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How to Get Rid of Sinus Infection

How to Get Rid of Sinus Infection. Sinus infection, especially during winter months, occurs by giving symptoms such as cold or headache after a cold or nausea, nasal obstruction, nose and nasal yellow-green discharge, weakness and poor adaptation. How does a sinus infection occur? Sinuses are bone cavities filled with air inside the nose, which are placed in the head bones and mouths. Inflammation of the mucous membrane covering sinus cavities with viral, bacterial and fungal factors is called sinus infection.

Sinus infection named as acute sinus infection for 2 weeks, subacute sinus infection for 2 to 12 weeks, and chronic sinus infection for more than 12 weeks. The most important factors affecting the formation of sinus infection are; the nasal and sinus anatomy (the curvature of the nasal bone or cartilage, the size of the nasal mucosa or the closed sinus ducts, the nasal and sinus tumors), the size of the nasal mucosa, especially in children, the allergic rhinitis and the polluted air.

How to Get Rid of Sinus Infection

Sinus Infection

Sinus infection, which constantly causes headaches, makes difficult to concentrate, reduces your sense of smell, and can even cause coughing and mouth odors, reduces your quality of life. But of course it is possible to get rid of this infection with both natural and medical methods.

1- Keeping your immune system strong for Sinus Infection

Keeping your immune system strong is important in sinus infections as in most infections. Upper respiratory tract infections spread through air and droplets, so it is important for people to be careful in shopping malls, public transport, elevators and indoor environments where people are busy, ventilating their living spaces. In case of doubt, you should take precautions immediately and strengthen your immune system.

2- Make Steam bathing for Sinus Infection

Steam bathing is one of the most effective and easy ways to get rid of sinus infection at home with traditional methods. The steam helps relieve the sinuses by dissolving mucus. Breathe the boiling water vapor that you cast into a deep bowl.

If you want to get more effect, you can get a towel on your head, or you can drop menthol oil like mint / eucalyptus into the water. Menthol is also good for your sinuses. Cider vinegaris a miraculous product used in all kinds of health problems. By adding a cooking spoon of apple curd into the tea or hot water, you can provide the thinness of the mucus layer.

3- Turmeric, ginger, honey, green tea, lemon juice for Sinus Infection

It has been observed that many foods such as turmeric, ginger, honey, green tea, lemon juice are healing effects on sinus infections. Consuming all these products and herbal teas with similar effects will also soften the mucus layer.

4- Massage for Sinus Infection

Lightly massage your cheeks with olive oil is another natural solution. Thanks to the softening effect of olive oil, you can easily get rid of your infection.

5- Drink plenty of water for Sinus Infection

Drinking plenty of water and preventing the body from becoming dehydrated helps to calm some symptoms of sinus infection. It allows the mucus layer to accumulate and flow through the sinus cavities. Drink sugar-free fruit juices and herbal teas for this purpose.

Take care not to consume too much caffeinated beverages and stay as far away from alcohol as possible. To smoke; it can cause water loss in sinuses filled with inflamed and thick mucus layer. Do not forget that people with smokers may have worse symptoms of sinusitis.

In addition, drinking plenty of water will help ease your body’s toxins. But you should be careful that the water is not cold.

6- Nasal Sprey and drugs for Sinus Infection

If you cannot trust these methods or if you do not believe that you will benefit, you can find a solution to the acute sinus infection with antibiotics given by your doctor or with nasal openers. Acute sinusitis is generally known to be easily remedied by medication.

The most important drug here is antibiotics and the duration of use can range from 10 to 21 days depending on the severity of the disease. The most fundamental criterion for determining the duration is the use of antibiotics for at least 7 days after the yellow green nasal discharge has passed.

Long-term use of medication can be difficult, but if not used, sinusitis can recur and become chronic. Treatments include nasal spray and cold tablets, allergy pills and sprays, nasal and sinus wash fluids and sprays

7- Surgical Methods for Sinus Infection

Patients with advanced sinus infection, chronic, natural methods, or who are unable to receive pills may resort to surgical procedures. In recent years, sinusitis surgeries have developed more and more because of the development of technology.

The operation can be done with both local and general anesthesia. The primary goal in surgery is to clear the sinuses by opening the sinuses. The surgery usually lasts for 45 minutes, but in some cases it can last up to an hour and a half.

