How to Delete Skype Account ( Step by Step )

How to Delete Skype Account. Skype users, at the beginning of the most troubles, is to delete skype account. Deleting a Skype account is actually a very easy process, but you can do a few things with it.We explain How to Delete Skype Account in different ways for those who decide not to use Skype anymore. If you are considering what Skype would not be as popular as the old Skype conversation with WhatsApp, we suggest you take a look at this blog post.

If you have connected your email address with Microsoft via Skype, in order to delete your Skype account, you must first delete the email address you obtained from Microsoft. With this method, you can delete Skype account completely, or you can do it in any other way. Delete all of your personal information on Skype and sign out. If you do not sign in for a long time, the system will automatically delete your Skype account. Take care not to sign in again. Otherwise your Skype account will not be deleted.

How to Delete Skype Account  : Method 1

delete Skype account

* Go to my account closure page ( ). You can be directed to sign in with your account.

* Verify that you are logged in to the account you want to delete skype account and click Next.

* We will pass you through a verification list to make sure that you are ready to delete skype account.

* In the Choose a reason drop-down list, select the reason for delete skype account.

* Select Mark to delete skype account.

Before Delete Skype Account

1- Make sure you do not leave anything behind.

2- When you delete Skype account, the associated Microsoft account is also closed and the Xbox,
You can not sign in to any other Microsoft product or service that you use, such as OneDrive or Learn more about checking your skype account and saving important information before delete skype account.

3- Use the full view of your account before closing it.

4- Sign in to your account to view your current Skype Credit account.

5- Cancel all your active subscriptions.

6- If you have enabled automatic reloading on your account and have delete skype account without canceling your subscription, you will be charged until your account is permanently delete skype account. Learn how to disable automatic reloading.

Important: If you delete Skype account, Skype will wait 60 days to permanently delete your account in case your mind needs to change or delete your account without deleting it.

After delete Skype account 

When delete skype account it will be delete after 60 days, but within 60 days you can change your mind. All you need to do to cancel the shutdown is to sign in to your account.

How to Delete Skype Account  : Method 2

The number of Skype users is increasing day by day, but in some cases users may want to do a Skype account deletion. Details of the Skype account deletion process can be found below.

How to delete Skype Account Steps 

We will be able to process the delete Skype account by going through the steps we will take in the material.

1- First click on “Delete Account Page” which we gave at the end of the article.

2- Write your e-mail address on the screen that will be displayed.

3- Then enter your password.

4. On the other page you will be asked to confirm your phone. For this reason, enter the last 4 digits of your phone number and click the “Send Code” button.

5- You will be asked whether you want to close or delete skype account on the next screen. You will also see what happens when you delete skype account. If you are determined to delete your Skype account, click on the “Next” button.

6- You need to select the boxes to show that you have confirmed the situations that may occur after the Skype account deletion.

7- Then select the reason you want to go and click the “Mark my account to be deleted” button.

If you have done all these transactions your account will be closed after 60 days. If you do not delete skype account within 60 days, you can cancel your account deletion by logging in to Skype. However, if you are unfamiliar with Skype account deletion, you may encounter the following:

* You may lose access to all your account balances and Skype, OneDrive, Xbox and Office365 subscriptions.

* You may lose access to, Hotmail and OneDrive.

* Depending on the Microsoft account you have deleted, games, applications, music and much more may not work.

* Your data on the entire platform you logged in to from your Skype account can be deleted.

* Devices running on this account can not be used until a different Microsoft account is added.

* Devices that have Reset Protection enabled may become unavailable.

How to Delete Skype Account Permanently

Permanently closing your Skype account now confirms that no one will ever be able to write messages to anyone, such as voice calls, video calls, and no one else.

With Skype account deletion, your account will be automatically deleted and you will be automatically deleted from the contacts list of your saved contacts. At this point, no one will be able to find your account when you call and will not be able to communicate with you via the Skype platform.

