How to Make Money on Instagram

There are several ways to Make Money on Instagram. However, the core factor for success is reach and that means Instagram Follower . The more people you follow, the more attractive your account will be for companies willing to use the account for advertising.

How to Make Money on Instagram

Some people earn a fortune with their profile, more than you can imagine. No wonder, the micro-blogging service is used like Facebook by millions of people and the reach is huge.

Make Money on Instagram

How to earn money with Instagram is explained below. If you really want to earn money with Instagram, read the post until the end, where I will introduce you to a platform where you can sign up immediately.

Make Money on Instagram – How does it works ?

There are three ways to earn money with Instagram:

  1. Ask Brands (Brands) to pay for a post (product placement). This strategy can be very lucrative, depending on how many followers the Instagram account has. Example: You are a model and regularly post photos of your outfits. Brand XY wants you to post a picture with their clothes. The company sends you clothes for free and agrees with you a fee for publishing the photo.
  2. With Affiliate Marketing ! You sign up for a partner program such as Amazon . Post a photo with a product that you would like to recommend, under your photo you put a link to this product on Amazon. So does Luisa Lión . You get a commission for every sale that came about through your link.
  3. The Internet has not only made it possible to order a wide range of products with just a few clicks. All of these products also want to be tested, presented and made more accessible to interested buyers. You can therefore  earn money as a product tester  and have the additional chance to put a variety of things through their paces, from perfume to the iron to the game console.
  4. Earn revenue by sharing social links through WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and many other social networks.
  5. Make money through Instagram with your own product. If you have your own eBook, for example, you can use Instagram as the platform for marketing this eBook, as does Kayla Itsines .

What do you need to Make money on Instagram?

  • A profile with at least 1,000 followers
  • A specific target group (fitness, gaming, model etc.)
  • Photos that have enough likes

Make Money on Instagram – Step by Step

To successfully market your profile, it should have a professional look. This includes a profile description, a profile photo, contact details and of course some postings (photos).

  1. Create an Instagram account

Download the app for your iOS or Android smartphone. Sign up and complete your profile. You have to register via the app, the rest you can also do from the laptop via the browser from the Instagram page.

  1. Complete your profile

Enter your name, e-mail address and if available website (blog, YouTube). Enter your contact e-mail address for business inquiries again in the profile description. Upload a profile photo. On the following photo you can see a good example of what your profile description looks like.

  1. Build your audience

When your profile is complete, you can start. Your goal is to get as many followers as possible, because only then is your profile interesting for others.

  1. Start marketing from 1,000 followers

If you have the patience to reach your first 1000 followers then you will be able to do the next 1000 and more. Until other companies hit your profile, it may take a while for this to happen, so you can sign up for the following platforms and enter your Instagram profile.


The basis to succeed with Instagram and then make money are clearly your followers. The more followers you have, the easier it will be to commercialize your profile.

The most important thing is like many things in life, staying power. You will not make a fortune overnight, but if you enjoy using Instagram and like to use the platform, then success in earning money is within reach.

Make money on Instagram as an artist

The easiest way to earn money with Instagram is to sell pictures. However, this is also the most demanding option, as the market is large and the images must be of outstanding quality. For example, photographers can present their portfolio on Instagram and link directly to their website, where customers can then buy the images.

In addition, there are now many apps and platforms such as , which have specialized, against a commission, on the sale and distribution of images. prints the images on greeting cards, mobile phone cases or XL posters. The artist himself therefore has little effort and does not have to worry about the logistics and handling of the sales transactions.

Make money on Instagram with advertising

If you want to earn money with Instagram, you can also use your account as an advertising channel. You can thus pay to advertise certain products on your account. For companies, however, your account will only be interesting if you have enough followers.

In German-speaking countries, it is possible to earn 100 Euros per image per 10,000 followers.In the US, where Instagram is used a lot more, users with hundreds of thousands of subscribers get $ 500 to $ 5,000 per image. More followers means more money, and so get accounts with 6 million subscribers or more, revenue of $ 20,000 to $ 100,000 per ad.

To earn money with advertising, you can either do product placements or use affiliate links .Here you photograph a specific product of a company and then link and tag it in the comments field. In the field of affiliate marketing there are special tools for this purpose, such as Share Pop or OG Ads . If a visitor clicks on the posted link, a commission is automatically transferred to the owner of the account.

You can also directly contact companies whose products you would like to present or test and inform them about your intention. If your account is interesting for the company, it is quite common that the company sends you the desired product for free. Also offers of cooperationare becoming increasingly popular in this context.

