How To Grow Eyelashes With Vaseline

Grow Eyelashes with Vaseline. Who would not like to have long, leafy eyelashes ? The eyelashes are an essential area of ​​our face since, in addition to influencing our beauty by providing a more attractive look, they also serve to protect the eyes from the entry of dust, makeup, pollen and other external agents that can cause irritation in them . Therefore, it is recommended that we use some treatments to keep them healthy and taken care of.

One of the most popular home remedies for eyelash care is petroleum jelly, a natural product derived from petroleum that due to its moisturizing properties is used for different cosmetic uses. we explain what are the benefits of Vaseline for eyelashes and their application in them. Keep reading!

Grow Eyelashes with Vaseline
Vaseline is a natural substance derived from petroleum that is used in different cosmetic products because it is a product with a thick, odorless texture and without any flavor. These characteristics give petroleum jelly very useful properties for eyelash care, among which are:

* Great moisturizer : thanks to its texture, Vaseline is a powerful moisturizer, so it has properties that deeply hydrate the hair fiber of the eyelashes. Thanks to this, we will have them thicker and softer.

* Nutritive properties : if you have too few eyelashes or these are too short, this natural extract will also be a very useful remedy for this aesthetic problem, since it has nutritional properties that strengthens them and favors their growth.

* Repairing effect : the moisturizing properties of this oily substance also provides a repairing effect, so it prevents the eyelashes from breaking easily or suffer other problems that cause their breakage, such as dryness.

* Glue effect : Another benefit of petroleum jelly is that due to its texture it can also serve as a kind of natural glue. This effect is very useful in the case that you use false eyelashes , since we can fix them on the eye line without the irritations caused by the glue that the containers of this artificial hair carry.

* Clean the eyelashes : finally, thanks to its oily texture that can melt to form a kind of oil, petroleum jelly can also be used to remove mascara and other dirt from the eyelashes.

How to apply Vaseline on the eyelashes step by step
Thanks to the previous section, we already know the different benefits that Vaseline can offer in your eyelashes. Therefore, below we explain how to apply them step by step :

1- To apply the petroleum jelly on the eyelashes we need in addition to this product, either a cotton swabs or a silicone brush that comes in any mascara. If you decide on the brush, be sure to clean them very well to remove the remains of mascara it may contain.

2- Another important step to use this oily substance is to have a completely clean face of dirt and makeup, especially that of the eyes.

3- Therefore, first of all, remove your makeup and clean your face as you usually do.

4- Now that you have a clean face, smear the mascara brush (or sticks) with petroleum jelly. Then, spread it well with your fingers throughout the brush until the amount of petroleum jelly is evenly distributed.

5- When you have the brush full of petroleum jelly, apply it on the eyelashes starting from the base to the tips. So that they are well impregnated, make a zig-zag movement as if you were putting on mascara.

6- Leave the product in your eyes overnight. Finally, the next morning, remove the substance with plenty of warm water.

Other applications of Vaseline in eyelashes
The previous step by step is very useful in case you want to use Vaseline as a natural treatment to strengthen, repair and / or moisturize this area of ​​the eyes. However, you can also use this product in two other possible ways:

* Eye makeup remover : to remove mascara and other eye makeup products with petroleum jelly, you will first have to warm the product a little so that it is in the form of oil. Then, smear a cotton swab with this liquid substance, and run it through the eyelashes gently until the makeup is removed.

* Natural glue of false eyelashes : in this case it is also necessary that before using petroleum jelly, heat it until it is oily. Now dip a cotton swab in the product until it is very wet and pass it through the entire upper line of the eyes. Now you will have to put the false eyelashes on the petroleum jelly and wait for it to dry for a couple of minutes to make it stick.

Other home remedies for eyelash care
In addition to petroleum jelly, there are also other natural remedies that turn out to be very beneficial for eyelashes:

* Olive oil : thanks to its richness in healthy fatty acids, this product has moisturizing properties that strengthens the hair fibers of this hair and deeply moisturizes it until they are soft, dense and strong.

* Castor oil : it is an ideal remedy for the growth of eyelashes, because thanks to its reparative properties it prevents their breakage and helps them grow healthier and stronger.

* Green tea : its richness in antioxidants makes this infusion an excellent natural treatment for this area of ​​the eyes. Thanks to this, it has excellent regenerative properties that help strengthen the hair fibers, thus preventing some problems such as dryness and breakage of the eyelashes.