How to Screenshot on Pc ( with Windows and Mac )

How to Screenshot on Pc. Taking a screenshot on PC is a very necessary process nowadays, you can add images you want to capture into your documents, use them visually for your presentations and enrich them, or just share them with your friends or colleagues. The most common way to get a screenshot on PC screen image is to use the “PrtSc” key to set up the screen image.Now simply open something you want to capture your image, then press the “PrtSc” key on the keyboard and paste it into the Paint application installed on each computer and save it.

This method is quite simple but limited, requiring an extra application to save the file you want.At this stage, read the roads we recommend that you take screenshots for computers later in this article.

How to Screenshot on Pc for Windows

Screenshot on pc

1- Press the Print Screen (PrtScn – PrtScrn) key at the top of your keyboard to get an image of the screen on your Windows computer, and the print screen will be memorized.

2- You can use Paint or another graphics program available on your computer to view and save this screen display.

3- To open Paint on your computer, you can open it by clicking Start> Programs> Accessories> Paint.

4- On the blank page in the Paint program, click Edit, then Paste, and if you did not make a mistake, the screen image should appear on the screen.

5- To save this screen image, you can save it to the desired folder or desktop using File then Save or Save As.

General recommendations for the Windows operating system

1- On the Keyboard, click the Print Screen button (sometimes called PrtScn, PrtScr, or PrtSc); the image of the whole screen will be copied to the intermediate memory.

2- Click the Alt + PrtScn key combination to get a screenshot of just the active window.

Note : In Windows 8, you can press the Win + PrtScn key combination to quickly take the entire screen image and save it automatically in the Pictures folder.

3- Open any graphics editor installed on your computer, for example “Paint”: Start → All Programs → Accessories → Paint.

4- In the menu, select Edit → Paste (Windows XP, Windows Vista) or click the Paste button on the top menu of the program (Windows 7 and above).

Note :You can also use the universal key combination Ctrl + V. The image will be pasted into the graphical editor from the buffer memory.

4. When you need, you can add text or select some items of the visual.

5- Screen image Save on your computer: File → Save as; Click on the or button.

Note : It is recommended that visual files be saved in JPG or PNG format; in this case the size of the file will be suitable for sending by e-mail. When saving a file in the “Paint” program you can select the file type in the Record type field (at the bottom of the Save as window).

How to Screenshot on Pc with program in Windows 7

The “Screen Capture Tool” tool allows you to take a screen shot of any item or entire screen on the desktop.

1- The program is started from the Start → All Programs → Accessories menu.

You can also start the program by typing the Screen Capture Tool on the search line instead of clicking the icon on the Start menu.

2- Click on the New button in the program window and select the required area in the form of a rectangle or oval; take a screenshot of a separate window or entire screen of the program.

3- You can add the signature using the Pen tool on the editing window or you can highlight the text with the help of the Highlighter.

4 – Record image; Click the Save as button and select the location where the file will be stored.

How to Screenshot on Pc in Windows 8.1

1- Press the Windows logo key windows-logo-key + Print Screen keys together.

2-The screen image is automatically saved in the Pictures> Screen Images folder.

How to Screenshot on Pc in Windows 10

Windows 10 has many innovations. Today we want to see how fast and different ways we can get “screenshots” with Windows 10.

1- Whole desktop screenshot on pc 

* Combo button: [PrtScn]

One of the easiest and most popular methods of taking screenshots is the PntScn key, which naturally applies to Windows 10 as well. On some laptop computers, this key combination can be used as FN + PrtScn.

What stands out on the table at the moment is that the image of all of them is memory and can provide you with an image editor or a different document. If you are using 2 monitors, this command will save the image of both monitors together.

2- All Desktop screenshot on pc + Auto Save (automatic recording)

* Combo button: [Win] + [PrtScn]

This combos not only captures your desktop, but also lets you record in the Windows 10 Pictures folder. So you do not have to transfer the screen image directly to an image editor or document, and you have the opportunity to use this image at any time.

Note that on some laptop computers this combo can be used as [Fn] + [Win key] + [PrtScn]. Your screen turns black again for a moment. This action means that the screen is being displayed in your Pictures folder.

