How to Wake Up Early ( With 11 Simple Advice )

How to Wake Up Early. If you have to wake up early in the morning and if you have difficulty in it too, the tips we give can help. Even if you do not wake up early in the morning before the start of the day, you will be able to separate yourself from the rest of 2-3 hours think that it will be perfect, but if you do not manage to wake up early this article is for you.

Here are 11 tips to make it easy to be “wake up early” …

How to Wake Up Early

Wake up early

You know the early peasants who leave the bed before dawn, but this is not a situation where they can easily adapt to biological and psychological well-being for many other people. But it is not impossible either. Some may think that having an office at an early hour is an advantage to get into the eyes of their bosses.

1- Do not postpone the alarm

Do not press the snooze key when the alarm rings in the morning. You may think you still have some time to sleep, but you do not. Because according to experts, if you delay the alarm and continue to sleep, you enter another sleeping cycle that you can not bring to an end.

The result is a sleep deprivation that will last for days. Stefano Gandinni suggests that before you go to sleep, mentally recollect yourself as if you were stolen and alarmed, “I will wake up when the alarm rings, I will not delay the alarm.”

2. Think of something good

Try to be in a positive attitude when you stay up from the night so that the rest of your day will pass well. Experts suggest that there is a direct link between good things and happiness and that you start by thinking about them in the sun. There are researches that support this.

Clinical psychologists, for example, advise their clients to write down the three good things that happen that night before they sleep, explaining why they happen. You can easily adapt this method to your problem of getting up in the morning and you can think of three good things.

3. Darken before going to bed

Scientists suggest that digital technologies reduce drowsiness and sleeplessness before you sleep. Because the blue light that the screens hold is preventing the release of the sleep hormone melatonin and it does not make you sleep.

Shut down all the lights and technological appliances, blackout half an hour to 10 minutes before going to bed every night.

4. Wake up and move

Do your daily workouts in the morning. Stretching exercises are recommended in terms of movement and blood flow. This is also a useful way to get rid of them if you have excess kilos. Experts say that exercises made before breakfast helped to lose weight and feel energized.

5. For water as it wakes up

During sleep at night we breathe, while our body is slow, or it loses water. And thirst causes difficulty and mischief. So, keep water in your head and you will not get in trouble like this during the day if you wake up.

6. Start by writing good things to the day

Experts say that writing your thoughts, goals, and things that feel good will help you feel happier at the start of the day and focus more easily.

7. Go outdoors

Get out on the open 15 minutes before the sun skyline. If you prepare your clothes and shoes to do this in the future, it will be easier to wake up and go out.

Doctors point out the importance of even preparing in front of a sunny window because a dark room sends a signal to our brains that night is still at night.

8. Meditate

Meditate early each day. Those who try to tell you that you are suffering from insomnia and lack of attention due to this. Many famous names from Kobe Bryant to Jerry Seinfeld to Oprah Winfrey start sun meditation.

9. Develop a routine

Getting your body into a routine will make it easier for you to do in the morning. Some scientists, pointing to the boundaries of our will, say that confronting ourselves in the early days of the day will cause concentration problems for the rest of the day.

But there are also those who do not agree. But if you practice your body in a routine for your activities early in the morning, you will protect your mental ability when you need it.

10. Do things that require analytical skills

Psychologist Dan Ariely says people’s most productive time is usually two hours after they wake up. For this reason, instead of checking your e-mails and sharing from social media, you can do things that require more attention and analytical skills during those hours when your mind is most clear.

11. Do not disturb the stability of the weekends

Sleep specialists say you wake up later than you are used to, and your body clock is broken. For this reason, you should not break the principle on weekends. You need to find a way to make it easier. Some people say that they convinced themselves of it by thinking of weekend days as if they were on weekdays.

Ways to Wake Up Early in the Morning

How difficult it is to wake up early from the bed, is not it? These suggestions will help you to wake up early in the days when we are hostile to the clock alarm in the morning!

