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How to Play Draughts

How to Play Draughts. What is Draughts? Information about what Draughts rules are.Game groom; It is a game played between two people. A quadrangle divided into sixty-four chessboards is played on the board, with bones, or with rounds made of wood.On the checkerboard half of the sixty-four cats are half white, half a different color, mostly black. The players start the game with sixteen round Draughts.

The colors of these checker stones are of two types, black and white, to match the colors of the frames. The players place the sixteen colored Draughts of their choice on the black colored flags in the second and third lines that come to them. In this case, the middle two rows of the checkerboard remain empty. The job to do in the game is to move the Draughts according to the rules of the game and capture the other player’s pieces.

How to Play Draughts

Play Draughts

One of the players moves the Draughts so that they can place a black square on the back. The same player will do the same thing. So, the stones get closer together.

If the black square behind one of the opponent’s stones is empty, the player moves the opponent over the opponent’s stone and puts it in the vacant flag so that the opponent’s stone is captured. Sometimes it is possible to capture a few stones by making multiple jumps in one place.

The player approaches the playing field of the opposite side by walking forward. On the other hand, they are easier to progress since they leave the game area. If a player succeeds in moving the stone to the last row in the area of ​​the other, the stone becomes “Draughts”.

This stone is a “checker”, indicated by another stone placed on it. This stone, “Draughts”, is entitled to move forward and backward. However, none of the stones can be passed to other colored stones in the shade of the color in which they were placed when starting the game.

The opponent wins the game when one side is completely captured, or when the remaining stones of one side are unable to move without capturing the other side.

Draughtsis a game that has been played since ancient times. First, in a different, more crude way than it is today, BC It was understood to have been played between the Egyptians in 1600. The Draughtswere first played in Europe in 1500 as it is today.

On the checkerboard, the colors of the 64 square are divided into half, half black and white. Each color represents the playground of a player. The game continues with the players moving towards the side of the opponent by the player.

The opponent takes priority over the player to take the opponent’s piece by jumping over the stone. If the game ends and the player advances his / her own move to the last row on his / her opponent’s side, the Draughts will form and the winner will be. Although it looks like a complex game, it is a very enjoyable game for those who know and play the game.

For the Draughts to be set up between two people, players must first take the stones that the players gave or pressed. If the stones to be removed are of equal size, the player has the right to take stones from the desired side.

The stone taken to move during the game has no return. In this sense, there is no question of giving up or changing the move. The stone player must be warned when necessary.

When the player who is about to become a checker reaches the 7th column, he must warn his opponent. The same warning should also be made when it reaches the 8th column and is a checkerboard. Draughts, which is a very important game in terms of strengthening communication among people, is a very useful game especially for children’s brain development.

How to Play Cross Draughts Rules and Gameplay

Cross Draughts are usually played on a 10×10 Draughts board. The position of the checkerboard is in the same chess game as the white square in the lower right corner. Twenty black stones and 20 white stones are used in crosshairs.

In the beginning, the stones are arranged in the first four rows coming next to the dark colored flags. The goal is to destroy all the stones of the opponent. The player who dismisses all of his opponent’s stones wins the game. If two opponents are unable to play their opponent’s stones, the game ends in a draw. In the cross Draughts game, the black time starts to white game.

Movement of Stones and Draughts

There are two kinds of stones in the cross Draughts game. In the beginning, all the stones are the stones called the stony stone. Other types of stones are Draughts . The checkerboard stone can also be called a king stone, a queen stone.

Movements of Yoz Stones and Taking Stone:

Yoz stones can only advance one square and move in a diagonal pattern. They can not make backward movements except stone taking. They can not move to the closed side if they are closed with their own stones in the cross position where they can make moves. To take a stone must be on the opposite side of the opponent’s stone. Yoz stones can take stones by jumping over the opponent’s stone.

For this move, the karein to come will have to be empty after taking the stone. Taking stone is a necessary move. If the player arrives at the turn of the turn, he must make a stone take-off if any stone-picking moves are available. If there are more than one gem pick-ups available, the player who chooses to play is the one who chooses any.

Being Draughts and Draughts Movement:

If a gemstone ranch succeeds in reaching one of his first squares in the yard (also called the King’s Road) he will be a checker. To be a checker, it is not enough to pass through the king’s path. The rule of being a checker is to finish the king’s way. When there is a gem stone checker, the hammer is completed.

Yoz stones are Draughts, so put a stone on them so that Draughts are visible. A gemstone gemstone gemstone gains the ability to move forward or backward as far as it will go.

The History of Draughts

There are a number of games that old people have developed for fun.Draughts, one of these games, is a game that many people claim is a miracle. The game features the ability to think and put practical intelligence to the fore.

Although it is similar to a game with some rules and some rules, it is a fairly easy game which has its own rules and is easy to understand. Players in turn have the right to move and aim to dominate the field of the opponent with the stones in their hand.

What is Draughts

The Draughts, played by two mutual players, with practical intelligence and skill, are a game that has survived since ancient times. Just like in the chess game, a floor made of bone or wood is divided into 64 chess pieces. Draughts are mostly 8×8, and there are also 10×10 and 12×12 varieties. The round stones, which are made up of two different colors, are driven towards the opposite side in the order of the players.

Daman has its own terms and it is more pleasant to play these terms intentionally. Those who play amateur Draughts are very dominant in the terms of Draughts, but those who practice this game as a professional sport know many terms of Draughts.

The most used term in Draughts game is hamlet. The player’s move is called a move if the player is carrying a forward chariot. In the case of Kayama, the players have equal number of game finishes and draws.

Although play Draughts an interesting game, the main reason why you do not see much value today is that certain rules are not in writing.

How to Play Draughts
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