How to Get Rid of Phlegm ( with Naturally )

How to Get Rid of Phlegm. Phlegm , is tried to be thrown away with cough. However, this situation is a difficult and troublesome business. For those seeking solution for such a problem, we have searched for natural treatment methods and would like to convey this information to you.The respiratory system needs to be constantly humid from the mouth to the lungs to the air sacs.

The respiratory system produces secretion to provide this nematode, this secretion is called phlegm. However, colds, infectious diseases, polluted air, cigarette smoke change the amount and color of this secretion.

How to Get Rid of Phlegm

In such a case, the mucus becomes uncomfortable, and it will ruin the quality of life of the person.

get rid of phlegm

1- Ginger and Honey

As much as the ginger is mixed homogenously with honey and can be consumed up to 2 tablespoons a day.

2- Grape Juice:

Grape juice as much as 2 tablespoons, 2 tablespoons honey is mixed homogeneously. This mixture can be consumed 3 times a day.

3- Thyme Tea:

Thyme is prepared and drunk in the form of tea. If it is difficult to consume on its own, it can be sweetened by adding honey and lemon.

The thyme tea will soften the throat and get rid of Phlegm  .

4- Mint Tea:

Drink and drink like tea. There is a throat softening and cough relieving effect. It also helps to clear the lungs.

5- Anise Stream:

It can be used in the form of tea, as well as breathing can help to soften the lungs. get rid of Phlegm , open your chest tightness.

6- Fennel Tea :

An effective solution for dry cough and cough related Phlegm .

7- Lemon Tea:

Lemon is squeezed into normal tea or herbal teas, and when it is hot, it softens the throat and chest, it get rid of phlegm.

8- Eucalyptus Tea:

Softens the throat, passes the cough, removes the mucus that accompanies the cough.

9- Liquorice Tea :

Bronchitis is an effective healing resource for diseases that are associated with asthma and upper respiratory tract.

10- Gargle:

Add some salt into the normal hot water and mix the salt as much as the mullite. Then gargle is made with this mixture.
These mixtures will soften the throat and chest, making Phlegm easy to throw away

How to get rid of phlegm in throat

In order to take Phlegm in throat, first of all, we need to take plenty of fluids. Besides, staying away from cigarettes and alcohol, avoiding cold drinks, dairy products, meat, over-sweetened, fried, processed foods also facilitates the treatment.

1) Boil the carob in five cups of water, boil for 5-6 minutes and water for 21 days. This treatment will get rid of Phlegm from the lungs.

2) The hibiscus is thrown into the boiling water and waited for 5 hours in the covered condition. The filtered mixture is drunk on an empty stomach for several days.

3) Divide 1 liter of warm water, 3 pieces of apple, whole shells, and remove the seeds. Put on half a tablespoon of ginger, half a spoonful of turmeric, half a spoonful of cinnamon, a few dry carnations, and let it boil. When it is about to fully boil, add the mixture, seizure sugar and boil for about ten minutes.

Use this mixture every day for 2.5 months without any disruption. Especially recommended for smokers.

4) Boil lemon with mint and then shed. On top, add 1 tea spoon, black pepper and. Rest in bed.

5) Throw a cup of cold water, two soup spoon marshmallow roots and mix. Then sway and to. Apply this treatment twice a day.

6) Mix soup spoon marshmallow root, a soup spoon flax seed and a soup spoon sage. Then add 100 grams of brown sugar and 2.5 cups of water. Mix the mixture as much as the sugar melter. Then, add sliced lemon and cook for 15 more minutes. Take the mixture from the hearth and sieve. From this mixture, consume 4 tablespoons a day.

7) Pass the peeled lemon over the blender. Add a piece of onion, a chopped garlic and a chopped black radish over the natural lemon juice. Then, lift this mixture into the refrigerator by placing the glass kavanoza. Use a soup spoon three times a day from this mixture.

8) Add boiling water, 2 tablespoons linden and wait 20 minutes. Then, to mix this mixture by sieving the mixture and adding lemon on honey.

9) Melt 250 grams of brown sugar in water. On top, add three teaspoon sage and three teaspoons of bay leaf. Hold this mixture for 3 minutes on January and get it. Then let the mixture drain and cool. When cooled, take a glass gobo and store in cool and dark place. This mixture is for 3 times a day.

10) Mix three spoons of flaxseed with 3 cups of water. Cook for 10 minutes. Then add a soup spoon from the dried thyme. Wait 20 minutes .. You can drink several times a day.

How to get rid of phlegm with Herbal Teas

Phlegm is secreted in the lungs, cryogenic sticking dust, and a secretion that helps expel microbes. This normally working secretion becomes inflamed and becomes more intense in cases like a randomized throat infection, chills, lung disorders.

These herbal teas will soften the throat, alleviate the coughing force on the lungs and stomach muscles, and provide the infection with the Phlegm.

1- Thyme Tea:

Sweetened thyme tea with honey will soften your throat for a long time.

In particular, thyme used in the treatment of colds and coughs is a good expectorant. Thyme tea, shortly after drinking, throat thyme-tea smoothens, comforts the midi, lightens the body, encourages body sweating. Hence, it helps to make the disease easier.

2- Mint Tea:

Drinking mint tea, softening the throat, coughing. Breathing the vapor of mint tea helps to open the lungs. In fact, massaging the throat and chest area with mint oil is good for flu ailments.
Mint tea makes Phlegm easy, cleans the lungs.

3- Eucalyptus Tea:

Eucalyptus tea softens the throat, alleviates coughing, and helps to get rid of Phlegm that accumulates, especially in the throat. In addition, a quarter of the saucepan boils 5-6 eucalyptus leaf blisters and allows you to open your lungs and respiratory tract.

4- Anise Stream:

Breathing the steam of anise tea softens the lungs, accelerating the expulsion of my phlegm from the coughing body.

5- Angelic Root Tea:

Angelic root, which is among the plants used to reduce cold, nasal congestion and fever, accelerates the Phlegm  production process by the effect of warming and stimulating the lungs.

6-Fennel Tea:

Fennel tea softens the throat, it is good for dry cough caused by bronchitis.

7- liquorice Tea : 

It is used in the treatment of asthma, bronchitis and other diseases related to the respiratory system at the same time, which has anti-inflammatory and expectorant properties.

How to Get Rid of Phlegm ( with Naturally )
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