The body clock is ticking, we get you a hat! But we lay too late and we do not wake up early. ‘Start at 10.00 instead of 9’ ‘What would happen if the first lesson rings after 1 hour?’ there is nothing that has changed for years. We have to wake up at 06.00 and get out at 06.30.

What shall we do? Then we said to find practical methods.

Set an alarm to sleep

Just getting up early is not enough, we have to start the day with vigor. Because the job waits, derste will not sleep! Then we’ll get used to bed early. For example, set a separate alarm for the time you have to go to bed. So give up the day.

Do not wake up early from the TV and go to sleep

Spend 2 hours before entering the bed, reading something, taking a hot shower, taking a walk or planning the next day. In the meantime, ventilate your room. If you want to sleep like a mis, leave the fresh air in.

Be careful to feed before you sleep!

Before you go to bed, drink tea, coffee sleep from your head enemies. Hele alcohol and cigarette put you in the opposite corner, do not sleep. If your stomach is hungry, do not go beyond anything light.

Do not do heavy exercise before sleeping

Run the day, do not finish by working on weight and cardio. If you are not sleepy, tired of yourself but not that much.

Know the value of your health

How you wake up in the morning may have a relationship with your health. Maybe you need a better diet and exercise plan. If you are having difficulty waking up, you may have a sleep apnea that you do not know. If you have done everything right, go to the doctor to get expert opinion.

Have a drink with your head

Wake up in the morning and a glass of water you will drink will wake you up. A caffeinated drink that you have at the start of your bed can be one of the ways to take you out of your bed. But we can not say that this is a healthy suggestion.

Get a flashing alarm clock

A lightning flashing alarm clock or radio alarm clock will help you to wake up to a bright, bright, musical day in the morning. Disturbing noises after a certain period of time will no longer wake you up.

Download applications that will remotely handle

Download a program that can detect body movements. The ‘SpinMe Alarm Clock’ application can be a solution for those who are hard hit in the morning. This program only closes when you leave your bed or if you return twice.

Try smelling scented salts!

Fragrant salts or essential oils work to keep people alive for hundreds of years. You do not need to hear a smell you do not like about it. You can start by putting these smells that will revive you in the head of your bed. Grapefruit or mint can see your job.

Train yourself

Instead of forcing yourself to wake up, you can do a few exercises to get your body moving right away. Repeat this twice a day until you feel good. If you still can not wake up in time if you do these hints, maybe there are other reasons why you can not wake up fast in the morning.

If you want to wake up early, make it a habit:

* Sleep in a quiet and dark room.

* Do not take more than half an hour in the day.

* Open the curtain when you wake up, smell fresh air.

* Position the alarm at a remote location so that you have to take a few steps to silence it.

* Do not postpone the alarm! Sleeping for an extra 5 minutes has no benefit to you or your environment.

Progressive method to wake up early

If you think we will give you the magic formula of getting up 2-3 hours early tomorrow morning in this article, you are wrong. Trying to change your wake-up time in 1 day often results in failure and your enthusiasm is broken.

Perhaps the best way to wake up early is to approach the desired time by recording the stage. Start by waking up your wake-up clock 10-15 minutes for the first 2-4 days to work, repeat the same cycle when you get used to it.

Anyone who gets up at 7 every morning will not try to wake up at 5. First try 6.45. Those who have tried to make such a sudden change in your life will probably be the best to understand the importance of this method.

In 3 steps to ‘Really Wake Up’

One of the biggest hurdles in front of starting a boy waking up to the sun is the tendency to silence the alarm and reach out in the awake-half-awake state of the bed. But you can subtract this trend in the following 3 steps.

1. Motivate Yourself

Think about the things you plan to do before you go to bed at night and motivate yourself to do them. It could be anything. A new recipe you will try is a different exercise, a project related to your work, and so on.

