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How to Get Rid of Pimples ( with 10 Fast Ways )

How to Get Rid of Pimples.Learn about how to get rid of Pimples, as well as how to deal with the various types of Pimples in the face, how to get rid of them, how to get rid of acne pimples.In this article we wanted to descend in detail and figure out ways to get rid of Pimples.Most people are exposed to acne outbreaks in their skin due to their hormones or stres.

It does not mean that you are not looking at your skin just to have acne on your skin. We will tell you how to take control of the acne in your skin this summer.

How to Get Rid of Pimples

Get Rid of Pimples

There are many creams and medicines on the market to get rid of the pimples but it takes time for them to work. There are many natural methods that are effective in a short time to get rid of the pimples.

1- Using Ice to get rid of Pimples

Ice can be used quickly to reduce redness, swelling and pimple inflammation.

It helps speed up blood circulation in the affected area and helps to get rid of dirt and oil that accumulates in your skin while tightening the skin’s pores.

Depending on your wishes, you may wish to use ice cubes and broken ice pieces.

  1. Place the bouquet in a piece of cloth, wrap it and apply it to the area where the speckle is located for a few seconds.
  2. Wait a few minutes and repeat the process.

2- Using Lemon to get rid of Pimples

Another way to get rid of your pimple quickly is to use Lemon juice, which is rich in vitamin C. Lemon juice helps to dry the acne faster.

Make sure you use freshly squeezed lemon juice instead of ready-made lemon juice containing preservatives. There are several ways to implement this method.

  1. Soak a clean cotton swab in fresh lemon juice and apply on your nacre before going to bed at night.
  2. You can also mix a soup spoon of lemon juice with a teaspoon of cinnamon dust and apply it to the area to stay on acne overnight. In the morning, wash your skin thoroughly with warm water. However, this mixture is not suitable for people with sensitive skin.

3- Using Tea Tree Oil to get rid of Pimples

Tea leaf is an excellent way to get rid of pimples . It has an antibacterial feature that can help combat the bacteria that cause skin problems.

It also helps to reduce the redness and infection of the nails with soothing properties. At the same time, the black spots help to dry easily.

  • Soak a cotton swab in a tea leaf solution and gently rub over it. Wash your face after 15 – 20 minutes.
  • Another method is to add a few drops of tea leaf oil into a meal spoon aloe vera gel and mix. Apply on your acne and acne stains and wait 20 minutes then rinse thoroughly.

Note: If you have a sensitive skin, you should be careful of the tea tree oil.

4- Using Tooth paste to get rid of Pimples

The toothpaste you use every morning to clean your teeth can also be used for a quick acne treatment.

Ice is a very effective method when used immediately after cure. You have to use white toothpaste, you should avoid using gel toothpicks.

  1. Before going to bed, apply white toothpaste to the affected area.
    In the morning, wash your face with water and you will see a significant reduction in swelling.
  2. If you wish You can repeat this method during the day. You just have to make sure that the toothpaste will stay on the nails for at least half an hour.

5- Using Steam to get rid of Pimples

Steam is always great for your skin and your acne. Steam will open your pores and help your skin to breathe.

This will help you get rid of oils, dirt, and bacteria that are trapped in your pores and cause infection.

  1. Fill a large container with hot water and send it for a few minutes so that the steam touches the face directly.
  2. Rinse your face with warm water and apply a non-fat moisturizer after drying your face.

6- Using Garlic to get rid of Pimples

Garlic is a good antiviral, fungus-fighting, antiseptic and antioxidant that helps treat acne quickly. Sulfur in garlic also provides faster healing of acne.

  1. Divide fresh garlic into two pieces.
  2. Spread garlic on the nits and wait five minutes before washing with warm water.
  3. Repeat the process several times a day.

Eating one raw garlic fennel a day also helps you clean your blood, but be careful not to eat too much raw garlic because it can disturb you.

7- Using Baking powder to get rid of Pimples

Embossing powder is another effective method that can help you get rid of pimples because it helps to get rid of excess oil, dirt and dead skin cells in your skin by exfoliating your skin.

  1. Make a paste with a thick consistency by mixing a teaspoon with a bit of water and lemon juice.
  2. Wash your skin thoroughly and leave it slightly moist. Apply the paste you have prepared to the relevant areas and let it dry for a few minutes. Absolutely do not leave the relief powder on your skin for more than a few minutes because it can cause buildup and irritation in your skin.
  3. Wash your face with warm water.
  4. Repeat the process twice a day to get fast results.

8- Using Honey to get rid of Pimples

Honey is a natural source of Antibiotics that can accelerate the healing process and at the same time help prevent infections.

  1. Soak a clean cotton swab and massage directly on the area concerned. Leave the bag on your skin for half an hour.
  2. Wash your skin thoroughly with warm water.
  3. Repeat the process several times a day.

Another method is to mix honey and cinnamon to make a paste and apply the paste on your nacre before going to bed.

