Left Side Pain

Left Side Pain of the body can have various causes. The body is divided anatomically in the midline at the spinal column or at the sternum into two halves. Pain that occurs to the left of this midline therefore affects the left half of the body. Since there are many possible causes for the complaints, many people know this problem and develop at least once in their lives pain on the left side of the body. Prolonged and / or severe complaints should prompt a doctor to seek clarification of serious illnesses.

Left Side Pain

Left Side Pain under the ribs / costal arch

For example, Left Side Pain of the body below the ribs or below the costal archcan occur during exercise. The most well-known is the phenomenon of the so-called side stitches , where it comes to stinging and pulling pain in the rib area, when endurance sports are operated – especially while running. It can also lead to a muscular irritation in the rib area, for example after sports activities.

Left Side Pain

Between each of the ribs run the intermediate rib nerves , which can also be pinched or irritated. It then comes to a so-called intercostal neuralgia that causes stinging pain along such a nerve course. In the left upper abdomen behind the ribs is also the spleen. If the spleen is enlarged in the context of a disease , it can press on surrounding structures and trigger Left Side Pain of the body. Last but not least, local symptoms can also be triggered by diseases of the stomach and intestines .

Left Side Pain like side stitches

Left Side Pain, which feels like side- stitching, but does not occur in a typical situation – such as in sports – can be due to different causes. The most obvious are musculoskeletal causes, ie disturbances in the musculoskeletal system. Side piercing is typically felt in the area of ​​the costal arch at the level of the lowest rib.

Since there are nerves between the individual ribs, stinging pains can occur in the case of entrapment or irritation of such a nerve, which can have a similar sensation to side puncture. A muscular injury or soreness in the chest area can cause similar symptoms.

Left Side Pain of the back

Left Side Pain of the body can be caused by back problems . Back problems are a common clinical picture of the western world , since many people lack of exercise and predominantly sedentary activities is too weak expression of the back muscles. Muscular dysbalances lead to unfavorable postures and thus to pain in the back or in the side area. Also herniated discs can trigger pain that radiate to the left side of the body.

When an intervertebral disc protrudes from its true position, it can press on nerves that emerge from the spinal cord at that point. Along the course of the nerves there are different degrees of pain up to sensory disturbances and motor failures. On the spine, it can also come to bony attachments or conversions that constrict the spinal canal and thus can press on nerves. This can also explain Left Side Pain of the body.

Left Side Pain in the abdomen

Pains on the left side of the body in the abdomen suggest various causes. In women, the pain often comes from the internal sex organs. For example, they can be caused during ovulation , the period or, for example, by ovarian cysts . Very severe pain occurs in a stilted ovarian cyst and in ectopic pregnancy . Since these are emergencies, medical attention must be sought immediately.

Pathological changes of the uterus are also a cause of pain. In addition, pain in the left abdomen should be due to a hernia be thought of. This causes a gap in the abdominal wall, through which tissue or – in the case of large fractures – intestinal loops are forced. In particular, when there is an increase in pressure in the abdomen, such as when coughing or pressing, then it comes to pain and a protrusion of the hernia.

In men, this disease is more common for anatomical reasons than in women, but also in these always a hernia should be considered .

In men, pain in the left abdomen may also be due to a testicular torsion be caused. In doing so, a testicle turns around itself, thereby strangling its vascular supply. This is an emergency and must be repaired as soon as possible, otherwise there will be a loss of the testicle.

Left Side Pain in pregnancy

Left Side Pain of the body during pregnancy is often caused by the fact that the growing child claims more space in the abdominal area of ​​the mother and thereby displaces surrounding structures and organs. In addition, the child’s movements in advanced pregnancy often cause pain when the child is kicking hard and thereby compressed organs of the mother.

In addition, the body of the mother must give the child more and more space, that is, the band structures and muscles must stretch, This leads again and again to drawing or dull pain that can manifest themselves on different parts of the body. Since Left Side Pain of the body during pregnancy may have other causes, pregnant women should visit a doctor early in case of persistent or very severe discomfort.

Left Side Pain due to the heart attack

Left Side Pain of the body can be triggered by a heart attack . Typically, a myocardial infarction causes pain in the middle to left side of the chest that may radiate into the left arm and jaw. The pain can not be increased by pressure on the chest and are not dependent on breathing.

In respiratory-related pain is more likely to be considered diseases of the lung or the musculoskeletal system . In women, however, a heart attack can also be manifested by nonspecific symptoms, such as abdominal pain or nausea. Left-sided chest pain should therefore give reason to consult a doctor.

Left Side Pain at the hip

Left-sided hip pain can occur after miscarriage or overwork . Irritated muscle can cause unpleasant pain for some time, especially during exercise. In particular, in older people with crashes in the prehistory should always be thought of fractures in the hip or thigh neck area. In children and young adults, there are also various diseases of the femoral head, which leads to a death of the tissue . Persistent complaints should therefore be clarified by a doctor.

