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How to Delete Skype Account ( Step by Step )

How to Delete Skype Account. Skype users, at the beginning of the most troubles, is to delete skype account. Deleting a Skype account is actually a very easy process, but you can do a few things with it.We explain How to Delete Skype Account in different ways for those who decide not to use Skype anymore. If you are considering what Skype would not be as popular as the old Skype conversation with WhatsApp, we suggest you take a look at this blog post.

If you have connected your email address with Microsoft via Skype, in order to delete your Skype account, you must first delete the email address you obtained from Microsoft. With this method, you can delete Skype account completely, or you can do it in any other way. Delete all of your personal information on Skype and sign out. If you do not sign in for a long time, the system will automatically delete your Skype account. Take care not to sign in again. Otherwise your Skype account will not be deleted.

How to Delete Skype Account

delete Skype account

* Go to my account closure page ( ). You can be directed to sign in with your account.

* Verify that you are logged in to the account you want to close and click Next.

* We will pass you through a verification list to make sure that you are ready to close your account.

* In the Choose a reason drop-down list, select the reason for closing your account.

* Select Mark to close the account.

Before Delete Skype Account

1- Make sure you do not leave anything behind.

2- When you close your Skype account, the associated Microsoft account is also closed and the Xbox,
You can not sign in to any other Microsoft product or service that you use, such as OneDrive or Learn more about checking your account and saving important information before closing your account.

3- Use the full view of your account before closing it.

4- Sign in to your account to view your current Skype Credit account.

5- Cancel all your active subscriptions.

6- If you have enabled automatic reloading on your account and have closed your account without canceling your subscription, you will be charged until your account is permanently closed. Learn how to disable automatic reloading.

Important: If you close your Skype account, Skype will wait 60 days to permanently delete your account in case your mind needs to change or delete your account without deleting it.

After delete Skype account 

Your account will be closed after 60 days, but within 60 days you can change your mind. All you need to do to cancel the shutdown is to sign in to your account.

How to Delete Skype Account ( Step by Step )
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