How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids

How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids. The anus in the last part of the hemorrhoid digestive system is the discomfort of the ball-shaped veins on the skin and the last part of the gut. It is a clinical tablage due to the recurrence of the blood in the diseased veins, the accumulation, the clotting or inflammation in the advanced stages. The best way to treat haemorrhoids and prevent haemorrhoids is to stay intact, that is, to feed on fibrous food.

Hemorrhoids are swelling, bleeding, irritation, itching, pain, etc. around the anus. The hemorrhoid problem is so severe that there is no other choice from surgery. We recommend you to apply natural treatment methods of hemorrhoids before you come to the stage. As a club club editors, , natural treatment methods for hemorrhoids We have prepared for you patients suffering from hemorrhoids, you can find this healing in a short period of time by following the recommendations we have made in our article on natural treatment of hemorrhoids.

How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids

how to get rid of hemorrhoids

Herbal treatments are available to relieve hemorrhoid pain and these solutions are a good way to end the hemorrhoid problem. What should he do to get rid of hemorrhoids? Hemorrhoids should be treated according to the condition of the patient.


1-Warm water sitting bath:

when sitting in the bath water temperature for 5-10 minutes, the complaints decrease due to the relaxation of the breech muscles. Putting the carnation tea in the bowl increases the relaxation.

2-Thermoforming or hot brick seating:

It has the same effect as hot sliver and it has application comfort in the desired environment.

3-Leech sticking (medicinal leech application):

It is especially effective on swollen hemp. It absorbs the clot in the leech sticked on the swollen hemorrhoids filled with the internal clot, which lowers the pressure, resulting in a decrease in pain and swelling. No hemorrhoids.

Herbal Treatments

The practices written here are the practices of different societies. You can try to learn which of the better answers you will get. But the practices are mostly aimed at reducing complaints arising from hemorrhoids.

Eggplant stalk;

Belt eggplant green stem part of 1 cup of water with an eggplant stem calculus is boiled and drink this morning and a glass of water.

Bitter almond paste;

Havana is crushed with crushed bitter almond vinegar and is made into cream and dried in water

Horse chestnut;

Chestnuts crushed into a flour before eating a tea spoon. Bleeding bleeding reduces the bleeding.

Cemen oil;

25 gr. cemen flour, 75 gr. olive oil, 25 gr. black sesame oil, 300 gr. The water is stirred and boiled. When all the water has evaporated, the remaining oil is drained. The fat is squeezed and the complaints from the head are reduced.

Quince kernel:

A few months old seeds are kept in a water bath and filtered and mixed with a ball to help reduce their complaints.
Civan perch is boiled with pelin grass and the tea is prepared. Drinking a glass of this teaspoon a day and riding hemorrhoids will have a relaxing effect.

Blackberry leaves

boiled and honey is sweetened before the meal if you drink bottles can shrink.
The black poplar buds, which are crushed into flour, are turned into ointment with olive oil and applied to the tops of the pomaces, allowing the swelling and pain to pass quickly.

Linden, flaxseed, cornstarch and walnut leaf are mixed together and made with honey paste, and 1 hour before the meal, they suffer from complaints of defeating 1’er sugar spoon.


The dill which is eaten 10-15 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner is a very good solution to the bruise. It should be applied for at least one month.

Peaches, strawberries will relieve constipation.

Fruit makes digestion easier. Cleans the urinary tract. . Hemorrhoid resolves complaints arising from the breast.

A handful of chamomile flowers are boiled in water, filtered, and filtered to drink warm. It has painkiller, therapeutic effect on hemp breasts. Wedding flower is used for external hemorrhage treatment together with poplar ointment.

Clover seeds are burned at the desired amount, and the obtained ash is mixed with acrid water.

In the fall, 500 gr of nettles and mallow are crumbled, boiled in 4 liters of water, filtered, and drunk one cup in the morning from this water.

A water-glass of nettle seed is beaten and mixed with a few sweet spoonfuls and eaten in the morning with a mixed sweet spoon.

A cup of rosehip fruit is boiled in water, crushed, sweetened with sugar, eaten in the morning is a mixed sweet spoon.

A bowl of dry black grapes is beaten in the air, poured in tallow and applied to the baskets.

Juniper tar is boiled in water and placed in patient vapor.

Horse chestnut is beaten in the air, swallowed with tea spoon of water 3 times a day.

