How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes ( with Naturally )

How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes.The Bags Under Eyes come into play due to the accumulation of liquid under the eyes. It can be a cause of this problem with kidney and heart disorders, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, as well as a problem with age generally. Occasionally, women’s Bags Under Eyes may become apparent during menstruation Bags Under Eyes that appear as a slight bloom under the eyes are more common due to age progression.

Depending on your aging, your eyelids will weaken in the supporting muscles and in the tissues around the eyes. The sebaceous glands, which serve as a support for the eyes and eyelids, appear to sag and bulge downward over time as relaxation has occurred. In addition, fluid may accumulate in the resulting gap and increase swelling.

How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes

Bags Under Your Eyes

In addition to aging, Bags Under Eyes can also be caused by fatigue, stress and most important genetic factors. Fatigue is one of the most common causes after old age. Also, working long hours on the computer, long hours watching television, sleeping is the cause of the formation of custody bags.

Surveillance bags can rarely be a sign of a serious situation. You can try to reduce the swelling by cold compressing the temporary detention bags. Various medical and cosmetic treatments are available for permanent or disturbing detention bags.

1- Cold compress.

The simplest measure for detention bags is to have an eye mask at home. Soak a clean cloth with cold water. When you are sitting or stretching, use light pressure to detain for a few minutes and apply with a moist cloth around the skin.

Masks that are soaked with cold water or have ice in them usually tighten the tissues quickly. It must be kept on the eyes for at least 10-15 minutes in order to be able to show the effect of the cold compress.

2- Sleep well enough for the night.

For most adults, the ideal amount of sleep is about seven to eight hours.

3- Keep your head slightly upright while you are asleep.

Try to sleep for a few days using an extra pillow or by raising your pill slightly. Sleeping in this way will help prevent fluid buildup in custody.

4- Reduce allergy symptoms.

Avoid allergens as much as possible and consult your doctor for prescription or over-the-counter medicines that you can use against allergies. If your surveillance bags are made up of hair dyes, soaps, cosmetics or other allergens, you should take the necessary precautions.

* If the appearance of detention bags is worrying, there are also medical and surgical treatment options that can be applied.

Also for Bags Under Eyes : 

• A practical method to be applied to detention bags is eye masks. Eye masks containing ice can relieve under-eye tissue with compressive action. The application period of the masks is 10-15 minutes.

• Cold potatoes or cucumber slices also tighten the subcutaneous tissue.

• Cold black tea and cold chamomile tea squeeze the detergent to prevent the Bags Under Eyes from reaching the scene, or help to remove the custody bags that have formed.

• The placement of soda clippers, which are poured into small ice molds and frozen, into the Bags Under Eyes is effective in removing Bags Under Eyes.

• Vitamin C intake supports collagen production.

• Day care creams from pharmacies can be used for Bags Under Eyes.

• Genetic causes or old age blindfolds can not be solved by such practical measures. In this case, plastic surgery may be required. The plastic surgeon removes these bags or implements them to replace them, taking into account that they have come forward without a hernia.

Causes of Bags Under Eyes?

If we think about why Bags Under Eyes cause, it is the most tiredness, because of the stress and the aging which is caused by the genetic factors, comes out as the answer. Fatigue, staying in the evening, irregular life is the biggest cause of confrontation.

• Skin functions slow down from the age of 30 and the connective tissue around the eyes begins to lose tension and elasticity. As the connective tissue tends to hold tissue fluid, the caps are swollen and bagged.

• As the age progresses, the oil in the eye cavity starts to rise to the surface and leads to the formation of a soft zone. This fat tissue can be filled with water, and insomnia, excessive salt consumption, such as water is pulled after the bag is formed.

• The Bags Under Eyes can get worse because the oil glands will be stored under the eyes with age.

• The resistance to gravitational effects of the bags decreases as the skin will lose some of the elastin and collagen proteins with age again.

• Genetic causes can also cause Bags Under Eyes. If you have this problem at home, this proplem will show itself from the age of thirty.

• Kidney diseases and hormonal diseases can be the cause of custody bags. These diseases are diseases that cause water and salt to be involved in the body.

• Bags Under Eyes may be a symptom of kidney disease. The kidneys do not work well, and the surplus around the eyes increases.

• Nutritional mistakes are another reason. In people who consume excessive salt, the accumulation of salt-bound fluid in the body over time can be a symptom of some diseases that the kidneys will tired.