How do I create the perfect profile?

If you want to earn money with Instagram and run it commercially, then you need a perfect profile for it. This begins with a memorable username, which is not only easy to pronounce, but also has a high recognition value and allows conclusions about the topic of the profile.

This username should subsequently be used in all other social media, such as Twitter or Facebook.Further information about your account you can also deposit in the so-called Bio of Instagram.This is also a good place to post links to other used channels or your own blog .

As is customary on social media, Instagram is also about gaining sympathy in order to expand its own community and increase click-through rates. This can be achieved by cooperating with other users who work on the same topic. The Liken and comment on images to other profiles is just as essential as the responses to comments in their own profile. More and more often it comes with Instagram to use so-called shootouts , so the advertising of foreign accounts in their own portfolio.

In addition, the account must be kept up to date and new images must fit into the profile. To keep up the interest of the subscribers, it is recommended to publish at least 4 to 10 new pictures a week.


In order to establish your own brand, you need high-quality content and beautiful images that fit the chosen theme and create a recognition value. Only with it the own range can be increased.The right use of hashtags (#) is also important. Up to 30 different hashtags can be set per image and users who want to use Instagram commercially are well advised to take advantage of this number.

Purchased subscribers

Some companies not only offer their customers the opportunity to buy followers, but also tools that like and comment on images automatically. This option is not recommended at this point. If Instagram notices the fraud, the account is blocked and the work and time invested was in vain.

When do I have to register for a business for Instagram?

A trader is one if there is an intention to make a profit and there is also a willingness to repeat.Thus, as a blogger you are usually not a freelancer, but a trader. By using Adsense or affiliate links next to Instagram posts, you are showing a definite profit-making intent and need to register a trade.

How do I register a trade?

In order to register for a new trade, you go to your local trade office and make the registration there. You only need an identity card. The costs for a business registration amounts to depending on the federal state on 20 to 30 euro.

When registering you must indicate the name of your activity, which should not be too narrow.A good term is, for example, services on the Internet . Other possible job titles that are unique to Instagram are internet advertising or online marketing . With these terms you can open up further possibilities to generate money in the future via other sources on the Internet.

Persons under the age of 18 also require the authorization of the legal guardian and a permit from the guardianship court.

Earn money On Instagram: 3 models

Making money with Instagram is the dream of many amateur and mobile photographers. And the chances are not bad. Instagram convinces as a platform through extremely high commitment. This not only ensures Likes, but can (in the right target group with the right product) also ensure sales and strong brand awareness. And where that works, people also like to spend money on companies. Money that every Instagrammer can earn.

After having started my Instagram account just a few weeks ago , I am still far away from the Influencer status, but I keep watching other accounts and discover ways, such as you can earn money with Instagram. Not every way is obvious.

Business models for earning money on Instagram

Instagram is a platform, a marketing channel. If you use this correctly, you can earn money through various models.

Model 1: sell advertising space

The classic. Or at least the most obvious possibility is to sell advertising space, or your own range. Above all, this path seems to be popular, because the criteria for the willingness to spend money for many companies is pure reach, that is, the number of followers.

It does not seem to matter to many marketers whether it will actually reach a relevant target group. As long as that still works, you can probably reach the finish very quickly with bots . However, I have my doubts about the sustainability of this model.

Labeling of advertising partnerships

Anyone who can be bought as “advertising space” must / should mark this as “branded content”. Since the hashtag #ad is usually not sufficient , Instagram now offers a better labeling option. As you identify your content as branded content . This should earn the money with Instagram on advertising finally brought out of the gray area and made a normal business model.

Win the right advertising partners

Once you have made it to the influencer, the potential customers or their marketing agencies often report themselves on their own. However, it is better if you choose your own customers or the brands for which you would like to advertise. After all, you know best which brand would suit you.

And that’s exactly what brands want: Authentic ambassadors who make a brand more known (and against money) and expand their reach . So write to the brands and see what happens. If that’s too much of a hassle for you, check out platforms like Blogfoster or Influry  to pick the right one from existing ones.

Affiliate Partner as a special model

Advertising can be rewarded with different models. Either you get money for placement based on your reach (eg: 100 € / 10k followers). Alternatively, you can arrange a performance deal that pays you depending on the performance (eg, number of clicks, number of signups, or revenue).

