated on a scale of 1-10, helps the attending physician to assess how acute the individual clinical picture is and in what condition the person is.

It is also essential to mention if other symptoms occur in addition to the pain . These may include signs of inflammation such as fever or a weak general condition as well as diarrhea , flatulence , constipation , nausea or vomiting . Even with bloody stool, urine or vaginal discharge , the causative pathology can be limited. 
Also often a tense stomach or a pressure or Loslassschmerz occur on the lower right abdomen .

Also, symptoms that have nothing to do with the Pain in Lower Right Abdomen at first glance should not be concealed from the examining doctor in order to give the best possible overall impression and to find out the causative disease as quickly as possible. For example, back pain can radiate into the area of ​​the Pain in Lower Right Abdomen and represent the reason for the discomfort.

Pain in Lower Right Abdomen and diarrhea

Pain in Lower Right Abdomen complaints, which are associated with diarrhea, may be an expression of various diseases. The most common cause of Pain in Lower Right Abdomen discomfort and concomitant diarrhea are infectious bowel disease . Different bacteria and viruses may be responsible for this type of disease. In addition to diarrhea, fever and a weakened general conditionoften occur . Food allergies can also be associated with diarrhea and pain. It should be noted that appendicitis may also be associated with diarrhea and right-sided pelvic pain is leading the way for this diagnosis. 

Inflammatory bowel disease is also a possible cause of both Pain in Lower Right Abdomen and concomitant diarrhea. Especially if it is a case of slimy-bloody diarrhea , the person concerned should be examined for the presence of these diseases. 
Rare causes, which can be associated with pain and diarrhea are intestinal protuberances, which are called diverticula , or the so-called irritable bowel syndrome .

Pain in Lower Right Abdomen and constipation

Pain in Lower Right Abdomen can be associated with a number of different digestive disorders. The constipation can be another symptom of the causative disorder as well as the cause of Pain in Lower Right Abdomen . 
In addition to constipation and pain symptoms such as fever and vomiting, intestinal obstruction ileus ) could be responsible for the symptoms. Since a bowel obstruction represents a surgical emergency , the complaints in this case should be clarified as soon as possible.

However, the constipation is significantly more often caused by medication , one-sided nutrition , nervous system disorders or mental stress . 

If there is simultaneous pelvic pain and constipation, it should first be clarified whether a treatment of constipation may lead to the elimination of pain. By swelling agents or increased hydration, the constipation can often be treated adequately.

Pain in Lower Right Abdomen and flatulence

Bloating ( flatulence ) refers to the increased formation of gases in the intestine , which lead to malaise and feeling of fullness. The intestinal gases are produced as part of thenatural digestive process and diffuse for the most part in the bloodstream and are then excreted through the lungs . However, a part of the intestinal gases do not pass into the bloodstream, but remain in the intestine and are referred to as intestinal gases ( flatulence).

If the intestinal gases can not escape, in some cases they lead to spasmodic abdominal pain . Accordingly, they can also occur in the Pain in Lower Right Abdomen. Patients often feel a direct symptom relief when the intestinal gases rectally as the body of the wind ( flatus ) escape . The cause of the bloating is often food or food intolerances . Especially lactose intolerance (lactose intolerance) or histamine intolerance lead to intestinal gas formation. 

Likewise, legumes contain many constituents that are found in the small intestinecan not be recycled and thus lead to gas evolution. Also, a high consumption of onions, celery, cabbage, sauerkraut and watermelon can lead to increased gas formation and flatulence. The therapy is usually in the renunciation, or the lower intake causing food. If there is an actual food intolerance, such as lactose or histamine intolerance, a strong diet should be followed .

Pain in Lower Right Abdomen and back pain

Some forms of menstrual pain can lead to monthly pelvic and back pain .

As a rule, the menstrual pain caused by strong muscle contractions of the uterus ( uterus). These are usually harmless and arise in the context of mucosal rejection in menstruation. To be sure that the pain is harmless, it should be examined by a doctor. Thus, diseases of the uterus such as endometriosis can be ruled out. If the menstrual pain is harmless, heatsports and anti-spasmodic drugs such as butylscopalamine often help relieve the symptoms. For very severe pain, the contraceptive pill regulate the cycle and thus relieve the monthly symptoms.

Also spinal diseases can lead to Pain in Lower Right Abdomen. If an abscess has formed in the lower spine due to inflammation , it can spread along the muscles into the lower right abdomen and cause pain. One such inflammation is rare and can by a Erregerabsiedelung from the blood , or in the context of operations performed on the spine formed. The pain is usually barely characteristic and can easily be confused with a herniated disc . To make the right diagnosis are therefore imaging techniques and

Blood tests necessary. If there is a vertebral body inflammation with abscess formation, it must be surgically removed immediately and the patient treated with antibiotics .

Pain in Lower Right Abdomen to the leg

Pain that radiates to the leg are characteristic of a nervous impairment . In radiating pain to the leg should always be examined whether a herniated disc could be responsible for the symptoms. This can cause Pain in Lower Right Abdomen as well as leg pain. 

Especially when paralyzes on the leg or foot are added, it is important to think of a herniated disc as a possible cause. 
Also, muscle tension in the back can affect nerves and cause pain in the abdomen and leg. 
Finally, infectious diseases such as shingles Affecting nerves and causing leg pain.


In order to make the correct diagnosis, the examining doctor will first perform a detailed medical history and physical examination . The description of the symptoms as well as a possible change in the pain during the examination often provide enough information to make a suspected diagnosis. 