Left Side Pain of the neck

For example, Left Side Pain of the body on the neck can come from the cervical spine. In herniated disc in this area , severe pain can result. Also dislocated vertebra or pinched nerves come to the complaints into consideration. For pain in the neck, however, the heart must always be thought of. Pain caused by a heart attack can radiate into the neck and jaw area and must therefore not be ignored.

Left Side Pain on upper abdomen

Left Side Pain of the upper abdomen can be explained by several causes. This area is the stomach. Gastritis , stomach ulcers , stomach tumors and other pathologies of the organ often manifested by pain in the left upper abdomen. Also, the pancreas can cause pain in this area in inflammation . Typically, these then pull around the waist like a belt. Of course, a part of the intestine lies in the left upper abdomen, from which the pain can go out.

Often there is pain in the context of indigestion with increased gas formation.The excess gas can lead to intestinal cramps and cause severe pain. A pinched nerve or a muscular problem can also be considered. In addition, atypical symptoms of myocardial infarction should be considered, especially in those with left upper abdominal pain , especially those with shortness of breath and chest pain or nausea.

Left Side Pain in lower abdomen

Left Side Pain of the body, which is concentrated on the left lower abdomen, occurs, for example, in various diseases of the intestine . Elderly people often have so-called sigmoid diverticulitis . This leads to protuberances of the intestinal mucosa in a certain section of the large intestine, in which stools accumulate. These droppings can lead to inflammation of the intestinal mucosa in this area.

The typical symptom is severe lower abdominal Left Side Pain. In younger people, an inflammatory bowel disease is considered, especially if the pain is associated with diarrhea, mucus and blood outlets, Last but not least, a hernia should be considered. The tissue or intestine bulges outwards through a gap in the abdominal wall and can be pinched. On both sides of the lower abdomen run the ureters, which guide the urine from the kidney into the bladder .

It can come through various circumstances to the formation of kidney stones , which can then get stuck in the ureter. Strong, sudden pain is the result, which usually spasmodic occur in the lower abdomen or groin area. Another possibility with left-sided pelvic pain is that the complaints emanate from the internal genital organs . In women, the cause is often in the ovaries,

Left Side Pain in leg

Pains on the left side of the body in the leg often originate in the back area. Herniated discs are particularly common in the lower back and can then push away there running nerve roots.
Radiating pain from the back, which can drag into the buttocks and legs are the result.

There may also be a bony constriction of the spinal canal in the lower spine . The tightness also causes a compression of the nerve cords and sometimes very severe pain in the back, buttocks, and leg area.
However, the complaints can also occur in the leg itself, for example after sports injuries . In addition, a circulatory disorder of the leg may be present as in peripheral arterial disease (PAOD) .

The leg then typically hurts first under load, so the person has to stop after some time until the pain subsides.

A reddened, swollen leg should also be thought of thrombosis of the deep veins of the leg, often after immobilization (even after long journeys, for example), bone fractures or coagulation disorders.

Left Side Pain of the ribcage

Pain in the left thorax is a serious disease symptom, as it occurs in different clinical pictures. Often they are only an expression of a problem in the musculoskeletal system , such as with trapped nerves, dislocated vertebrae or muscular tension. However, they can also exist for more serious illnesses.

The most prominent example of this is the heart attack. The typical symptoms of a heart attack are chest pain, which can radiate into the left arm and neck area, pressure on the chest, shortness of breath and sweats. Also, nausea and restlessness often occur. Pain in the left chest can also cause pulmonary embolism or pneumonia .

Left Side Pain at the waist

Pain in the area of ​​the left waist may be due to various causes. Anatomically seen in this area are the spleen, the left kidney and ureter, a part of the intestine and a part of the stomach . Also, an inflammation of the pancreas can project painfully into this area. Last but not least, trapped nerves or muscular damage can be considered for pain in the left waist . In the area of ​​the waist or flank, the kidney is the most typical organ that can cause local complaints.

A pyelonephritis is associated with severe pain and can be, for example, by acausing ascending bladder inflammation . Even stones in kidney and stones in the ureters are associated with pain in this area, which then typically as cramping or colickyare described. In the context of infections or other diseases, it can also lead to enlargement of the spleen .

This is located in the left upper abdomen and can cause dull pain by enlargement of the adjacent structures. These can then be perceived in the left waist area.

jaw pain

Jaw Left Side Pain occurs in many people. In particular, they are common among teeth crooks. If the teeth are unconsciously pressed and rubbed against one another during sleep at night, the teeth, the jawbones and the masticatory muscles are heavily loaded.

In the long term, hardening and cramping in the masticatory muscles and in advanced stages may lead to arthritis of the temporomandibular joints. In the morning after waking up, sufferers often experience headaches and stiffness in the jaw when the mouth is opened.

Special bite splints from the dentist can help to better distribute the pressure when crunching. However, jaw Left Side Pain can also come from radiating pain in the ear or parotid gland. Not least, they sometimes appear as a side effect of a heart attack, but then usually there are also chest pain and shortness of breath.

