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How to Play Mancala ( Kalaha )

How to Play Mancala. The Mancala game comes from the depths of the past; Central Asian Intelligence and Strategy played for centuries. Mancala  has a wide range of players from 7 to 77 from the streets.The origination of the intelligence and strategy game Mancala , believed to be based on the 16th century, is the end of the 1600s when the European countries meet.

The materials of the game can be found everywhere or practically; the game has become popularized and played a role without regard to cultural differences.On the game board there are 12 small wells, 6 of which are facing each other, and there is a treasure trove to collect the stones of each player. The Mancala Game is played with 48 stones.

How to Play Mancala

Play Mancala

* Play Mancala with a total of 48 stones, has 12 small eyes arranged in two rows of 6 on opposite sides of the game board, and each player has two large case eyes on which his own stones are placed.

* At the beginning of the game players will distribute 48 stones in each box as 4 will be.

* Each player has 6 eyes in front of him and his opponent is known as the territory of his opponent.

* The winner of the draw ends the game with 4 stones from one of his / her own eyes and begins to move counter-clockwise, leaving each stone with a bone. The player has the right to re-play if the last stone case is in sight.

* When the player moves the stones one by one to the right eye, if the stones remain in his hand at the end of his own area, he moves to the area of ​​his opponent and continues to drop the stones into the eyes of his opponent.

* If the number of stones left in the opponent’s eye is double, the player puts all of the stones in that eye into his / her chamber.

* If the player finishes his opponent’s territory and still has a stones in his hand and this stone is an empty pile in his own territory, then the player takes both stones in the face of his opponent’s monster and his opponent’s stones.

Also :

1. Mancala is played with two people.

2. There are 6 pits in front of the people. There are 12 wells and 48 stones in total.

3. Each player has a treasure hole.

4. The players disperse the 48 pieces of stone into four to four of the wells.

5. Players’ own wells in their fronts are their territories.

6. The game with the most stone accumulation in the treasure well is won. The winner gets 0 points from 1 loss.

7. The game is played in five sets.

Basic Rules for Play Mancala

1. Basic Rules for Play Mancala :

The winner of the draw is entitled to take 4 pieces from the desired waters in his territory. One stone is left in the well and left in the counterclockwise direction, ie to the right, one stone to each well, and the stones in the hand are scattered until the end.

If it coincides with the last stone treasure in the hand, the player has the right to replay. If there is only one stone in the player’s well, it may move this stone to the right hole when it comes. The order of the moves is rival. Each time the last stone in the hands of the player determines the destiny of the game.

2. Basic Rules for Play Mancala :

If the incoming player has left a stone in his hand while he is dealing the stones he has taken from his well, he continues to drop stones in the wells of his opponent’s area. If the last stone in the hand of the player has double numbers (2, 4, 6, 8) in the number of stones in the well he coincides in the area of ​​his opponent, the player has all the stones in that well and puts them in his treasure. The order of the moves is rival.

3. Basic Rules for Play Mancala :

If the last stone that is left in the hand of the player when he deals the stones falls into an empty well in his own region and if there is a stone of his opponent in the well opposite the well, he takes the stones in the well of his opponent and takes the stone he left for his own empty well. The order of the moves is rival.

4. Basic Rules for Play Mancala :

The game set ends when the stones in any of the players’ regions are exhausted. The player who finishes his / her stones in his / her area in the first round also gains all the stones in the territory of his opponent. Therefore, the dynamics of the game will never fall until the last moment.

The Mancala game is played as 5 sets.

The player who won the game (1) points, the player lost (0) points and the player who finishes the draw receive half (0.5) points.

Alternative Mode for Play Mancala (Castle Rule)

▪ “How to play Mancala game?” The 1 st and 2 nd basic rules stated in the title are valid in the castle rule. (Except when the stones are dropped,

▪ “How to Play Mancala Game?” 3 rd and 4 th basic rules stated in the heading are not applied in the cast rule. Instead of;

▪ If a player breaks up the stones in his hand and the last stone in his hand makes 3 the number of stones in the well he coincides in the area of ​​his opponent, that well is captured by the player. The player will now have all the stones that will be put into this hole by the opponent and himself. Owners of the stones are put in their own treasure of the player.

When casting stones in the game of the castle rule, leaving the stones to the treasures takes place from the ground. Different colored stones are used to determine calmness. Players can not build a fortress on the 6th hole. Each player on a set can only cast once.

The game ends when there are no stones in the wells in front of any of the players. The player who stones in the wells in front of them put these stones in their treasure. Finally, the stones found in the treasures are counted. The player with the most stones in the treasure wins the game.

What is the Materials to Play Mancala

  • 48 pieces stones
  • Mancala Playground (12 total of 6 small wells and 2 treasure wells facing each other)
  • Two people

Above, I say Mancala Playground. Because there is no sophisticated material with a special shape or a complex game board. You can play with 48 pebbles by opening 12 small wells and 2 large treasure wells on a soil ground.

You can also play on the concrete floor with a hint or tile, or on a cardboard at home with a small area of 6 facing each other (12 small areas in total) and 2 large treasure areas.

The areas or wells that you create must be able to comfortably accommodate the stones you will use. It is important not to mix with the stones in the other areas / wells.

Win the game

The aim of the game is to win the game by accumulating the most stones in the case eye at the end of the game. The player who first finishes the stones in his own shadow will win the game with the opponent’s stones.

In short, strategy and forecasting is very important to win the game. In the set played in 5 sets, the set player wins 1 point while the player who lost the set remains 0 pound. The player who collects the most points in the set result of 5 wins the game.

How to Play Mancala ( Kalaha )
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