The latter way is classic affiliate marketing. The deal you make with the partner can be very individual and should work well for both sides in the end. Rather unpopular are performance deals with influencers who do not have influencen either, ie either have no real followers, or in a partner group that does not well suit the partner.

Model 2: Sell your own products

With Instagram you can earn money not only with advertising, but also with the sale of your own products. Since March 2018, Instagram has even been offering products for business profiles and to mark products directly in the image and equip them with a purchase link in their own shop.

Some shop systems such as Shopify already offer this function out-of-the-box. So you can easily link your products created in the shop with your pictures on your Instagram Business Account and have with every picture the chance of sales.

Use pictures and stories to generate buy traffic

To earn money with Instagram and direct potential buyers into your checkout, ideally use a combination of stories and images, and point out that the product can be reached at the link in your biography. With an exclusive coupon code, you can even measure the effect this has after the event. If you want to measure pure clicks, you can use eg the URL shortener

Model 3: Be an artist!

Perhaps the best model for earning money with Instagram. The product of artists are the image itself or commissioned photographs. In some cases, photographers also offer photo courses or recommend accessory products (affiliate).

For artists, Instagram is first and foremost the calling card. If you want to be found as a professional photographer.

Clients look for a place in Cherrydeck where they are looking for an artist / photographer. Cherrydeck provides neatly presented data from Instagrammern with the last 3 pictures and the info, whether a separate studio exists, post-processing is offered and what expert level the artist has.

This allows customers to easily and efficiently click through the profiles and contact artists directly through the platform if they like the profile. Very easy!

An alternative is, for example, to print your own motifs as an artist on products such as canvases, cups or pillows. Again, there are already platforms like Instaprints .

What I’ve seen many times are Instagrammer travel (like Bloggerreisen). They are flown to countries and places to take photos on location. Even if no rent can be paid by a trip, it can still be interesting as an “additional earnings”. Mostly there is at least a travel budget here. In the best case, a lump sum on top of it.

Important: Making money means doing business

If you want to earn money with Instagram (regularly) then you run a business. In which company form you start is not so important at first. As an artist, you can also  start as a freelancer . But no matter what form you choose in the end, pay attention to clean bookkeeping right from the start. Write decent bills and collect receipts for your expenses (travel, advertising expenses, etc.). My recommendation for this is the financial management tool FastBill .

If you still have no income and a few euros a month are too expensive for it, write your first bills with the free bill template .

Important requirements

There are some important requirements that your own Instagram account or one should meet, so that you can even earn money with Instagram.


As with most other sources of revenue, it takes some reach to make any money on Instagram. In very special niches you do not need so many followers, but it should be four digits. More popular topics often require five-digit subscriptions *.

This means that you first have to make sure you get more reach before you can think of making money. It takes a lot of activity and patience.

appropriate topic

Furthermore, not every Instagram account is a great way to earn money. Ideally, you occasionally showcase products or show photos of products in use. Furthermore, followers should be willing to spend a good deal of money and, of course, trust themselves.

And the topic of their own account should make it possible to regularly publish photos and videos. In addition, it helps if there are always special occasions, such as events or events .

You can say in the run-up but bad, with what you can earn money and with what not. For this you have to individually with each Instagram account to explore what is possible and what is not.

Active and interactive

Another special feature on Instagram is the personal address. This is very important and therefore are mainly hobby topics, but also other areas that bring passion, fun and the like. By contrast, it will be difficult to score here with tax issues.

However, you should also be aware that it can have disadvantages if you publicize your private life too much on Instagram. That is not everyone.

In addition, you have to be very active on Instagram and publish something several times a day so that the number of subscribers grows noticeably.


A good smartphone camera is also highly recommended, because even if the photos should be above all authentic, a good photo quality is much better.

That should be for the vast majority but certainly not a problem. The modern smartphones now bring with them really good cameras.


Last but not least the indication that even when making money with Instagram, a business registration is required.

You should not take that lightly. The tax office understands no fun, if revenue is not taxed correctly.


Make money on Instagram is not that hard. You just have to – as so often in life – start somewhere. The most important aspect in my view, however, is the authenticity of content and followers on Instagram. If you want to make money with stolen fake pictures or bought followers, you will not get too far. Maybe it works at short notice. A sustainable model is always recommended.

It is also important to keep an eye on the formal aspects. If you want to earn money regularly with Instagram, you can do it commercially. So, get into the basics of accounting and start with a decent setup like FastBill . Proper offers and invoices also have a more professional effect on customers and increase the chance of large sales.

How to Make Money on Instagram
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