How to Find the Area of a Circle

How to Find the Area of a Circle. Want to Find the Area of a Circle,but do not you know how to find it? Do not worry! In this article, it will be explained How to Find the Area of a Circle will be found step by step. In addition, the presence of a slice (such as a slice of pizza and pastry) within an circle will also be described.

All you have to do is continue reading and apply.

How to Find the Area of a Circle

Area of a Circle

Chapter1: The Field of the Circle


1- Calculate the radius to Find the Area of a Circle

If you know (or measure) the diameter (the distance from one end of the circle to the other), divide it by two to get the radius. The radius of a normal circle equals half the diameter.

2- Read the formula 

To find the Area of a Circle, pi is multiplied by r squares (square of radius).

3- Take the radius

For example, if the radius of resistance is 6cm, the square of radius is found to be 36cm. You can also use your calculator to do this.

  • Taking a victory of a count means multiplying the count by itself.

4- Multiply the result you obtained in step 3 with pi

Use pi to find the domain of any domain.

  • If you do not know the exact value of the pi angle then multiply it by that. In other words, for the example we gave above, the area of the circle = π36 cm² is found. This is not the exact value of pi, which is assumed to be 3.14. Only the next part of this step is usually not used.
  • If you want to convert the number of pi to a value, you should write 3.14 instead. If you are performing this operation from the calculator, you can select the pi sign expression on the machine. If we look at the sample we give, the area of the circle = 3.14 x 36cm² = 113.04cm². If you do not roll and find this result with calculator, it will be 11,09 cm². In other words, since it is not very important after the call, the number of pi is generally accepted as 3.14.

Chapter 2: Area of Circle Slice

1- Find out how to find the area of the circle

There is no other cage to do calculation than to find out how big this area is. Depending on the size of this tile and the radius of the tile, the area of the tile will also vary.

2- Find the radius of the circle

With the aid of a ruler, you can find the diameter of the circle and divide it into halves to obtain the radius.

3- Find the circle’s area

See the above section for instructions on how to do this.

4- Create a fraction

You have to find the Area of a Circle.

  • You should create a fraction by typing 360º in the denominator that you find in the share.
  • Simplify the fraction you create. You should find a common denominator to simplify the fraction.
  • For example, if the angle of the circle is 45, 360, 45 can be split directly, so you can divide both the share and the payday into 45 pieces.

5- Multiply the circle’s area by this fraction

The process is over! (n degrees is the angle of the circle). Alternatively, when the area of the circle of the circle is found, it is firstly multiplied by the angle of the circle slice, then divided by 360. You will get the same result again.

6- If we find the angle of the circle for our example

  • Pi 3,14 is taken,
  • If the result is rounded to a value,
  • In general, an exact value of 3 is not taken. it is either 3.14 and the calculations are done in that way or calculations are made using the pi value in the calculator.

Tips :

  • When calculating the area, remember that you will get the radius, not the radius!
  • Note that the number of pi is an approach of 3.14. The decimal part of the PI number goes to infinity. The calculator will give closer results
  • If you write a formula in a note book, you can easily settle your head.
  • If you can not get help from another place, you can ask a friend or family member, research on the internet, or look in a math book.
  • While you can do many operations with simple calculators, you may need more complex calculators to do pi and other detailed operations. Another alternative is to use the calculator on your computer.
  • There are many examples of solutions to remember the formula during the exam.

Some features of the Area of a Circle

  • The part of the circle between two points is called a circle arc.
  • The part inside a cutter is called a beam.
  • If there is a line separating the circle into two separate pieces, this is called a beam.
  • The largest beam in a circle is the same diameter at the same time.
  • The circle divides the plane into three.
  • The inner circle of the circle, the outer circle of the circle and itself.
  • There are many topics related to circles.
  • The states of the circle, the openings and springs in the circle.

How to Find the Area of a Circle Easy Way

The diameter, radius, circumference of the circle are found in different ways.

  • In the circles the ratio of the diameter of the circumference can not be specified by a fixed rational number.
  • Circle radius is expressed as “r”.
  • The circumference of the circle is expressed as “2 π r”.
  • The circle’s area is “π r 2”
  • To find the circumference of the circle, it can be expressed first as a cluster of points that are equally spaced from the center point and the center point.
  • The radius from the center point to the top of the circle is the radius.
  • The radius occupies an important place when computing the environment.
  • Apart from the radius, we need to know the pi constant for our calculation of the environment.
  • Pi is defined as a rational number whose geometry is 3.14.
  • When the circumference is calculated, the number of pi is fixed.
  • It will be enough to just replace r.
How to Find the Area of a Circle
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