Remembering your plans when you wake up in the morning will motivate you to wake up early.

2. Jump from the bed

Happily, get out of bed. wake up and open your arms as far as you can, get ready for what you bring back for the day you are alive.

3. Put the alarm away

If you put the alarm in your sleep and you are sleeping, you are likely to turn off the alarm in the morning and continue sleeping. So it’s a place where you need to get your alarm up and off.

You can turn off the alarm and go directly to the bathroom, and at this point you can remember what you planned before you went to bed at night.

There is even a creative product for those who turn off the alarm and sleep again. The alarm flew out of your watch!

To Do at Morning for Wake Up Early

First of all, do not waste your time doing the things you always do, like checking your social media accounts, reading blogs, looking at news in this valuable time of day you just won.

Here are a few tips on what you can do:

1. For a glass of water

He will make you feel more awake for a glass of water to replace the water that your body has lost in sleep.

2. Meditate

Meditate for at least 3 minutes. Without doing anything, a meditation that you focus on is a great way to start the day.

3. Create

You can write, draw something, or do anything you can demonstrate your creativity.

4. Exercise

You can walk or jog, or exercise at home for at least 10 minutes.

5. Enjoy a cup of tea or a cup of tea

They both make your morning more beautiful.

To sleep early

It is very difficult to make your early departure routine by making such a decision. Here are a few tips that will help you wake up early and wake up early.

1. Set the time to enter the bed

Set as the time to enter the bed, preferably 7-8.5 hours before the time you want to wake up. The time you need to sleep can vary depending on your preference. Most people need about 7-8 hours of sleep.

2. Determine bedtime ritual

Before entering the bed choose some rituals that you will always do. House rituals, rituals such as using dental floss, reading a book on the bed arranges sleep.

3. Remove lending electronics

Do not use tools such as computer, tablet, phone, etc. in bed.

4. Help with exercises

The exercises you make during the day provide more comfortable nights and deep sleep. But if you exercise before an hour before bedtime, your sleep will run away.

5. Review method

Another way to help you with your sleeping problems is to close your eyes and try to think about what you have done since the beginning of the day.

From the moment you turn off the alarm, you start to wonder if you can see how far you can go.

Common Problems to Wake Up Early

1. Excessive tiredness in the morning

It’s completely normal. Consuming water, wandering around, a hard coffee may be the solution to this problem. In the mornings, excessive fatigue may be a sign that you are changing your waking hours very quickly. Give your body time to get used to.

2. Not finding common time

Early waking is often caused by early sleep. When you sleep early, it’s hard to take time for your loved ones, and if you can not find the common time to spend, here are a few solutions.

* Invite your friends to the morning exercise. You will exercise together on this count and you will have another reason to wake up early in the morning.

* Make sure your friends wake up early. On this count, you can check each other and share this beautiful habit.

21 tips to Wake up early

1- Determine a Compelling Reason to wake Up Early

What could this be? Personal activities? Do more work? Making a good start to the day? Almost all attempts to wake up early will fail because there is no strong enough reason to win this habit.

Personally, I can claim that in the days when I want to wake up early, I’m absolutely unsuccessful when I’m doing it just to stay early. However, if there is a compelling reason to wake up early (see # 12 for an example), how sleepy I can wake up from the horizon.

If you really want to wake up early, you should first identify yourself with a strong reason.

2- Stay away from warnings

Stimulants like caffeine and alcohol break your sleep patterns. They can disrupt your sleep and your sleep quality, which in turn affects your ability to wake up early.

3- Start a Change

If you always wake up at 10-11 in the morning, it is not a realistic desire to be in the anticipation of getting up at 5 in the morning the next day. Take your departure time for 15-30 minutes every day and continue until you reach your destination.

4- Set a prize and give it to yourself if you wake up early

The prizes provide extra motivation. (However, if you are looking for a compelling reason finding in # 1, the prize may not be needed.)

