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How to Write a Thesis Statement

How to Write a Thesis Statement. Write a Thesis Statement is a distressing process for university students. The Thesis Statement is a situation in which undergraduate students are worried about the ‘finishing project’ in the last semester, graduate and Ph.D. students meet after they have passed the course and most of the time students are worried about ‘how to do it’. It seems that this process may never end when Write a Thesis Statement, and all the wishes of the thesis writer should be the end of his Thesis Statement.

Write a Thesis Statement acquires a deep knowledge of a subject and the ability to systematically transfer what they learn. Although the process of writie a Thesis Statement seems to be troubled, the pleasure of having put forward a research specific to yourself and putting forth a scientific study of the subject you have chosen will be worth all the trouble you have had in Write a Thesis Statement.

How to Write a Thesis Statement

Write a Thesis Statement

We have a number of suggestions for Write a Thesis Statement that we think will help you while preparing a universal scientific research or dissertation, although each university or institute has formally different writing rules.

Language of a Thesis Statement :

In the Write a Thesis Statement, a clear and simple way of narration should be followed. Narration should be done as a third person singularly, and possibly passive, if possible.

Paper Quality to Use, Page Sizes, and Type Field:

The papers to be used must have a weight of at least 80 and a weight of 100 g / m2 and the first paste should be white paper.
Paper must be in A4 size. The size of the sheets should be approximately 210 × 290 mm in the final shape.

After leaving 4 cm from the left edge of the paper and 2.5 cm from the other edges, the remaining area is used as a writing area and the page numbers are included in this area. Manuscripts should not go outside this area. Only the front side of the paper should be used.

Numbering of Pages:

When the page numbers are placed, they belong to the upper right, upper left corner, or upper middle and lower middle preferred person.
The abstract is written in roman numerals (I, II, III, IV, V …) with abstract, thanks, intrinsics, figures, charts, symbols and abbreviations. The entry page is numbered 1 but not written. , 4, and so on.
The inner cover is enumerated on all pages outside the acceptance and confirmation pages and additional pages.
The chapter headings page starts from three lines down and page number is not given.

Font characters:

When you use computer; The use of writing fonts such as Times New Roman, Arial Tour, Courrier New Tour, Helvetica is a common choice, and the purpose is to select legible fonts suitable for the structure of the subject.

Line spacing, paragraph alignment

In Write a Thesis Statement, the line spacing is 2 line spacing.
Paragraphs start within 1 cm.

  • Abbreviations: Abbreviations other than standard abbreviations when necessary. You can go. Abbreviated abbreviation or icon used first place in parentheses and only once.
  • Duties: If there is a section that needs to be transferred from another source exactly,
    a 24 pt interval should be left before and after the quotation. The quote is normal
    lines are 1.5 cm from left margin, paragraph heads are 2.5 cm
    it should start inside. Quote in quotes and using 12 pt range
    articles must. At the end of the citations in the field of Health Sciences, the numbering system is more widely used. In theses in the literary text type, sources are indicated in parentheses by author surname, publication year and page.
  • Footnotes: Continuity in the distributor and in the reading room if written in the text
    very short and intricate explanatory notes on the same page


Charts, photographs, figures, graphics, histograms, maps, etc. all of the tools are pictured. In order not to cause blurring in the images, a photocopy of the page (if colored) containing the image should be used. 36pt spacing must be left before and after the images. The images must appear on the specified page or on the following page.


The student who receives the written approval of the advisor regarding the completion of the dissertation shall submit an unbound untitled dissertation from the sum of the number of original and substitute members of the dissertation defense jury with a petition to the Ministry of Education to be sent to the Institute Directorate for the purpose of the regulation.


If the thesis defense exam passes successfully, the changes that the jury needs are carried out under supervision of the advisor.


After the necessary corrections are made, three copies of the thesis bound to the thesis are submitted to the Directorate of the Institute by a CD candidate with the final form of the thesis.

Correction Delivery

In addition to the three thesis boundaries, the abstract of the thesis in English, the abstract of the thesis in English, the thesis data form and the CD in which the thesis is presented are delivered to the Institute of Health Sciences within 15 days after the examination.

Seperation of departments at Write a Thesis Statement


Write a Thesis Statement : Outer Cover

Your research is a kind of identity. The research topics include the name of the researcher, the name of the researcher and the advisor, and the level of research on the year and place of publication. (Examples are given in the appendix).
A blank page should be placed after the outer cover.

Write a Thesis Statement : Inner Cover

The outer cover is written exactly as it is protected.
The interior is then left with a blank page.

Write a Thesis Statement with : Thesis Evaluation Board Page

The inner lid takes place later. (An example is given in the appendix).
The first two pages (inner cover and blank page) are numbered I, II, foreword II and the content page IV.

Write a Thesis Statement with : PREFACE

It is the private message that the researcher wants to convey to the reader. It includes personal opinions, intentions and wishes about his subject. Acknowledgment is also given to the person or institutions that the researcher has helped. The city name and date should be indicated in the lower left part of the place where the preface letter ends, and the author name should be indicated in the lower right part.

Write a Thesis Statement with : CONTENTS

Significant parts of the title of the test include the headings and their page numbers. The thesis text consists of graduated subdivisions in the sections. Each chapter and sub-section has a title and a classification number. The head of the lower section is written under the heading with two letter spaces inside.

This structure is unique to the home page only. In the main text all headings should be written in the paragraph heading.

There are two major numbering systems used to separate research from the departments. These are the decimal system with the digit-letter system. Below are examples of both systems.

How to Write a Thesis Statement
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