• Allergic causes can cause itching. Because pruritus may irritate the under eye, itching may cause edema under the eyes.

• Fatigue and insomnia are another reason. Constantly watching television, staying at the computer for a long time, and insomnia can lead to under-eye problems.

• Insomnia, spending long hours on the TV and computer is a burden on the eyes and leads to bloodshed.

• Lights such as sun rays and spotlight dry the skin around the eyes and cause the structure to become thinner.

The Bags Under Eyes are caused by herniation of the oil sickles under the eyes. In fact, these fat pads act as a buffer between the many muscles around the eye. Over time, the connective tissue and skin will loosen and the muscles will become stiff for a long time.

Stressful life, because it will increase contraction in the muscles, causes pressure on the vesicles, causing them to become herniated.

Another factor is genetic factors. If, in our mother’s, there is an eye syrup formation in her mother’s side, it is very likely that we will encounter such a situation.

Bags Under Eyes, blacking around the eyes, may also be the cause of a disease. Because Bags Under Eyes are one of the factors that warn doctors about the presence of kidney disease.

Bags Under Eyes can cause a build-up of fluid in the body as a result of excessive salt consumption, which can be a sign of a number of diseases that can cause the kidneys to become over-fatigued.

How to get rid of Bags Under Eyes naturally

You also need to make changes in your lifestyle to treat Bags Under Eyes.

1- First, you should reduce the salt you use in your food.

Because salt is actually one of the most important causes of under-eye swelling. Salt is also the cause of high blood pressure at the same time. If you consume a lot of salty foods during the day, you will see a noticeable bloat when you go out in the morning the next day, when heleki goes more than this one day. If you want to reduce under-eye bloating, tired vision, you should reduce the salt you consume during the day.

2- If you have allergies, try to stay away from allergens.

If you have a chronic allergic condition and do not pay attention to this, your organs to be first affected will be your eyes. If you do not want irrigated, swollen eyes, Bags Under Eyes, you should stay away from allergens and use allergy medicines given by your doctor properly.

3- It is also suggested that people who have sinus obstruction open their sinuses as another way of removing the under-eye swelling.

If you suffer from sinusitis, it is possible for your under-eye to fill, swell and blacken your eyes and eyebrows. Cleansing your nose and nasal area using saline solutions will help prevent Bags Under Eyes and blackheads. You will observe that the under-compartments of people with constantly blocked noses are more prominent.

4- Try to get a good night’s sleep.

Take precautions to ensure you get a range of comfortable sleep, from your sleeping style to the height of your pillow. If you do not want to wake up with under-the-shoulder bags, give up lying prone.

5- Be sure to clean your makeup before you go to bed.

Especially with eye makeup. Using a facial cleanser appropriate for your skin type, remove your eye makeup and go to sleep. Sleeping with makeup is an effect that ages the skin in itself, so do not forget it.

6- Especially try to stay away from alcohol (and stay away from cigarettes).

If you take alcohol late at night during the day and sleep tired, you will first understand that the body can not cope with this tiredness the next morning. If you have to drink, be sure not to drink before you go to bed in the very late hours, get plenty of water before you go to bed and that way. Also, as a precaution, you should rub a protective moisturizer around your eyes after cleaning your makeup.

7 – Protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun to protect the environment.

Get a quality facial sunscreen for sun cream. The eye area is the fastest wrinkling area in our body, so do not forget it. Every day, before going out, you are absolutely glancing and make use of a sunscreen cream for your face. Also, the sunglasses you use must be wide enough to cover your eyes completely.

8- In the form of nutrition, always eat plenty of kalojen enhancer foods.

Because the food with collagen protein gives our body elasticity to our skin. It is free from dead cells. As we age, the rate of calogen is gradually decreasing in our bodies.

For this reason, the elasticity of our skin is decreasing with age. For this reason we have to go to the food store to store the kalogen, we must take this food in our body continuously.

Thus, our skin will be more durable, elastic and tense. For this, we should not miss the vegetables which help to increase the calories like chicken water, garlic, spinach, orange, salmon.

How to get rid of Bags Under Eyes at home

We can apply eye mask at home for Bags Under Eyes. These cold and ice-containing masks are about ten minutes long. to keep it in our eyes, to help tighten the under-eye tighten our eyes.

