How to Create a Secure Password

How to Create a Secure Password. Create a Secure Password, One of the innovations that developed technology adds to our lives is that many things move to digital media. At the beginning of the measures to be taken against the emerging security problems; the passwords used when logging in are secured. To be able to mention that the generated password is a secure password; it must be difficult to know only by the user and be guessed by others.

It can be easily remembered that the identification of Secure Password that others can not predict is crucial for ensuring security in the digital environment.

How to Create a Secure Password

Secure Password

Pay attention to the following items in general when creating Secure Password. In addition, details are mentioned in the security levels section. Those who know you when you apply them and who can get information from you or any person will not get your passwords through trial and error.

1-Do not use temporary passwords communicated to you, change them immediately.

2-Create at least 6 characters. Try to include letters, numbers, and all other characters.

3-Do not use any special information that is specific to you. Name, surname, phone number, last four digits of your credit card.

4-If you use a word, use it exactly as you would use it, shorten it, or discard some characters from it.

5-If you are creating a Secure Password on the computer, enter them using the virtual keyboard. There are a lot of malware that can take keys from the keyboard.

The fact that all passwords are highly secure does not require that they contain complex characters. You can group your passwords and simplify them by setting the security levels for the ciphers according to the places you use. Three levels of security are mentioned below.

Create a Secure Password with Security Level – 1 (Unimportant) : 

Accounts such as forum sites, temporary accounts, guest sessions enter this group. You will use it a lot during the day or you will use it once and it will not be a problem if you lose this account. You can even specify a single password for them and use it everywhere. If it’s short, it’s easy to use.

  • Example 1: h*72 (contains all characters)
  • Example 2: lr71 (Only letters and numbers included)
  • Example 3: 2316 (contains numbers only)

Create a Secure Password with Security Level – 2 (Important) : 

Systems such as computer login, e-mail account, msn or facebook that contain personal or important information for you enter this group. Create separate passwords for them. You can create from 6 to 8 characters (left over). You can also use specific information for them.

  • Example 1: d32*c53 (contains all characters)
  • Example 2: tf92rc7 (contains only letters and numbers)
  • Example 3: 26743001 (contains numbers only)

Create a Secure Password with Security Level – 3 (Very Important) : 

Electronic safe, such as internet banking, is a group that has a financial advantage or is entered by systems where you have very important information. Create separate passwords for these types of passwords as they will not be too much and more secure.

Ensure that it consists of at least 8 characters and contains meaningless expressions. Use letters, numbers and other characters together. In some systems you only need to enter numbers. Try to include your ciphers in mixed and meaningless expressions and be as long as possible. Use uppercase letters with lowercase letters. Since passwords are case-sensitive, this will increase your security a few more times.

  • Example 1: 3bd*35A = 09 (containing all characters)
  • Example 2: fa47TB8370 (contains only letters and numbers)
  • Example 3: 6730121834 (containing numbers only)

Worst Passwords in The World

Don’t use these Passwords to Create a Secure Password


How to Create a Secure Password
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