In addition, imaging techniques such as ultrasound or MRI scans of the abdomen can help diagnose the condition. Stool samples or a colonoscopy are further procedures to determine the causative disease.

Figure Pain in Lower Right Abdomen

  1. Liver –  hepar
  2. Gallbladder – Vesica biliaris
  3. Stomach  gaster
  4. Large intestine, transverse part – Colon transversum
  5. Small intestine – intestinal tenue
  6. Large intestine, ascending part – ascending colon
  7. Cecum – caecum
  8. Worm- appendix – appendix vermiformis
  9. Fallopian tubes – tuba uterina
  10. Ovary – ovary
  11. Uterus – uterus

Pain in Lower Right Abdomen by sex

Pain in Lower Right Abdomen in men

In general, most diseases that cause right-sided pelvic pain can affect both men and women alike. However, there are some diseases that may be responsible for the symptoms specifically in men. Particularly noteworthy here are diseases of the male reproductive organs .

Urological emergencies such as the so-called testicular torsion can cause, among other things, severe pelvic complaints. Here, a testicle rotates by genetic predisposition or an accident about its own axis and thus prevents the own blood flow.

Also infections caused by sexually transmitted diseases should be considered as a cause.

Since men are more likely to suffer from a hernia this should be excluded in the investigation as a possible cause. Also, chronic inflammation of the prostate , prostate enlargement or prostate cancer can lead to pelvic pain in men.

Pain in Lower Right Abdomen in the woman

In women who should suffer from abdominal discomfort in addition to the other known causes, which may be responsible for the pain, diseases of the female reproductive organs are considered as possible causes considered. Probably the most common reason why women suffer from pelvic pain is menstrual cramps . But also cysts on the ovaries or diseases such as endometriosis are typical reasons for the occurrence of right-sided pelvic complaints in women.

Jumping movements ( hopping, dancing, etc. ), especially if ovarian cysts are known, can turn into a stilted ovarian cyst come, which can express itself in substantial complaints of Pain in Lower Right Abdomen complaints.

Also, if there is the possibility of being pregnant, a pregnancy test should be done. Especially if it comes to an ectopic pregnancy , this can be felt in the Pain in Lower Right Abdomen discomfort.
Finally, bladder infections , which are relatively common in women, can lead to Pain in Lower Right Abdomen.

Pain in Lower Right Abdomen in pregnancy

Especially at the beginning of an unsuccessful pregnancy it can be an abdominal cavity pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy (extrauterine pregnancy). First, the symptoms of a normal pregnancy occur.

The menstrual remains off morning sickness , tension and pain in the chest may arise. Even a pregnancy test is positive in this case. Due to the location of the fertilized egg cell outside the uterus, this inflames. The patients suffer from increasing Pain in Lower Right Abdomen and feel increasingly worse. Often the peritoneal pregnancy is accompanied by nausea, vomiting and fever ( see: pregnancy symptoms ).

If the ovum increases in size, it can burst . In this case, the abdominal pain is acute and very strong. This is followed by a brief, symptomless interval with increasingly dull pain throughout the abdominal area . Since in this case the entire abdominal cavity can catch fire, it is important to rule out such an abdominal cavity pregnancy or ectopic pregnancywith the help of an ultrasound device at the beginning of a pregnancy. An abdominal cavity pregnancy mustusually operated on to completely eliminate the inflammation.

If the inflammation has spread to the entire abdominal area , an extensive operation with flushing of the entire abdominal cavity is often necessary. It is possible that scar tissue forms around the fallopian tubes after inflammation and surgery, possibly complicating conception. As a rule, the ovary can then allow the other side to become pregnant.

In addition to this specific inflammation of fertile women, pregnant women can also suffer from the usual clinical pictures. For the Pain in Lower Right Abdomen is appendicitis specific. The pains of appendicitis often begin in the mid abdomen around the navel and then slowly migrate into the Pain in Lower Right Abdomen . The reason for this is the progressive inflammation of the cecum with increasingly precisely localized pain. Often the pain is accompanied by mild fever, nausea, vomiting and constipation. The pain is more dull, persistent, and more intense.

When the cecum breaks through , the pain may initially subside. With increasing inflammation of the peritoneum, the Pain in Lower Right Abdomen but significantly stronger and can ultimately affect the entire abdomen . An appendicitis is often detectable by an ultrasound examination and the increased inflammatory parameters in the blood.

In some cases, however, the diagnosis can not be made by simple diagnostics, so that even in the suspected appendicitis must be operated on. As long as inflammation is limited to the cecum, surgery can often be performed laparoscopicallybecome. For this purpose, only three small incisions are necessary to introduce the camera into the abdomen.

The remaining scars are very small and barely visible. Because cecal surgery is a routine procedure, complications are very rare even during pregnancy .


The causes of right-sided pelvic pain are manifold and should be examined by a physician if there are any accompanying symptoms .

Especially in pregnancy , a dangerous inflammatory disease or a threatened miscarriage should be excluded by a doctor.

If the abdominal pain is associated with back pain , menstrual cramps are often the cause of the discomfort. 
Then the pain occurs monthly as part of the menstrual period . If the back pain in men or regardless of menstruation is accompanied, the pain should also be examined by a doctor to rule out possible spinal disorders. Flatulence can also cause severe Pain in Lower Right Abdomen and is usually associated with food intake . Frequently, the food can be identified and the bloating will improve as the diet changes.

Pain in Lower Right Abdomen
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