Postoperatively, a buffer is inserted into the nose according to the physician’s preference. The patient is hospitalized on the day of surgery and discharged afterwards. Any side effects or adverse consequences of the surgery have not been observed until now, but the infection may recur if not followed up postoperatively.

How to get rid of a sinus infection without antibiotics

The main reasons behind chronic sinusitis are; toxins, smoking, environmental pollution, colds and allergies. The common presentation of the disease is swelling, tenderness and pain. Some patients may have difficulty smelling. Oral odor, tiredness, cough, fever and headache are other symptoms of the disease.

Sinus infection can be treated with the simple home practices listed below. You can try the following 18 methods to alleviate all of these symptoms that are caused by sinusitis.

1- Prevent Water Loss for Sinus Infection

Drinking plenty of water and preventing the body from becoming dehydrated helps calm some of the symptoms of sinus disease. It allows the mucus layer to accumulate and flow through the sinus cavities.

  • For sugar-free fruit juices and herbal teas.
  • Take care not to consume too much caffeinated beverages and stay as far away from alcohol as possible.
  • To smoke; it can cause water loss in sinuses filled with inflamed and thick mucus layer. In people who smoke, sinusitis can cause worse symptoms.

2- Make Steam Bath for Sinus Infection

Steam bathing is one of the most effective home remedies for sinusitis. Helps to relieve mucus layer and relieve sinuses.

  • Pour boiling water into a deep bowl and sprinkle a few drops of menthol oil such as mint or eucalyptus into it.
  • Tilt your face over the water and make a steam bath by covering a towel over your head.

3- Black Grape Extract for Sinus Infection

Black grapes; It is one of the fruits that is good for pain and inflammation. Black grape seed extract inhibits microbial toxins and helps to clear the mucus layer. At the same time heart disease, weight loss and sinusity is a fruit that is good. The nutritional values are quite rich. The body helps burn calories. It controls your appetite effectively.

  • Crush the grape seeds and extract the extract.
  • You can alleviate the symptoms of sinusitis by eating the nature antibiotic black grape seed extract.

4- Apple Vinegar for Sinus Infection

Apple circulation is a natural antibiotic with many benefits in health. It is also used as a very effective treatment for sinuses. Good for digestive system problems. It is very effective in skin and hair care. It facilitates the flow of mucus through the sinuses.

  • By adding a cooking spoon of apple curd into the tea or hot water, you can provide the thinness of the mucus layer.

5- Turmeric for Sinus Infection

Turmeric root is generally used in Middle Eastern and Indian food. Turmeric root is a spice that gives pleasure to food with its pleasant smell. This spice is also rich in antioxidants and has antibiotic properties.

It is a healing plant. It is also known for its antiinflammatory and antifungal properties as well as its antiseptic and analgesic properties. So; mushrooms, bacteria and flame are good. It is also used in the treatment of nail fungus.

  • After the turmeric grind, you can have your tea.
  • You can also use hot milk to add ginger powder.

6- Ginger Root for Sinus Infection

Ginger is known as a plant that is good for digestive system and lung diseases. At the same time sinusitis is also good.

  • By drinking ginger tea you can relieve sinus symptoms. This tea also helps relieve the sinus pressure.
  • Turmeric tea provides relief of the mucus layer and the sinus cavities.

7- Nutrition for Sinus Infection

To avoid sinus irritation, you can include foods that are good for sinus infection at your meals. Dairy products, sugar and gluten-fed foods can cause sinus irritation.

  • If you have allergies to dairy products, you can use these medications to treat symptoms of sinusitis.
  • By reducing sugary and gluten-free foods, you can relieve your sinus problems.

8- Neti Pot for Sinus Infection

Neti pot use is a recommended method in the treatment of sinusitis in recent years. The Neti pot device cleans the mucus layer from the nasal cavities and helps relieve the sinuses.

  • Put some hot water and a tea spoon into the neti pot in the ocean salt.
  • Bend down the sink and drain the water by placing this device in one of your nostrils. Water will drain from your other nostril. Apply nose wash to the other nostril.

9- Drink plenty of water for Sinus Infection

Take care to drink plenty of water to help eliminate the toxins in your body. Take care to drink 8 glasses of water recommended daily.

