Lower Back Pain Treatment ( Step by Step )

Lower Back Pain Treatment. Back pain should be considered as the most common type of pain after headache in the world, as it points to health problems as much as the work and social life of one is upset. Specialists in the Memorial Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Department gave information about the causes of Lower Back Pain and the points to be considered in treatment.

What is Lower Back Pain ?

Does your belly hurt? Does the pain go away at rest? Or is it getting worse with the smallest move and your Lower Back locked? When it comes to low back pain, though it comes to mind first, “Belt”; these aches which are seen in the second after the headache in the world can also be caused by other reasons.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Low back pain, low back pain and posture disorders; Lower Back muscles, ligaments and joints, leading to pain. It is considered to be a few of the most common symptoms when pain is exacerbated by physical activity and relieved with rest.

The daily activities such as the severity of back pain, bending forward, standing for a long time, walking can increase. Low back pain is one of the most important health problems affecting 75-85% of the population at any stage of their lives.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

There are many reasons for low back pain. Diseases such as tuberculosis, brucella, bone erosion (osteoporosis); arthritis, spreading elsewhere, or cancer caused by the spleen itself is one of the leading causes of the disease.

One of the causes of low back pain is the spread of organ disturbances such as stomach, liver, kidney to the Lower Back region. The causes of some back pain are also psychological and should be investigated extensively.

Who will have Lower Back Pain ?

Most commonly seen between the ages of 35-45, back pain occurs equally well in both men and women. The incidence of low back pain is increasing in women over 60 years of age. Excess weight gain, pregnancy, conditions requiring long standing, long high-heeled shoes and length difference in both legs can be cited as reasons for low back pain.

Occupations that cause back pain are antispasmodic long-distance drivers, users using a vibrating soil auger, lifting heavy loads, and occupational group workers who need to sit on stools and seats for a long time.

The cause of the back pain should be determined. We can list the causes of typical back pain as follows;

* Congenital anomalies

* Traumatic causes (spine fractures or slippage)

* Lower Back strain, postural disorders,

Lower Back pain due to calcification of the back vertebra

* Tuberculosis, diseases such as brucellosis to keep the spine of the Lower Back

Osteoporosis, bone softening

* Cancers (spread from elsewhere or from the spleen itself)

* Back pain due to the spread of organ disturbances such as stomach, liver, kidney to the Lower Back region

* Psychogenic back pain

* Failed Lower Back Pain surgery (severe Lower Back or leg pain after long-lasting unsuccessful Lower Back operations).

Lower Back Pain and Lower Back Hip

It is a false belief that every back pain is interpreted as a spinal cord. Only 5% of back pain is caused by the hernia. Pain felt in the Lower Back can be defined as a pain that gradually develops, spreads widely, is swelling, increases with movement, decreases restlessly, and spreads to the bass according to the anatomical distribution of the affected area and the affected nerve root.

Pain in the Lower Back can start suddenly after an inverse movement such as forward bending or backward rotation; with the smallest movement, exacerbates, locks or Lower Backs; sitting, standing, coughing, straining, driving. Occasionally, the Lower Back gland becomes obvious with complaints such as heel pain, numbness in the legs, tingling, weakness, etc., depending on the nerve root, not the back pain.

How to get rid of Lower Back Pain

How the back pain affects the society is often the beginning of topics that are curious. What should be done to protect one’s Lower Back health, which one should first hope to achieve is how the Lower Back aches pass. For your routine back pain, you should definitely consult a qualified doctor.

The rules and exercises necessary to observe the bodys health during the day are important. Here are some of them;

* The person, body and object should be fully turned to the body front. The head, neck and trunk should be viewed on the same plane.

* It should not stay in the same position for a long time. Care should be taken that the sitting and standing time should not exceed 45 minutes. If you stay for 45 minutes, you have to sit for 5 minutes, if you stay for 45 minutes, you have to stay for 5 minutes.

* When seated, use a pillow that supports the back curve should be made a habit.

* In place of work, care should be taken not to lean around but to do things by squatting.

* To sleep, a spring-loaded orthopedic bed should be used.

* You must come to the bedside before you go to bed. It should be folded side-by-side and then turned over with back support. When you want to get up from the bed, you have to lie down on the side first, get support from the floor, and sit and then lift.

* Pulling the legs towards the Lower Back in the side position is the most appropriate position for health.

* Lower Back area should be protected from sweat, wind and wind. Precautions must be taken to prevent direct air conditioning or airflow.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

Low back pain treatment can be done differently depending on the cause, severity, person’s age and many characteristics of low back pain. Simple analgesic medicines, muscle relaxants may be used for specialist control in the Lower Back Pain treatment . Physical therapy options can also be tried in a well-equipped health facility.

In addition, pain bands, massage, local injections and exercise are also effective in the treatment of low back pain.

Surgery for Lower Back Pain Treatment

If your backache is caused by a spinal cord, you may be able to operate with a specialist referral. The purpose of hernia surgery is to clean the herniated disc and remove the pressure on the nerve. Open discectomy, microdiscectomy and endoscopic Lower Back Pain treatment surgery can be treated with three different types of Lower Back Pain surgery.

Lower Back Pain in Pregnancy

Low back pain in pregnancy is one of the most complicated topics of pregnancy. The reason for the pain in pregnancy is the increase in pressure on the vertebrae as the center of gravity changes depending on the pregnancy. It is very important for women not to lose weight in order to be protected from low back pain in pregnancy. For this reason, exercise, such as walking, swimming, pilates, should be given great importance during pregnancy.

Another factor that affects back pain in pregnancy is wearing high heels and very flat shoes. For this reason, it is very important for women to choose low-heeled shoes. To provide adequate support, pillows should be used to support the back of the belly. During postpartum back pain, a therapeutic gel can be used at the doctor’s discretion.

During pregnancy, you should consult with a qualified physical therapist and treat it correctly. The point that pregnant women should pay attention to together with low back pain is the feeling of hardness and downward pressure on the back as well as back pain. In this case, an expert doctor should be consulted. If you have low back pain that does not last long, your kidneys may also be suspected.

Exercises for Lower Back Pain Treatment

Exercising for low back pain is one of the healthiest ways of reducing pain. Routine routine pain relief exercises by specialists alleviate low back pain and prevent new aches. You can learn how to exercise in your videolum about exercises for Lower Back Pain.

Exercise Program for Lower Back Pain

By doing back pain exercises, you can relieve your back pain.

1. Sit on your back in the normal position.

2. Lift your face forward and pull both feet toward you, counting up to 5.

3. Relax on the back in the normal position.

4. Lift your head forward and pull both feet toward you, counting up to 5.

5.Leave on the back in normal position.

Alternative Exercises for Lower Back Pain

1. With your shoulders and heels supported, lift your Lower Back up to 4 cm and count to 5.

2. Relax on the back in the normal position.

Apply both programs 10 times a day twice a day.

Attention to long-lasting and severe back pain!

  • People need to consult a doctor before losing their back pain. In particular, the following complaints indicate that the situation is urgent:
  • The prolongation of the pain and the increase in violence,
  • Symptoms of back pain, muscle weakness, feeling of weight, urinary incontinence and nerve compression associated with low back pain,
  • Especially when the pain is the night,
  • Fever, weight loss, marked sensitivity in the Lower Back Pain region with stiffness in Lower Back movements.
Lower Back Pain Treatment ( Step by Step )
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