Cold potato slices, cucumber slices can also be kept in our eyes in the form of a mask.

The cold tea mask is another way to remove Bags Under Eyes. With a little bit of black tea immersed in the pan with eyes about twelve minutes. It will be useful to listen as much as possible.

Get rid of Bags Under Eyes with Herbal Treatments

1- Potatoes

The starch found in the patateste has anti-inflammatory properties that help you get rid of Bags Under Eyes. The potato also provides the opening of the dark rings in the cages.

Peel a medium sized potato crust. Then glide it into the whale. Put the potatoes that you have dipped into a clean teaspoon, tie the teaspoon and put it on your eyelids.

Apply several times a day for 3-5 minutes until the subclinical swelling occurs.

2- Tea bags

With this application you can use any of the tea bags like green, black or chamomile, you can get rid of the bumps, eye strain and bacteria.

Put 2 tea cups in a glass of hot water and wait 5 minutes. Then remove it from the hot water and put it on ice and wait until it cools down in the freezer. Lay these bags on your back with your eyelids and wait for 15 minutes. Do this several times a day.

3- Cucumber

The enzymes found in cucumbers help reduce inflammation and tighten the skin. Cucumbers, bags under the eyes, as well as swelling; it is a helper you will also benefit from treatment of bruises.

Cut the slices you washed with water into thick slices and keep them in the ice for 15 minutes to half an hour. Keep chilled cucumber slices on top of your eyelids until the temperature is reached.

Change the warmed cucumber slices to cold and continue with the cucumber application. You can apply this method several times a day.

4- Water

Water, the source of life for all living things, is the most effective and most practical way to get rid of the under eye swell. Water shortage in our bodies, percent, is an important cause of edema around the eye.

Depending on this, our under-the-shoulder bags appear or become even more obvious. Water also helps to eliminate the toxins in our bodies. For this reason, experts suggest that a healthy person drinks 8 to 10 glasses of water a day. We must move away from salt and carbonated beverages that increase water retention.

5- Chilled Spoon

Using a chilled spoon is an urgent solution to reduce swelling around the eye. With this method, which is very simple to apply, we can apply cold pressure to our skin and shrink the capillaries there.

In this way, tightening and tightening of the skin is ensured. So we can quickly get rid of the bulging and tired image of the under eye, under your eyes.

Put 5-6 pieces of metal spoons in the ice and wait for 20 minutes to cool. Cover your eyes and print your custodial bags so that each of the 2 tablespoons of cold water will touch each other with an eye for each eye.

Replace the spoons with the cold as the body warms up. Spoons will be your greatest helpers in the morning if you leave them in the freezer in the morning for emergency situations and use them in the morning.

6- Cold Water

The most practical way to use in Bags Under Eyes is cold water. For cold, shrinking veins; helping you to withdraw the blood in your capillaries helps you get rid of these bags.

If possible, wash your face with cooler water than the tap water or take it from the fridge, wrap it on a lint-free cloth and put it on your custody bags. Continue to keep your eyes crossed for 5 minutes wrapped in cloth.

7- Salt Water

Add 4 tablespoons of salt into the water and add half a sweet spoonful of salt. Soak a clean cloth in this water. Keep this gauze over your eyes for 15-20 minutes. Here, we take advantage of salt water’s ability to absorb ozone water, which is similar to

How to treat Bags Under Eyes

If your under Bags Under Eyes are caused by reasons like irregular life, alcohol, computer use, nutrition, the treatment can usually be treated with regular life, good sleep, creams, eye masks, care products.

If your Bags Under Eyes are related to genetic factors, if the result of aging is unavoidable then simple surgical procedures can be applied. By applying plastic surgery, it is possible to get rid of the appearance of eye-surrounding aesthetics and eye bags.

How to make eye care for Bags Under Eyes?

The care of the area is of special importance as the wrinkles on the skin begin first around the eyes. Since the skin around the eyes has thinner and less fat glands than the other parts of the face skin, careful eye care is required.

The products used for the skin should not be used for the peri-eye. Special care products should be preferred for eye care.

When using eye cream for the peri-eye, water-based and non-oily sunscreen should be preferred. Oily eye cosmetics cause oil buttons on the one hand and attract dust on the other.

Stay away from water-soluble makeup products. To remove such products, the use of oily cleansers is necessary, which causes damage to the peri-eye area.

How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes ( with Naturally )
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