5- Place your destination where you can see it

An environment that supports your goal places this goal in your mind with conscious or unconscious influence. If you have a board, you can hang your goal on this board.

Other options may also work, such as pasting sticky notes or putting the target in the desktop background, where the target is written on the screen of your computer.

6. Create responsibility for other people

Your goal; share with your friends / family / acquaintances. It takes responsibility for you to accomplish your goal of early departure.

7- Prepare an irrevocable agenda for the next day

This agenda should start at exactly the hour you need to wake up and finish at the hour. If you do not wake up at that hour, you will overtake your entire program and you will have accumulated work at the end of the day.

8- Determine important and urgent tasks to be done 

You will have to wake up and finish this work.

9 – Arrange a meeting early in the morning

This meeting must be such a meeting as to be unacceptable or to have negative consequences if canceled.

This suggestion is, for me, a more effective method than the others. However, if you have a chronic illness that prevents early development, it is better to try other methods.

You do not want to look at your reputation and your dealership with this person. I had appointments that I had missed asleep at the time, and it was very annoying to face this situation each time. Nowadays I am sure that I will never experience this problem again.

10- Use a wake up service

Or you may want to wake up by calling someone you know will be awake at that hour.

11- Find someone to accompany you

Having a friend who wants to wake up early and showing this effort with him will give you more motivation.

12 – Sleep early

Be realistic – if you have a goal to wake up at 5 in the morning, you can not sleep at 1-2 o’clock to wake up just in time. Otherwise you can not reach your goal. When I go to bed early, it is much easier to wake up on time just by getting enough sleep.

13 – Set your alarm (set the clock correctly)

It may sound like not a very unique idea to you, but you can not believe how much people have told me they can not wake up because they have not set up their alarms or made it wrong. If you are planning on going to a new habit of sleeping, you will definitely need an alarm clock in the first weeks. When you get used to using this alarm clock, you start to wake up at the same time every day without it.

14- Set up more than one alarm clock

Set 3 or 5 at the same time or at 5 minute intervals. If your sleep is heavy, this is a recommendation for you.

15- Put your alarm clock away

This place is at a distance that you can hear and need to wake up to reach. Do not go back to bed after closing the alarm!

16- Set the alarm to your favorite music

Could it be a better way to start a new day than listen to your favorite song? When music ends, you will be more alert and ready to wake up.

17- Before you sleep, think carefully about the time you want to wake up early

It might sound like a tricky suggestion to you, but it really works. Initially, I thought I was the only person who managed to wake up early using this method. Until a friend tells me that he did the same thing (he learned it from a friend who used the same method). The mysterious functioning of our subconscious.

18- Set the alarm 5 minutes before the time you specify

When the alarm rings, press the snooze key and spend 5 minutes half awake on the bed, preparing yourself mentally in front of you. When the alarm rings for the second time, wake up at night. This is another method that works for me.

19- As soon as the alarm is heard, wake up at night

You all know what it is like to wake up in the morning – even though you want to wake up, the sound in your head tries to convince you to spend the night sleeping all morning. Rather than letting it speak, let yourself be alone in the second work of the alarm.

The feeling of insomnia is very strong in the first 5 to 10 minutes, but then it starts to weaken. With this method, you will be up from the night before you feel sleepy and ready to start the day.

20- Make this a daily habit

It is necessary to make it a daily habit. It is much easier to maintain daily habits than to maintain something that is only 5 days a week. If you try to fit your body into different time schedules during the week and at the end of the week, the balance of your biological clock often changes, making it difficult to achieve your goal.

21- Make a combination of the suggestions there

Be humble and do not use only a few of these suggestions. As you know, getting up early is a very difficult task in itself. Combine as many suggestions as possible to increase your chances of success. Like the so-called ‘overwhelming power’ in the military literature; the more resources you invest in something, the more likely you are to succeed.

How to Wake Up Early ( With 11 Simple Advice )
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