Left Side Pain when coughing

For example, Left Side Pain of the body when coughing can occur as part of an infection. If there is a strong coughing stimulus for a long time, the core muscles are heavily stressed and develop a kind of sore muscles. When coughing, this can be painful.

Likewise, inflammatory processes or fractures in the torso or abdominal area during coughing can be painful, as it increases the pressure in the abdomen and compresses the structures.

Coughing can cause such pain, for example, in the case of navel or inguinal hernias , gastritis , intestinal inflammation or pathological processes on the ovaries .

Left Side Pain after alcohol consumption

Left Side Pain of the body after alcohol consumption is not a specific symptom of a specific illness that is due to acute alcohol consumption .

Regular alcohol consumption but can cause some diseases, the left-side pain can cause, such as the inflammation of the pancreas ( pancreatitis ) and inflammation of the stomach ( gastritis ). In pancreatitis, belt-like pains typically occur, pulling back around the upper abdomen.

In gastritis , pain tends to focus on the middle to left upper abdomen. In acute left-sided pain after a single drink of alcohol, this is not necessarily due to alcohol consumption. Therefore, in case of severe symptoms, a medical examination should be made to exclude serious causes of the pain.

Left Side Pain from stomach upset

The stomach is anatomically seen in the middle to left upper abdomen . Various clinical pictures of the stomach can cause Left Side Pain of the body . The most common disease of the stomach is the gastritis ( gastritis ), which is caused by:

  • Smoke,
  • Alcohol consumption,
  • frequent coffee consumption,
  • different medicines
  • or bacteria can be triggered.

Also autoimmune diseases can cause inflammation of the stomach. Generally there is more gastric acid in the stomach than protective mucus, following which it comes to an irritation of the mucous membrane. This causes inflammation.

This can be very painful and accompanied by loss of appetite and malaise. In the context of a gastritis a gastric ulcer ( ulcer ) can also develop. This is a deeper tissue injury of the gastric mucosa with pitted area. The stomach ulcer, for example, may cause pain after ingestion. However, in some cases food intake improves the symptoms.

Another clinical picture of the stomach, which can cause left-sided pain, is stomach cancer. However, stomach cancer typically causes symptoms only at late stages. Characteristic are feeling of fullness, aversion to meat and general fatigue. In case of suspicion of a disease of the stomach, a gastroscopy ( gastroscopy ) should be carried out for clarification .

coccyx pain

Coccyx Left Side Pain may occur after a fall. Coccyx bruising is very painful and can make sitting almost unbearable for a while.

However, coccyx pain can occur even after a bad load or a one-sided posture over a longer period. Examples include a sitting position over a few hours (long car rides, office work), prolonged lying (illness, hospitalization), or tense lumbar and buttocks that can project into the lumbar region. Persistent pain, for example, can be clarified by an orthopedist.

Left Side Pain in the left arm

Pain in the left arm occurs in various disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Examples include disc herniations in the cervical spine, tensions in the shoulder-neck area and diseases of the shoulder joint . All of these conditions can trigger radiating pain in the arm and should be clarified by medical advice. Pains in the left arm may also indicate injuries to bones, ligaments or muscles in this area after a trauma.

In addition, pain in the left arm may appear as a symptom of a heart attack , but then often go hand in hand with chest pain and shortness of breath. In particular, athletes who use their arms a lot, often have pain in the arm area, which are caused by wear and tear of the joints and muscles. Particularly stressful sports are handball, baseball, tennis, golf, handball and volleyball.

diaphragmatic pain

Diaphragm pains on the left side are most likely to occur in the context of lateral piercingduring physical activity.
However, to this day it is not clear whether the pain is actually from the diaphragm.

Diaphragmatic pain may otherwise occur in the context of infectious diseases associated with severe cough , and then be interpreted as overstressing the diaphragm. Since the diaphragm is a big muscle , it can be overloaded with a lot of coughing.

However, with the onset of cold symptoms, the pain should also ease. The diaphragm may also have breakage holes through which abdominal organs may bulge into the thorax. These breakthroughs are medically referred to as diaphragmatic hernias and are symptomless in most cases, but are in principle for discomfort in the diaphragmatic area in question.

Spleen Pain

Left Side Pain of the body can be triggered by pathological changes in the spleen . These are typically due to the fact that the organ enlarges in the context of various diseases.

For example, in Pfeiffer’s glandular fever . The enlarged organ hurts because the organ capsule is stretched. In addition, the spleen can press on stronger organs on adjacent organs and structures, which then also can hurt. In the context of trauma, it can also lead to a splenic rupture, which is acutely life-threatening, since the spleen is very well supplied with blood.

Within a short time the inner bleeding threatens. A quick operation is therefore essential. Last but not least, spleen pain can occur in tumors or infarcts of the spleen. Continuing discomfort on the left side of the body should prompt medical attention to rule out serious conditions.

Left Side Pain
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