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How to Lay Astroturf ( Step by Step )

How to Lay Astroturf. Astroturf is an artificial grass, which is raw material oil instead of natural grass. In order to overcome the disadvantages of natural grass, Astroturf has been produced and started to be used in sports facilities. Astroturf which is raw material oil is filled with rubber granule technical content and comes into contact with the threads of 100% polyethylene material.

Apart from the sporty areas, nowadays the park is decorative. garden, terrace, cafe and many alnda have entered our lives.

How to Lay Astroturf

Lay Astroturf

1- Laying of felt and carpet field grass on the surface of the ground

First, a felt is opened on the field surface in the direction of the customer’s preference. The Astroturf rollers specially produced according to the field measurements on the felt are opened and the whole of the rollers is laid on the field to cover the field surface.

2-  Cutting and bonding of joints of rolls

The edges of the Astroturf Rolls laid on the surface of the carpet field are properly cut and made ready for the joining. Later on with the adhesive applied on the Seam Band, the two rolls are glued together with no gap between them. In this way, all rolls of the field are glued together into one piece.

3- Placement of the carpet field game lines:

Following the joining of joints, all lines determined in accordance with the site project are placed in artificial grass carvings.

4- Construction of Carpet Field Filler:

Following the joining of joints and the assembly of the lines, the carpet area is now ready to fill. In accordance with the technical specifications of the preferred Astroturf, a homogeneous sand fill and then an SBR fill are made on the surface of the field. It is important to note here that the stuffing is made homogeneously throughout the field. As HATKO, we always offer full automatic filler machine option to our customers during fill of our works.

5-  Brushing the surface of the carpet surface 

The filling surface is regularly and regularly brushed and ready for use, and the customer is delivered.

Important Notes for How to Lay Astroturf

First of all, it is very important that you prepare the area where you will hit the grass carpet. Experts suggest digging the soil lightly to remove stones, plant roots and weeds. If the soil is too clayey, you can sand over it to loosen it a bit. If it is very sandy, the soil of the bark or the soil there will strengthen it a little. Then you must squeeze the land with a tool such as a barrel. The soil should be left to rest for about two weeks. Be careful that the soil is damp, so the soil will continue to settle.

Now it’s time to lay the grass carpet. Before starting this process, we recommend that you apply some fertilizer to the compacted soil. Then water and loosen the first layer of the soil slightly, use a rake to mix it with the earth.

Now you can start exploring. Spread the first row in parallel to a straight edge. Later orders should be placed, such as roof tiles, slightly above the other. You should always place the lines straight and not leave too much space between them. If there is any excess, cut it with a sharp knife.
Attention! If the grass carpet is not cool on the day it is delivered, it will dry. If you absolutely need to hide it, keep it in a cool, shady place.

Now your lawns are ready to spring. For your grass to stay green, your roots must land. Passing over the new green field with the ruler allows the soil and roots to cross each other. It is also important to irrigate the grass carpet you have just placed. So the roots may not feed. Every recommended square meter is to be irrigated with 10 to 20 liters of water. About two weeks later, fresh grass becomes fully integrated with the soil. Now, you only need to water your new grass in hot and dry weather.

The first grass mowing should be done when the grass is about six centimeters. When mowing your lawns, you must cut the top three-wheeled part of the lawn to make them grow stronger.

How to care Astroturf

• You should keep your pets such as dogs and cats away from the ground.

• Cleaning is very easy. There’s nothing you do everyday when you clean up the mess between them.

• No chemicals should be used to damage the fiber structure of the floor.

• Never use a fire on the lawn system and avoid snow in extreme snow
be very careful when cleaning.

• Artificial turf should not be overloaded with heavy loads to prevent deformation.

• It is more convenient for specialists to intervene in any repairs.

Features of the Astroturf

  • Reduced slipperiness
  • Increasing the design and implementation of movement possibilities
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Reduced sand usage
  • Ground suitability and ball jumping norm
  • Reducing the risk of injury
  • Sunlight resistance
  • Aesthetic Image

There are two factors that make the largest deformation of natural grass. Weather conditions and overuse!

In extreme heat or extreme cold, Astroturf shows very high durability. If overuse is used, the natural grass will wear out very quickly. Natural grass You can not use more than 2-3 hours a day. When used frequently, it is definitely a problem. But Astroturf has no such problems.

According to the natural rumen this advantage is 100 percent. In rainy weather, scenes with natural caves are not used unless it is very necessary. Professional clubs that come to the hotel for camping may occasionally find no way to use natural grass due to weather conditions. If the other side is a synthetic turf, you can easily play in rainy weather and snowy weather. No accumulation of water. Because of this, a drainage infrastructure is realized.

Once you have adhered to the drainage infrastructure, you will not make a dump. There is a more advantageous water-drawing feature than the natural water-holding feature. While the natural grass has the reputation of being habituated to different colors in the same area over time, it protects the color for a long time with the U.V contribution in the Astroturf yarn.

How to Lay Astroturf ( Step by Step )
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