How to Open Clipboard Windows 10

Open Clipboard Windows 10. Copied files first land on the clipboard under Windows 10. In our tips + tricks we show you how to open the clipboard in Windows 10.

How to Open Clipboard Windows 10

The Windows 10 Clipboard is a memory where shortcuts are made to files with the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] + [c] or [Ctrl] + [X] and then copied to appropriate programs. If you have z. For example, if a picture is saved to the clipboard, it can be inserted into programs such as Paint or IrfanView using the keyboard shortcut [Ctrl] + [V].

Open Clipboard Windows 10

Text elements can be inserted into a text program such as: Eg copy OpenOffice . You can not open the clipboard itself. In the following we show you with which tricks you can still see which contents are stored in the clipboard.

View items on the clipboard with Microsoft Office

With Word, Excel and PowerPoint you can see which elements are stored in the clipboard. To do this, open one of the Microsoft Office programs and click on the small arrow in the lower right corner of the group ” Clipboard “. Already, you will see all contents contained in the clipboard. This allows you to easily paste items from the clipboard into the Office document or even delete them from the clipboard.

View items on the clipboard with additional software

There are many free and paid programs for Windows 10 on the market that show you the contents of the clipboard. For example, you can view, manage and delete all content with Free Clipboard Viewer 3.0 .

Use Cloud Clipboard from Windows 10

Windows 10’s new Cloud Clipboard is a cloud-synchronized clipboard, so the copied items can be shared among multiple devices. So far, the Cloud Clipboard is still in the trial version and is therefore only available to a few users. More information about the Cloud Clipboard from Windows 10 can be found here .

How to Open Clipboard Windows 10
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