How to Play Mahjong

How to Play Mahjong. Mahjong is an ancient Chinese game. Dominoes are played with similar stones. A total of 144 stones are played.At the beginning of the game there are different background options, stone pattern options, stone layout shapes. In game content, there are options such as mixing stones, additional time periods, pausing.

One of the most common types of game is Mahjong Zen. There are 24 stages. Starting with 10 stones like 5 pairs in the beginning, the game increases both the number of stones in each stage and also changes the shape of the stone arrangement making it difficult for both users to develop and play.

How to Play Mahjong

Play Mahjong

Some social networking sites also offer variants that are translated into travel games such as Mahjong Trails and Mahjong Saga. It has been started to be used in clubs as well as dominoes that are common in new games. One of the best examples is Play Mahjong Dimensions Blast.

Play Mahjong game, each stone has a separate pattern and there is a pair of each stone. At the same time, with the abbreviations “spr, sum, aut, win” reflecting the seasons, the stones used are considered as a group and these stones can match each other.

The “flowers” group, which also has various flower patterns, can match the different flowers in themselves. The stones are lined up in various shapes and built like a pyramid over the top.

We start to Play Mahjong by selecting the same ones from the stones that are arranged in this pyramid shape. Each pair of stones we pair up with will lift out of our stone group and allow the stones underneath to open.

In order to be able to match a stone, at least one or two sides according to its position must not be adjacent to any stone, ie it must be empty. Again, according to the place where the stone is found, we can not grasp the stones which are surrounded with three or four stones.

If there is a row of stones on the edge of a stone and there is only one side facing the edge, we can match this stone. Again we can not grasp the stone which is another stone.

Your whole game is matching the stones and reducing the number of stones left. When we finally have 2 of our last 1 pair, we have completed our game by matching our last pieces.

From time to time, it is not the points that your game is locked in. We can not find a pair that we can match between the stones that are allowed to match. In this case, we have the option of mixing our dominoes.

With this option, when we mix our stones, we have new pairs of stones that we can absolutely match and we can continue to complete our game.

We have earned points on each stone we match. In some Mahjong types these scores can be rewarded as additional time. And with each pause or stone mixing we can lose points.

It is also important that we complete to Play Mahjong in a short time. The sooner we complete it, the more time we have not used it, the more time we can add. And how much pair of stones matched up quickly and again in a row again, they are talking about the situation of coming over additional time or additional points.

How to Play Mahjong
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