How to Make Caramel ( Step by Step with All Reciepes )

How to Make Caramel. Make Caramel is a name given to baked sugar which is brownized by heat effect. This name is familiar to our ears because we hear a lot of things we start with. The base materials of the How to Make Caramel may be added or left in the shape of the intended use after the sugar and water color has been changed and shaped.The best examples of these are onions and apples .Here we are talking about the color of sugar with the color of brown.

If there are no inserts like glucose or honey in it, it will harden again and it will become irreversible.

How to Make Caramel ?

Make Caramel

To make caramel, pour water into a heavy saucepan. Adjust sugar and water to medium-high temperature. You can stir the sugar to melt the sugar, but stop stirring when the mixture begins to boil: agitation can lead to crystallization, which results in grainy caramel.

This description is ideal for How to Make Caramel is sweet treats with just sugar and water. This type of caramel will harden immediately and will protect the shape of the candy basket or hazelnuts to add into the material can be made with peanuts. In addition, to Make Caramel in Cream Caramel is also prepared in this way.

Our present position is How to Make Caramel sauce; this sauce is made by adding cream or butter to the sugar and water after it has been caramelized. You can easily use this sauce in your ice cream, dessert and cakes.

To Make Caramel sauce is also very concentrated, so the consistency of the cooked must be very fluid. It can be stored in refrigerated containers for 1-1.5 weeks. If desired, it can be made fluid again by heating in the microwave or in microwave, if desired.

There are some tricky points to watch out for Make Caramel.

  • Follow the measurements as in each description.
  • Prefer small stainless steel or saucepans for good heat dissipation. I usually use thick-bottomed milk.
  • Use medium fires to keep candy caramelized.
  • If possible, use a digital sugar grade.

The sugar and water mixture is not caramelized until it reaches a very high degree. For this reason, you should be very careful when Make Caramel. Make sure the bottom of the oven is under the oven and that the cooker is well seated, especially when adding cream. You can see the stages of caramelization in the following photographs.

You are not in the kitchen every day but you want to call this caramel sauce. You will not get sugar levels just for an experiment. In that case, your eyes must always be tanned.

Be careful of the candy after the first step. Once the sugar mug is over, the foam will continue to foam again, but the water will not evaporate as it begins to evaporate. It’s around 120-130 degrees in this phase.

When the third photo starts to pick up the color, it is about 165-170 degrees. I made it to 180-185 degrees to add cream and make it darker.

Now, to come to the description of How to Make Caramel production, this measure will give you caramel sauce for 1-2 taras.

Since I do not want to put you into your ml calculation after your gr calculation, I also measure the liquids on a digital scale. So you can easily prepare your caramel with the help of a scale.

225 gr water
315 gr powder sugar
200 gr cream (box milk cream)


Get a small pot of water and sugar with a thick base. Open the junior medium heat and stir until sugar is melted.
Boil in medium heat with occasional stirring until water evaporates and becomes sugar brown.
Add the creme 1-2 times, carefully stirring the underside of the darkening sugar.
When the bubbling stops, take the stove to the medium fire and stir the whipped cream until it is completely mixed.
Transfer caramel sauce to a heat-resistant container, use warm or cold.

How to Make Caramel Apples

The markets are also easy to find and we make apple candy from the ingredients. We can go to the material list.


  • Apple
  • Wooden rod
  • Caramel
  • Chocolate chips, candies, walnuts

Preparation :

First, take a small bowl and add sugar and water into it. It will start to caramelize in 10-15 minutes (do not be afraid if the lump becomes lumpy, the mixture will slowly become liquid).

After the caramelize, take it from January and add 1 packet of milk cream and mix until dark. If you put in another mix of boiler, it will be easier to cool down.

Finally, you dip the apples into it and put it on greased paper and wait for it to cool down (refrigerator). You can dress up as you wish.

Let’s prefer organic apples as apples. If we do not find it, the apple we bought from the market is covered with honey wax. It prevents caramelin from sticking to the apple. Let the apples soak in hot water for a few seconds and wash them. Let’s prepare it according to the instructions on the caramel. While preparing the caramel, let’s immerse the elma wood sticks.

