How to Pop a Pimple ( with Easy 7 Ways )

How to Pop a Pimple. Pop a Pimple should not be pop in normal situations. For this reason, Pop a Pimple is caused by the pop of the skin and causing the inflammation to spread. Explosion of a pimple damages the skin for a long time. Sometimes we do not have time to wait for the captain to go on his own. In this article we will talk about when the cockpit is ready to be detonated, how to make the detonator safer, and how it is the least bitter and harmful.

We recommend sticking hydrocolloidal tape on the cap as much as possible.

How to Pop a Pimple with Easy 7 Ways

pop a pimple


Although pop a Pimple is very inconvenient, some of us do not want to see a huge pimple inside and we want to pop it out. But how? Knowing the subtleties of pimples can prevent your skin from injuring yourself.

1. You should gently wash your face with soap before you squat.

2. Find a needle and sterilize the tip thoroughly. (Wipe the tip of the needle gently with cologne and dry it). Then slowly immerse the needle in the Pop a Pimple. You have to do it very slowly and carefully or you can hurt your life.

3. Find two earbuds. With these earbuds you find, Pop a Pimple just before you pop it up and let the inflammation flow.

4. Drop a piece of cotton ball a little cologne and wipe the spotty area. Try not to contaminate the other parts of your emerging fluid face so that the nukes spread. (Note: Do not wash your face)

5. Once the cologne is dry, pop some facial moisturizer into your hand and crawl through the injured area. It should be about 5 minutes in your humidifying face.

6. Then rinse a little toothpaste over the sponge and wait for about half an hour.

7. After half an hour, thoroughly wash and dry your face.

Before How to Pop a  Pimple

1- Pop the whitened  Pimple

Whitened Pop a Pimple can usually wait a few days in the face. Inflammation has accumulated under the white zone and it is relatively easy to detonate such pimples with safety and anti-inflammatory measures.

2- Do not pop any other kind of Pimple

Never try to pop a cheap non-white pop a pimple . Exploding other types of pop a pimple will always cause your skin to become injured, inflamed, bleed and sore. So leave them alone. Newer or more than 1 to 2 day old civilians are not ready to explode. Wait for the frizzle to bleach. Big, red and Pimple should not be exploded. The pop up of such big niches always causes cuts to the skin.

3- Clean / Wash your hands before Pop a Pimple

Do not skip this crucial step and especially clean under the nails and use plenty of soap with warm water. You should avoid touching for pop a pimple with your fingers. However, even if you accidentally touch it, your hands will be clean and less likely to cause irritation and inflammation.

4- Clean up the surrounding area before Pop a Pimple and

When you open a pimple, you open the skin, which is an opportunity for bacteria to enter. If you do not allow the bacteria to get in, pop a pimple will heal faster. Cleansing the area where the spider is, it removes too much oil, teri, kiri and makeup. To clean the area, apply an antibacterial cleaner or alcohol over the cotton area. Be gentle when driving and avoid rubbing. Then clean with warm water and dry with a towel.

5- Put water in a cabinet until the steam comes out

Bring your head to the cabin with water and cover with your towel. Do not get too close to burn your face. This will open your pores and cause some liquid to escape. Which reduces the chance of your injury.

How to Pop a Pimple ( with Easy 7 Ways )
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