How to Know if Your Hymen is Broken

How to Know if Your Hymen is Broken. Hymen is found in the sexual organs of the ladies, which protects them from many hazards. This membrane prevents possible microbes from coming out of the vagina and going to the uterus. It is approximately 2 to 3 centimeters of the vagina. There are many variations as well as many tasks.Hymen is a thin tissue 2-3 cm deep within 2-3 cm of the vagina which blocks the entry of the genital organ.

A girl who has not been sexually related to any man before is called a virgin. Hymen is called hymen braiding by sexual intercourse or masturbation, or by various means such as sticking a finger into the vagina. A strong cismin, finger or penis penetrates the vagina, causing the hymen to break down. Hymen broken is usually blood, when hymen is broken, the first symptom of your breakdown comes a few drops of blood.

How to Know if Your Hymen is Broken

hymen is broken

The most important criterion is hymen hemorrhage to understand that if this is caused by friction, masturbation or other reasons hymen is only a virgin or an impotence.

Even a few drops of blood from the genital area may indicate that the hymen is Broken or even deteriorated. Usually in such cases, it is understood that 75% of the hymen is broken when examined.

Other indications that Hymen is broken are; Pain in the groin, burning at the entrance of the vagina, burning sensation in the vagina when taking a shower, slight cramps in the vagina.

What are Hymen Varieties?

1- Annuler hymen 

It is the most common form of hymen. 82.5% of the girls have the shape of a mother’s daughter. . The annular hymen is round in the shape of a ring and round at the entrance of the vagina.

2- Flexible hymen

The hymen type is the non-tearing and flexible hymen type in the first relationship or the subsequent relations, and the open area in the center of this hymen type is normally broader and more flexible.

3- Imperfore hymen

The hymen is completely closed; It is a rare female varieties.

4- Septal hymen

Septal hymen is not a common type of hymen , there is a bridge view in the middle of such hymen’s. People with this hymen had first contact with the doctor with excessive pain and bleeding.

5-Kribform hymen

The most rare species is the Kribriform hymen type. In the case of a strainer or lace, hymen is usually torn during the first intercourse, or it requires surgical intervention as an irreversible result.

6-Ksentrik hymen

It is a hymen type seen as a half circle, one side thick and wide.

7-Corrupt hymen

Corrupted hymen are shown only in the picture, with the white arrow markings showing the torn areas, to be an example that can only be assessed by the physician. A normal person can not observe this condition, and the doctors can estimate the knowledge of when hymen is broken in 7 days within a few days.

Which Situations Can Hymen is Broken

1-Penetration of the male’s penis into the woman’s vagina

2-Do not put something in your vagina while masturbating

3-Buccaneers use buffers

4-Do not stick your finger in the horny one

5-Using a vibrator will also damage your hymen.

6-Vaginas severely scratch

7-Unconscious movements in childhood, particularly gymnastics, to make the move of the hymn to zero

8-Some experts say that the hymen can break down when doing sports, horse riding and even cycling.

How Can Hymen is Broken

Hymen is a mucosal tissue fold within 1-2 cm of the vagina entrance. Hymen is called hymen rupture from injuries to different parts of the vagina wall. When torn and deteriorated, the female can undergo zori denturing under sedative anesthesia using several different methods.

Hymen may be from a place of injury or from many places. It is named clockwise when describing the rupture. The most frequent hymen rupture occurs at 6 o’clock, followed by 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock. The hymen does not have much of a tear-off feature for stitching.

Hymen rupture may be due to the introduction of foreign bodies into the vagina, although this is usually the first relationship. When masturbating, advancing the pharyngeal vagina can also cause tearing of the virgin membrane. Vaginal interventions, sometimes made during childhood or young hymen period, also cause the tear of the hymen. Trauma and accidents affecting the genital area can also be caused by tears.

Bleeding can occur in varying amounts when the hymen is broken . Bleeding will be less if the torn horny membrane that is formed has less blood. If the hymen is thick, fleshy and very bloody, it will bleed more. Sometimes the tongue is flexible so there is no tearing or bleeding. This situation is called ‘flexible hymen’.

Flexible hymen is seen in one of every 10 young girls. Since there is no bleeding, the young girl may be thought to have been related before and creates a problem between spouses. A simple examination reveals that the dice are flexible.

What is a flexible hymen?

Some young girls do not bleed for the first time. The lack of a wing can cause some problems. If you want to be able to provide the bleeding to these people, you can do the pricking process.