A cup of anise is burned in the fire, the cup obtained is swallowed with a mixed coffee spoon of water that is hungry in the morning.

A few red peppers cleaned with seeds are beaten, sweetened with honey and after each meal a sweet spoon is eaten.

Bonito is beaten, morning, lunch and evening hungry to eat a tea spoon. The same amount of powdered black seeds is mixed with the leek seed and pomatted with tallow to externally apply.

Leek removes constipation. It is beneficial for the breasts.

Some water glass mallow, chamomile, mulberry, and flaxseed are beaten and applied externally by adding poppy seed until it becomes a pomade.

A cup of seeds is beaten, sweetened with a few spoonfuls of honey, before breakfast to eat a sweet spoon in the morning.

A handful of raisin crusts are beaten with an unseparated head garlic, spread on a cloth and applied externally on hemorrhoid calves.

A cup of black currant beaten in the air is added to the paste consistency by adding water until it becomes a pomade and applied.
Two handful of flax seeds are boiled with water and placed in patient vapors.

A bunch of parsley is roasted in a glass of olive oil, spread on a cloth and attached to the hemorrhoids.

Two to three handfuls of mullein are boiled in water, crushed and applied to hemorrhoids.
A cup of Jewish grated seed is sweetened with a beaten honey, which is eaten in the mornings before breakfast.

A glass of water is boiled in water, filtered, and enameled with boiled water.
A handful of fresh okra and a few walnuts are boiled with water, drained, enameled with boiling water.

Potato peels are grated as raw, applied externally to hemorrhoids.
An aubergine is cooked in the fireplace, crushed, spread on a cloth and applied warmly to the hemorrhoids.

What if hemorrhoids are not treated? Hemorrhoid disease is one of the most common and most embarrassing diseases in the society. Untreated …

how to get rid of hemorrhoids fast

Infrared photocoagulation, which is a non-surgical method, is also known as laser hemorrhoid treatment. In this procedure, the infrared beam is applied to the hemorrhoids starting point in the anal canal. There is no need for anesthesia as there is no sensory nerves at the place of operation. This process, which lasts a few minutes, is painless and painless.

Especially in the treatment of internal hemorrhoids, with “Infrared Coagulation Technology” you can get rid of your illness in 4-5 minutes without any surgery, without sleeping in the hospital, without ever stopping your daily life. Another method of hemorrhoid treatment without surgery is the “Ligation”, also known as the tapping method. 2 and 3 degree hemorrhoids. Using a vacuum device inserted into the anal canal, a band of hemorrhoid membe

Within a week or two, the hemorrhoid mammary rot rotates as the blood circulation deteriorates. There is no need for anesthesia in this method because there is no sensory nerve in the application area. Immediately after the treatment, you can return to work, your school, your life. Infrared coagulation and ligation methods do not require hospitalization. The time required for the recovery of the patient and the transition to daily life is very short.

Patients leave the clinical setting immediately after the treatment. Even after the treatment, they continue to work, social and private, where they have stayed, but this time in a healthy way. So much so that you can leave your job at lunch break and have your hemorrhoids treated and return to work again. These methods are applications without any rest, requiring no surgery.

No dressing is required after the operation. Practices, without pain, do not require narcosis, after the application does not feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable. It could only be the feeling of coming to the toilet. Hemorrhage is never more or less than the rate of surgery.

Since cutting tools are not used, your muscles are not damaged, and there is no problem of stools and gas stagnation. Since there is no need to remove a large texture, there is no bumpiness.

In addition, laser treatment of hemorrhoids at the same time, if any rectal sagma is corrected. If hemorrhage occurs, hemorrhage occurs in the hemorrhage, so the hemorrhage is removed at the time of application.

how to get rid of external hemorrhoids without surgery

Fortunately there are many natural treatments for hemorrhoids and the solution you can easily apply.
Let’s take a look at these solutions together.

1. Apple Vinegar

One of the most used natural therapies against hemorrhoids is applying apple circums. Pour organic cotton in a cotton swab or toilet paper and apply it to the area where the hemorrhoid is. Direct application will cause pain and pruritus if it causes a feeling of stinging for a while. In addition, when you drink apple juice diluted with water for the inner hemorrhoids, the bleeding will decrease over time and the pain will pass.