Permanently Delete Skype account

Unfortunately, we can not delete your Skype user account from your smartphone through your Skype application. For this, what we need is a link that Skype will point to on its own website.

1.  Go To :ıd=523898

We can start closing your Skype account now by clicking on the link above to delete Skype account.

2. Make sure that you have reached the “Skype account closure page” by clicking on the link above.

3. Sign in with the “Delete Skype account” you want to close.

4. You will receive a confirmation list to confirm that you are sure to delete Skype account.

5. The “cause list” then opens after you have skipped this operation.

6. Select “Mark for account close” after you have chosen what you want from the list.

You will then be removed from the session you logged in and will not be logged in again within 60 days, and your account will be automatically closed so that all your information is deleted and can not be retrieved. All you need to do is to log in to your account within these 60 days.

However, try to shut down the Skype account that you have associated with your Microsoft account, and things can get a bit complicated in this case. In this context, we need to pay attention to a few points.

Most importantly, after deleting your Skype account, you can no longer enter any Microsoft product with that email address. As an example, your Microsoft account will be closed and it will now be closed automatically in your account in services like Outlook, Xbox, OneDrive.

What is Skype and How to use it  ?

Skype is an application that lets you view your people with whom you want from anywhere in the world with a computer and an internet connection. You can talk to people who have Skype for free, and you can also call mobile and home phones at an affordable price.

Skype is a free messaging application. It is an internet phone that you can send messages via internet and 3G, and make voice and video calls.

Why should I use Skype?

Among the slogans used by Skype for the company, a slogan like “zoom in on the farther” may be striking. The program brings all the way from the nearest to the farthest away, thanks to its voice and video capabilities, along with instant messaging.

Moreover, this software, which you can use not only on your computer but also on your tablet and phone, provides a high quality service as long as the infrastructure does not decrease the connection speed.

You can make voice or video calls at no charge with the program. You can use different communication channels at very low rates. For example, you can use Skype to call phone numbers, access Wi-Fi networks, or send an SMS.

You can also share free files on the internet with Skype. It is also possible to make conference calls in groups.

Information about Skype

It is software that enables communication with the features such as telephone conversation, video conversation via internet. This software, which was established as Skype Limited, was acquired by Microsoft after its acquisition by Microsoft.

Using VIP technology, the software is developed to provide better speech and conversation. After it first became widely used in America, it spread to the world and started to use a lot.

How to Setup Skype

1. First we download our application from My computer.

2. We click on the downloaded file and run it.

3. We choose our language. After the download is over and we have opened a new account.

4. Once you’re connected, experiment with audio and video and create your settings.

5. Then we add the person we want to talk to by clicking on the icon you see in the bottom image or by adding a person from the top left tab.

Skype Features

Skype features are designed with a special system that takes both security precautions and network control.

  • Encrypted with specially designed codes.
  • Many security measures are available.
  • Antide bugging hilesini is available using many times.
  • Proxy identity information is automatically renewed.

Skype Use areas

* Call to resume communication, Skype to Skype can be called free of charge.

* You can add up to 25 people in group calls and it is free to add them.

* Call forwarding allows you to forward calls to any phone at a convenient rate per minute, without missing any calls.

* With the video call, you can talk to anyone on video call free of charge, as you have a smartphone compatible with a web cam.

* Group interviews can also be done on video, but up to 10 people can be brought together to meet with relatives or friends from all over the world.

* Skype, which is also a messaging feature, features video messaging, instant messaging, sending SMS and sending voice messages.

* Sharing feature allows you to share your photos, videos and files by sending them. You can also add screen shares and contact information you want to share as usage space.

* By updating your status on the Facebook social network wall, you can make video calls and post messages directly from your friends directly from Skype.

* With Skype Manager and Skype Connect, you can make low-cost calls and get web-based management tools that allow you to manage from a single center.

How to Delete Skype Account ( Step by Step )
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