How to Delete Twitter Account ( Mobile and Desktop )

How to Delete Twitter Account.Twitter is one of the most popular applications in social media. Delete Twitter Account, account closing operations are also among the most curious topics. We will tell you step by step how to disable and delete Twitter account. Twitter account deletion operations on the desktop and mobile view in different areas, while Facebook and Youtube, then the user with the most users on this platform periodically unused accounts are automatically deleted by the software.

Delete Twitter account has different views in mobile and massive apps. For this reason, the period in which the user wants to disable or delete twitter account may experience different problems. Here is the Twitter account closing and deletion process gradually.

How to Delete Twitter Account from Desktop

How to Delete Twitter Account

1- Log in to your Twitter account with your username and password.

2 Click the Settings tab in the upper right area.

3- Click on the Account tab and reach the link in the bottom zone.

4. Click Disable my account.

5. Confirm that you want to delete your account named “@ComputerCalendar” in the page that opens

6- If you do not change your mind, the account will be permanently deleted at the end of 30 days.

The most important thing to keep in mind after deleting accounts is that if the account is re-entered, the time will be reset and the deletion will become inactive. This is why people who want to permanently leave Twitter should not use their account for 30 days.

How to Delete Twitter Account from Mobile Phones

Twitter does not allow account deletion from mobile devices such as phones and tablets. Well, how do we delete our account from mobile devices. Very simple!

First, we open the Internet browser of your phone or tablet. Then we press the menu button on my phone. We mark the ‘Request desktop site.’ So our phone or tablet will open up like a desktop computer.

After setting up the browser, we login to with username and password. Once logged in, we click on the account deletion link above. Then we approve the account deletion. This is how you delete accounts from mobile devices.

Thanks to this expression, you can easily delete your Twitter account from phones like iPhone, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG, Asus. If your device does not have any Internet browsers, we recommend Chrome Browser for Android or Chrome Browser for iPhone.

1- Log in to your Twitter account.

2- When you are logged in, click on the right hand side where you have a gear wheel or figure located in the upper zone.

3- Click Settings in the menu that appears.

4 – Click Disable account at the bottom of the screen.

5. On the page that opens, activate the Disable account again option.

Things You Need to Know before Delete Twitter Account

– You can give up your decision within 30 days after you clear your account.

– Within 30 days, you can cancel account deletion process again. At the end of the 30th day, your account will be permanently deleted.

– It is not possible to restore your account after it has been permanently erased.

– No need to delete account to change your username. You can make this change from the Settings page.

If you plan to use your email address and username to open a new Twitter account, change this information from the ‘Settings’ page before deleting your account.

Because you can not create an account with the same email or user name until your account is permanently deleted. You will be removed from Twitter a few minutes after you close your account.

It may take some time to delete data saved by search engines like Google, Bing or Yandex.

How to Delete Twitter Account with Link

We want you to use a desktop or laptop computer because Twitter does not accept account deletion requests via mobile devices. You can continue reading the article to learn account deletion from your iPhone or Android phone. After logging in to your Twitter account, you can delete your account after clicking on the link below.

1- Twitter Account Delete Link:

2- If you do not want to use the account deletion link above, first log in to your Twitter account from any desktop or laptop computer.

3- Then click your small profile photo in the top right corner and click on the ‘Settings’ tab from the pop-up menu.

4 – Click on the Settings tab and you will be redirected to a page where you can change the basic account and language settings.

5- At the bottom of this page is a link named ‘Disable My Account.’ Click this link.

6- When you click on the link, a page titled ‘Is this a goodbye?’ Carefully read what you need to know before deleting your account from the opening page.

7) Then click the button labeled ‘Disable @username user’.

8- You will have successfully deleted your Twitter account.

Back up before Delete Twitter Account

Before Delete Twitter Account, you can download the archive of all your Twitter data from your first share to the last share. We recommend this operation for our trip which will close the Twitter account. Because you may not want to permanently delete photos and videos you share on Twitter.

How can I back up my account before Delete Twitter Account ?

First, log in to your Twitter account from any desktop or laptop computer.

2- Then enter the account settings page. At the bottom of the page, go to the “Twitter Archive” section and click on the ‘Request Archive’ button.

3- The result of this click will be “A link will be sent to you by e-mail when the archive is ready.

4- This may take a while, so please be patient. ”

5- Your Twitter archive will be sent to your e-mail address.

6- You can download the archive from your computer by clicking the link to your e-mail address.

How can I activate my Twitter account ?

You have turned off your Twitter account. A certain amount of time has passed and you have changed your mind and want to re-activate your account. You can cancel account closing by logging into your account.

Twitter stores user data for thirty days. At the end of the thirtieth day, it permanently closes the account and deletes your profile’s data from the servers. After closing the account, you can open your account by logging into your account within thirty days.

Unfortunately at the end of the 30th day, it is not possible to activate your account. For this reason, before you close your account, it is better to save your username and password in a location that you can access only in case you change your mind. So you do not have any problems when you want to activate your account.

How to Delete Twitter Account ( Mobile and Desktop )
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