3- Just screenshot on pc app image

* Combo: [Alt] + [PrtScn]

Instead of a screen view of the entire desktop, it is also possible to take a screenshot of an open application. To do so, you can use the [Alt] + [PrtScn] key combination to make that application active. Some laptop computers use this key layout as [Alt] + [Fn] + [PrtScn].

4- Sharing the Screenshot on pc

* Combo: [Win] + [H]

A property that is not very known and therefore not used. [Win] + [H] combos give you a screenshot right on your social network, e-mail and similar applications.

5- Screen shot tool to take a screenshot on pc

You can also use the Screen Capture Tool instead of the combo keys so that your screen shots can give clearer and more precise results. To reach this screen, you need to type the Screen Capture Tool in the Search box.

This tool works on the desktop and can help you by giving you options on how you want to take a screenshot. With this tool it is possible to get rectangular, square, full screen and free cutting screen images.

Saving with Paint

If you open Paint and select Menu from the LEFT section, we have a screenshot, Change and edit will take place after this program is activated.

How to Screenshot on Pc with tools

1- Screen shot tool

taking a computer screen image is one of the more common alternative ways of getting a PC screen image because it is easy to use. The Screen Capture Tool, which is used to capture and save screen images, is set up by default in most Windows OS.

With this tool, you have options such as Free Screen Capture, Rectangular Screen Capture, Window Screen Capture and Full Screen Capture. You can also share these images by emailing them at the same time. To use this tool, open the Windows Start menu and search for and open the application as the Screen Capture Tool.

– Easy to use.

– With this application you can only get screenshots.

2- Skitch

PC screen display The other way you can try the other is Skitch application. With this free application you can take screenshots, edit and share images. Many users benefit from this application because they have different versions on different platforms such as Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS.

With this tool users can easily record web pages, maps, pictures or PDF images for their computers. Besides, some attachments can be made to emphasize important parts of captured image, they can vote for recycling and leave comments.

– It offers image editing opportunities.

– It’s a pretty high memory.

3- Picpick

PicPick The last alternative you can use to get a computer screen image is the PicPick application. As the name implies, this application serves to select and capture the desired image from the screen of your computer. Using this application, you can select and save images from a web page, from a specific area or from the active window.

In addition to capturing screen images, this application is equipped with an image editor and you can add simple notes, lines, shapes, text, and more. This application also has advanced graphic accessories for more detailed editing.

– Besides simple screen image capture, it also has different features.

– A very complicated application for beginners.

How to Screenshot on Pc for Mac OS

* To get a screenshot in Mac OS, press ⌘ Cmd + Shift + 3. The desktop will contain a file containing the full screen image.

* If you want to get a screen view of a specific part of the screen, press the ⌘ Cmd + Shift + 4 key combination and select the required area of the screen with the cursor.

* Click on the ⌘ + Cmd + Shift + 4 + Spacebar combination to get a screenshot of just the active window.

* To save the screen image in the intermediate memory, press and hold the Ctrl key while creating it.

How to Screenshot on iOS

On iOS platform, screenshots can be taken with 2.x and higher standard tools. Press and hold the two-way Sleep mode / Wake Up and Home buttons to get screen visuals. The received images are stored in the standard Photo application.

How to Screenshot on Android

On Android-powered mobile devices, the screen display can be retrieved in a variety of ways, depending on the device manufacturer and platform version. The received images are stored in the standard Gallery application.

Screenshot on Android 4.x

Press and hold the Volume down and Power keys together for two seconds.

Screenshot on Android 3.2 and Above

Press and hold on the latest programs button for a while.

Screenshot on Android 1.x and 2.x

In the 2.x version of the Android platform and lower versions, it is not supported to take the screen image with standard tools. You’ll need to use third-party apps that are downloaded and installed from Google Play.

Screenshot on Samsung

Press and hold Home and Power or Back and Home for two seconds (connected to the device).

Screenshot on HTC

Press and hold the Home and Power keys together for two seconds.

Screenshot on Symbian

The Symbian platform does not support the receipt of screen images with standard tools. You need to use third-party apps. For example, Best Screen Snap.

Screenshot on Bata

To get a screenshot, press and hold the Menu and Lock keys together and hold them for two seconds. The screen image will be saved in My files → Images in the internal memory.

How to Screenshot on Pc ( with Windows and Mac )
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