In the morning, you will get less inflammation and swelling. Wash your skin thoroughly with cold water and clean.

9- Using Cucumber to get rid of Pimples

Cucumber A is a rich source of vitamins such as C and E and potassium. It also has a soothing and cooling effect on the skin.

  1. Slice one or two fresh salads and leave in the water for about an hour. Foods such as vitamin A, potassium and chlorophyll will pass to the water.
  2. Use the water to siphon and wash the water for your face.

You can also make a face mask by blending a salad. Apply mask to face and wait for 15 minutes to dry.

Wash your face with warm water. This will help you clear your pores from dirt and bacteria.

10- Using Papaya to get rid of Pimples

Melon tree fruit has a number of features that can help with acne treatment. There is a good antioxidant, Vitamin A, and enzymes that are half effective in reducing inflammation. It also makes your skin soft and smooth.

Apply the raw melon fruit over the crust and the acne to remove the water. Wait for 10-15 minutes before rinsing your face.

To make a cleansing face mask, puree the melon fruit juice and add some honey. Apply this paste to your face and massage slowly. Keep it in your face until it’s completely dry and then rinse your face and rinse.

How to Get Rid of Pimples Overnight

As a treatment for acne at home, first come to mind is to take down your face. Face wash habit is very important in acne treatment. At the same time you need to do it in a disciplined way. If you get up in the morning, wash your face before you go to bed in the evenings. Facial washing properties in acne treatment should be as follows;

  • Wash your face for at least 1 minute. If you do your face for a minute and regularly, you kill bacteria and micros.
  • If the ancestors are in areas such as the back or shoulders, you must definitely pay attention to the intersection. However, there is a benefit for us to make use of the advantages and disadvantages of cutting to make it right.
  • Especially if you are wearing make-up during the day, you should definitely clean your skin. Absolutely do not enter the bed with a makeup skin.

Drugs for Get Rid of Pimples

You can use medicines for acne treatment. You can use soaps, lotions, not just medicines. Products used in many acne treatments regenerate dead cells, provide a faster cell renewal, and clear out the acne from your skin thanks to the removal of clean cells.

Especially if you use products containing benzoyl peroxide. It is also important that the products containing benzoyl peroxide are not more than 3%. Otherwise your skin may be irritated.

Try Salicylic Products to Get Rid of Pimples

If you search the internet a bit, we recommend you try salicylic products. Salicylic products, like benzoyl peroxide, release dead skin, accelerating skin growth and feeding the skin for new cells to come out. You can use it to treat acne as much as possible by using products with salicylic acid as much as possible to clean spotty skin.

Use sulfur-containing cleaners to Get Rid of Pimples

You can use sulfur-containing cleaners to get rid of the pimples. Sulfur is a complete acne killer. I even came across doctors calling it acne-causing sulfur. Sulfur is one of the successful substances used in acne treatment.

Use retinoid-containing cleaners to Get Rid of Pimples

These materials, which are used in acne treatment and are retinoid acne cleaners, help to clear the pores and dirt that are clogged in your skin. At the same time, it cleanses the bacteria in your skin and helps the skin to return to its original state. It contains ultra and high grade vitamins A.

Make a Face Mask for the Civilian

Make face masks for the civilians. You can try skin masks that will help you clean your skin. For this reason I want to share a great mask with you. It’s very effective and it’s a mask you can easily do at home.

Aspirin Acne Mask for Get Rid of Pimples


  • 5 aspirin
  • 1 tea spoon honey
  • Half a lemon

Aspirin Mask Preparation

Throw the aspirin into the garlic beater and crush it until it becomes a powder. Then squeeze 1 teaspoon of honey and half of lemon on top. Then mix the mask into aspirin until well mixed. Prepare the mask that you have prepared with the pimples, massage and clean it with warm water after waiting for about half an hour.

If you apply an aspirin mask once a week, it will suffice and you will get rid of the pimples in your skin, you will destroy the possibility of acne again in that area.

Ways to deal with with Pimples

1- Twice a day (morning-evening) and immediately after sweating, gently wash your skin with your fingertips without rubbing, scrubbing your skin with a suitable cleanser.

2- Choose cleaners that are not irritating to your skin and are suitable for alcohol-free skin pH selection. Avoid cleaners with astringent, tonic and exfoliative effects.

3- Wash your hair regularly, if your hair is oily, you can wash it every day.

4- Stay away from the sun and the solarium. Contrary to what you might think, sun rays and solarium do not dry your noses, only camouflage, after 1-2 months there is an increase in exacerbations-exacerbations.

5- Acne medicines are not only used for to get rid of Pimples. They prevent new acne when they are used regularly. So you need to use the whole face area regularly and be patient with the result.

6- It is very important to regularly use the medication prescribed by your dermatology doctor as recommended. Acne medications may cause redness, peeling, irritation at the bottom, do not leave the pill in this case, ask your doctor for help to reduce these adverse effects.

How to Get Rid of Pimples ( with 10 Fast Ways )
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