2. Aloe vera

It can be used in the treatment of aloe vera hemorrhoid which is a very beneficial plant on the skin. With its anti-inflammatory properties, aloe vera will relieve irritated hemorrhoids. Aloe vera can be used for both internal and external hemorrhoids.
Apply aloe vera gel by massaging slowly to the area for external hemorrhoids. Aloe vera will reduce pain and will make you feel burning.

3. Olive oil

Olive oil can be used in the treatment of external hemorrhoids with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Olive oil, which increases the elasticity of the veins, will reduce inflammation and reduce hemorrhoid bloating. Olive oil can be applied by direct application to the hemorrhoids. You will also get one teaspoon of olive oil a day, and monounsaturated fatty acids will help your excretion system work comfortably.

4. Tea tree oil

Clove tree improves all kinds of skin wounds with its powerful antiseptic and antibacterial properties. Scientific studies show that hemorrhoids can be treated with tea tree oil.

A very strong substance, the tea tree diluted the oil with another oil such as Indian oil, witch hazel, sweet almond, lavender and rosemary oil. After that, rinse the mixture with hemorrhoids with cotton. Performing this practice on a regular basis will ensure that hemorrhoids decrease and pass completely.

5. Cold compress

Cold compress causes the hemorrhoid to shrink. In this case, pain will decrease and itching will pass. When bloating is reduced, the pain felt when going to the big bathroom is reduced. Place a lightly melted piece of bouquet over the hemorrhoid directly in the oven for ten minutes. You can reduce hemorrhoids by doing this several times a day.

6. Drink plenty of water

One of the main measures in the treatment of internal or external hemorrhoids is to consume plenty of water. When you drink water, your entire digestive system is cleaned. So the stool is soft and the bowel movements relax. The pressure on the hemorrhoidal area will also decrease when the need for haemorrhage decreases during the toilet. Any hemorrhoid treatment should always be supplemented with plenty of water.

7. To consume fibrous foods

Consuming less nutrients can cause cavitation. Constipation is the factor that triggers hemorrhoids. Consume plenty of fiber-containing foods to protect colon health.
You can get more fiber by regularly consuming all kinds of whole grain foods, almonds, flaxseeds, prunes, beans, walnuts, peas and other green leafy vegetables and fruits.

Make hemorrhoid cream at home

1-Garlic hemorrhoid cream

Garlic is a healing, healing, powerful plant.
With its powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, hemorrhoids play a major role in relief.
Mix some coconut oil into a few slices of garlic powder.
Apply this to the brittle zone from the outside.
This formula will be a remedy for itching, pain and bleeding
Do the hemorrhoids until you get completely rid of them.

2-Coconut Oil hemorrhoid cream

Apply coconut oil for hemorrhoids, rinse the area and repeat the application.
Coconut oil hemorrhoids will act quickly and will allow you to get up in a few days.
Coconut oil is the most effective hemorrhoid treatment methods known.

3-Aloe vera hemorrhoid cream

Aloe vera is a wonderful plant that heals many diseases.
It is a great anti-inflammatory and relieves and heals the irritation on the skin.
What you need to do is very simple, just applying aloe vera gel to the hemorrhoidal area.
Aloe vera gel can be purchased as ready as you can at home.
If you are looking for a natural remedy for hemorrhoids to get rid of hemorrhoids,
We recommend you to try aloe vera definitely.

4-Pigeon Tree Plant

The pigeon tree plant has been used in western medicine for centuries to treat hemorrhoids and other diseases.
This plant heals the swollen veins and heals them.
The use of the pigeon tree plant for hemorrhoids is also very simple.
The pain relieving feature of the pigeon tree has been known for years
and the most recommended herbs for hemorrhoid treatment.
It contains procyanide, resin and flavonoid and is anti-inflammatory.
It can be applied to hemorrhoids with the help of a cotton to clean and dry three times a day.
The anal region is externally applied as cream or buffer.
By acting as an astringent, it reduces hemorrhoid bleeding, it is good for bloating, pain and itching.

5-Apple juice

Apple circles are the most popular of hemorrhoid herbal treatment methods.
Soak a piece of cotton in the apple cirque, apply it to the affected area.
The healing will be seen quickly, the hemorrhoids will begin to disappear in a short time.
Another alternative that you can apply with apple circles is to mix half a cup of apple circe with water and sit on it.

How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids
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