  • You can drink warm water.
  • Taking a shower with warm water is also good for sinuses.

10- Herbal Teas for Sinus Infection

Some herbal herbs work well in the treatment of food poisoning. Herbal teas also help solve problems related to sinuses. Nose, head and forehead around the sinus caused by the pressure and pain relieves the pain. Herbal teas with anti-inflammatory properties are especially recommended for natural sinusitis treatment. Parsley and mint tea can be given as examples of anti-inflammatory teas.

11- Vicks Vaporub for Sinus Infection

Vicks Vaporub helps to relieve nasal congestion in colds, while also providing easy breathing in the nose and chest obstruction. It is very effective in sinus therapy. Sinus relief, especially due to fungal infections, is good for your symptoms. Provides relief in upper respiratory tracts of patients.

  • Wash your face with warm water. Once your face is dry, get some from Vicks Vaporub.
  • Crawl on the nose, forehead and cheek bone. Put a cotton cloth on it.
  • By repeating each day, you can relax in the sines after a while.

12- Honey for Sinus Infection

Honey is a food with antibacterial and antifungal properties. It is used in many treatments on digestion and lung functions. It is also recommended for the treatment of sinus and lung diseases.

  • To get rid of sinusitis infections, you can add some honey to your herbal teas.
  • Taking a spoonful of honey three times a day can also be good for sinusitis symptoms. It helps relieve excess mucus that accumulates in the nose and provides relief.

13- Green tea for Sinus Infection

Green tea is good for many diseases and positive effect on sinusitis. You can relax the sinuses by drinking green tea up to 3 times a day or by making steam bath with green tea.

14- Meat Juice for Sinus Infection

Drinking meat juice helps keep you warm and is extremely medicinal. It is known that patients are accelerating the healing process. It also helps the body gain resistance.

15- Onion Juice for Sinus Infection

Onion water is good on the skin and helps to breathe more comfortably. It is very effective in the treatment of bacterial infections. It is also good for sinusitis due to its antifungal properties and its acidic structure. By mixing onion and garlic juice, you can make a stronger effect on the sinuses.

16- Lemon for Sinus Infection

Lemon is a source of vitamin C and is widely used in sinus therapy. Lemon juice is known for its antibacterial and antiinflammatory properties. In short, it is good for infections and inflammations caused by bacteria. It will help you to breathe easier. It helps you to have a healthy and soft skin.

  • You can drink this mixture by adding honey and lemon juice in hot water.
  • You can add lemon to green tea and other herbal teas.

17- Olive oil for Sinus Infection

Olive has extraordinary qualities and various medical advantages. You can eat olive oil by using it in your salads or by adding it to your other foods. One of the good sources of sinusity is olive oil. This healthy fat is recommended in the treatment of many other health problems.

Massage the nose, forehead and cheekbones with a little olive oil. You can also drive these areas with lemon juice. Your sinuses will relax.

18- Steam bath for Sinus Infection

Steam bath is one of the most effective home treatment methods for sinusitis treatment. In this way, toxins can be thrown out of the body and relaxation is provided in the sinuses.

Attention for Sinus Infection treatment:

  • Do not drink cold water.
  • Avoid cold food and drinks.
  • Prevent water loss in your body. Plenty of water.
  • Do not use alcohol.
  • Avoid using too much caffeine.

How to avoid Sinus Infection

– If you are allergic, try to keep it under control.

– Avoid cigarette smoke and other contaminants that can irritate your nose.

– Eat well and exercise regularly.

– One of the important reasons for the formation of sinusitis is the teeth. Inflammation or bruising on the tooth roots can lead to sinusitis. For this reason, take care of your dental care, go to the dental office regularly, and if you have severe pain in your teeth or if you have unilateral nasal discharge, look immediately.

– Try to consume plenty of fluids for dilution.

– Stay away from dry places. Using a humidifier at home or at work can prevent drying out of your nose. Make sure these devices are clean, free of bacteria or mold.

– Keep your boot clean and wash regularly.

– Put extra pillow under your head and sleep as your head is raised.

– Be gentle with your nose, do not force it while cleaning your nose.

– Irritants and substances that trigger allergies such as dust, cigarette smoke, mold may also cause sinusitis. Using an air filter can protect the nose against such substances.

How to Get Rid of Sinus Infection
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