These couples are told that when they consult a doctor, the hymen is flexible and may not have been bleeding for this reason. Every 10 teenage girls are tied up with tits and the tits are torn and unbearable during the relationship. Flexible hymen hound will only tear during birth.

What is the natural notch in the hymen?

A spontaneously formed notch can be seen on the free straight edge of the hymen. This is noticed during the examination and is important for judicial practice.

Is the hymen bleeding at the first sexual relationship?

It has a rich structure from blood vessels, easily torn at the entrance to the vagina. The first related hymen bleeding is due to the size of the hymen, the size of the penis to have enough lubricity. There is no rule that all first relationships will be bleeding.

Bleeding does not occur in women who have elasticity and elasticity of virginity. These women can be treated by sewing to provide post-operative bleeding. In addition, sometimes the tearing can be in the area where there is less vascularization and there is no bleeding. Bleeding does not occur when the hole in the middle of the hymen is too wide.

This situation is called ‘transition’ to a brutal form. When all these possibilities come together, the first first associated bleeding rate of the hymen is almost 50%. In other words, almost half of the first relationships do not have virgin hair. If desired, it may be possible to repair the hymen arm with the purpose of providing the bleeding.

How long is the hymen bleeding ?

The amount of hymen bleeding varies from pinkish staining to intense red blood. Usually a few drops of red blood come. It may continue for a few days in the form of spotting. The virginity hemorrhage is not different from the other hemorrhoids.

How is the color of the hymen’s bleeding?

The color of the hymen bloom may range from a light pink stain to a dense red color. Usually a few drops of blood in red color. If the person has chronic lung disease or blood diseases, it may be dark red.

Is it painful when a hymen is broken ?

The first sexual intercourse will not usually be painful when the majority of women are torn from their hymen neck. It can cause the woman to have sexual intercourse, the hymen is thick, and the small hole in the middle of the hymen is painful. Of course the perception of the woman against the pain is also important.

Can she get into the pool after the hymen is broken ?

If there is not much bleeding due to hymen is broken, it can be . It is worth not to enter the pool in the first 7 days.

What are the first things to pay attention to?

The first night is very important for a couple and always remembered. There are things to be done to remember this special night as beautiful. First of all, the woman must be relaxed and relaxed, away from anxiety and fear.

Here is a job for a man. It is important that in the first relationship the man is slow, understanding and gentle attitude. To ensure adequate wetting of the vagina, foreplay should be kept long, lubricants should be used for over-the-counter vagina, which can be found in pharmacies and in many markets when needed.

What is hymenectomy?

The fact that the hymen is thick and the hymen is closed may cause the first relationship to be painful and it can never happen. In some late girls the hole in the middle of the hymen is very small. In these women whose hymen is closed, hymen is surgically opened by hymenectomy. These ladies can do the pricking process if they want later.

Will the virginity recover itself?

A broken, torn daughter does not recover by itself. The torn ends close after a week and do not get back. There is no bleeding from the next tear site. Sometimes there may be a small tear bleeding.

The hymen is not completely destroyed, it will be bleeding in the next relationship. If a cornucopia of a broken horn is made before the examination of virginity, it can be decided for the daughter-in-law.

Will the hymen break with rubbing? Is it torn?

The virgin is not broken by friction. In order to be able to tear, finger, penis, foreign body must enter. Sometimes blood can come in during the friction. The resulting bleeding may be due to abrasion other than the hymen due to rubbing. The cause of the bleeding can be understood by the obstetrician of the woman by examination of the hymen.

Does masturbation break the hymen?

If you do not enter the vagina during masturbation, you will not lose your virginity. The woman who reaches orgasm during masturbation may inadvertently break her horn. Moving the finger toward the vagina during masturbation may lead to tearing and tearing of the hymen.

For this reason it should be known that masturbation can tear the hymen. However, it is possible that the younger daughter will not tear the younger daughter in the older ones.

Can hymen is broken with falling ?

Your virginity will not broken with a fall. If something goes into the vagina during the fall, it can be broken.

Do you understand when your hymen is broken?

When the chickens deteriorate, the torn edges heal within 7 days and do not undergo any changes afterwards. Therefore, it can be understood that, in the last 7 days, when the hymen was damaged with a zori examination, a hymen tear rupture had developed before yada.

If the female hymen is examined 7 days after it has disappeared, the time of deterioration of the hymen can not be precisely predicted. It does not matter when the virginity membrane is broken for the hymen stitching.