Now let’s immerse the apples in caramels. Let’s just dip the candies and chocolate all the way. Place the apples we have prepared on greaseproof and remove them to freeze in the fridge. You can also browse melted white chocolate and black chocolate.

They look delicious. It’s a great idea to make a gift. I will try as soon as possible.

How to Make Caramel Sauce

Caramel sauce recipe is especially used by the French, but in a way they use salted butter for this recipe. I do not prefer salted butter because my palate does not fit very well. This caramel recipe is unbelievably delicious, especially for pastries and ice creams. If you like caramels, let’s take you here.

Ingredients for Caramel Sauce

  • 1 cup of powdered sugar
  • 50 gr butter
  • 1 water glass fresh cream

Preparation :

Put the sugar in the pot and put the sugar in the pot and start to melt. Continue to melt and mix until the sweetness of the candy fills the lid. Remove the oven from the oven and mix it well and mix it well.

Add the cream to completely melted and stir. Mix for a few more minutes and boil. Boil in a bowl and leave to cool in a cup of buttered caramel sauce ready for use on pastry and ice cream as a sauce

Note: If you want the caramel sauce to flow more consistently, you can reduce the amount of cream slightly.

How to Make Caramel Popcorn

Caramel popcorn recipe You’ll love the crunchy, salty caramelin blend into the bursting corn! All the ingredients are cooked together in just a few minutes, the caramel is cooked in corn and cooked until it crumbles in the oven. The house is salty. You can serve it by distributing it to your Popcorn casings.


half a cup of popcorn
a little too much powder sugar from half a glass of water
2 tablespoons butter (not much to overtake, see the video)
large, large, high-edge pan or flat pan


1- Corn grains take to the pan and roast for 2 minutes to get the moisture.

2- Bring the heat to the central fire, close the lid and wait for it to begin to explode.

3- After the explosions are accelerated, shake a pan slightly in about 20-30 seconds.

4. When the explosion sounds good, turn off the gold and empty it in a big box.

5- Take the same pan with low heat and add powder sugar.

6- Toggle the pan from the left to the left to make sure the candy is on.

7- Almost most of them are mixed with a wooden spoon after melting and help to liquefy.

8- In the meantime you will notice that the color is dark. We need to catch the proper darkness before it burns. I added the butter when the amber color was clear for what I did not want very intensely.

9- After mixing the butter and stirring for a maximum of 1 minute, transfer the corn into the corn and mix with the two spoons until the caramel is thoroughly blended.

10- You can divide the adherent parts of caramel corn that harden in the cold.

11- You are ready for caramel popcorn after chilling. I advise you to defeat the same day, but if you are going to hide or grow it, you can bake it to spread the oven and get some moisture, and keep the mouth shut. When the mouth is open, they can absorb moisture from the air and soften it.

How to Make Caramel At Home

Ingredients For Home Made Caramel Sauce:

1.5 teaspoons of powdered sugar.
1 cup of water.
1 sweet sponge topping starch.
1 sweet spoon butter.

Preparation :

First, medium sized large and lightly put 1.5 teaspoons powdered sugar into a deep pot. On a low fever in the middle of the oven, wait until the sugar is completely coffee color and liquid. So the candy is all over.

Then pour half a glass of water over the completely liquefied sugar. During this time, the sugar becomes hard and there are small explosions. But do not panic, sugar will completely melt again. Stir occasionally. Sugar pellets will not stay in caramel for about 8 minutes.

On the other side of the remaining half cup of water, put 1 sweet spoon clustering starch and mix well. Add the starch mix and 1 teaspoon butter into the smooth caramelin. Cook for 6-7 minutes, stirring. At the end of this period, take home made caramel sauce from the heat.

The homemade caramel sauce is cold and its consistency will be a little darker. So do not expect it to get completely dark on the cooker. You can use the caramel sauce you prepared on your desserts as you like.

You can keep the homemade caramel sauce in the fridge for 1 week. Then you can melt the banishmarie and use it on your desserts.

How to Make Caramel ( Step by Step with All Reciepes )
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