How to Delete Facebook Page ( Step by Step )

How to Delete Facebook Page. Delete Facebook page operations continue to be preferred by owners of inactive pages. As the rules of the social media act on the deletion of the users make it difficult for the users periodically, the closing steps are being investigated. So how to Delete Facebook Page and how long does the recovery time last?

Although the social media giant does not describe how these transactions can be done with the guidelines in the site, transactions can not be understood by the users periodically.

How to Delete Facebook Page

how to delete facebook page

If you want to close and delete your Facebook account, you can get rid of your Facebook account by following these steps …

1- Click on the tabs in the upper right section.

2- Make sure that the “General” tab on the left is selected, then click “Remove page”.

3- Select the name of the page you want to delete and click “Delete page”.

4 – After you delete the page, press “OK” button.

The page that will pass to the passive position for 5- 14 days will be permanently deleted if no usage is received.

Those who want to delete the page need to be in the admin position of that page.

Those who want to save and restore the page need to click on the “cancel delete” option in the area where the page is located.


If you have a page or group on Facebook and they do not have another administrator in the series, they will also close if you close your account.

To cancel Delete Facebook Page :

1- Go to your facebook page during the 14 day planning period for deleting your page

2- Click Cancel Delete at the top of your page

3- Click Confirm, and then click OK

You can also delete your personal account.

Note: If you do not see the option to delete your page, make sure you are the admin of the page. Learn how to see what your role on a page is.

Why 14 days?

Because Facebook management gives us the right to cancel the page for 14 days in the decision to delete the page, we can stop the deletion of the page even if we stop deleting the page. If we give up after 14 days, we will complete the transaction with the confirmation message that we have transmitted and we will now delete the page irreversibly.

How to delete facebook group page

All group members need to be removed from the group to close the Facebook group. So you can not turn off the group directly. However, after removing all group members from the group, you can finally delete the group by removing yourself from the group.

To delete a group you own on Facebook as your manager:

1- First go to the group you want to delete, then click Members under the cover photo

2. Click on the icon next to each member’s name (settings) and choose Remove from Group

3- After you have removed all the other members, finally select the Group from the next to your own name

Important note:

If you are an administrator in a group, you do not have the authority to delete a group that you did not create yourself unless you want to delete the group that created the group first.

How to Delete Facebook Page ( Step by Step )
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