How Does Uber Work ( Step by Step with all Details )

How Does Uber Work. Uber work as a technology platform that connects driver business partners with passengers via a smartphone application.Uber work in the cities where Uber is located, you can request a vehicle through the application. Your request will be sent to the nearest driver-business partners. Your application displays the estimated time for the driver-business partner to arrive at the receiving position when a driver-partner accepts your travel request.

The application will also report when the driver-partner is about to arrive.

How Does Uber Work

Uber Work

To use Uber, you first need to be a member of the service. You can subscribe from, or from Android or iPhone. When you need a break afterwards, you choose the location you want to import from the application.

When you request a vehicle according to your location, a driver assumes your request. After that, you choose the place you want to go to and you just have to wait. After you have chosen your destination, you can see how much the journey will hold even without the car. What is Uber application and how uber work ?

When the driver picks you up, the point you want to go is told to him and the route is drawn and the estimated arrival time is determined. When you are there you are also paid via the payment method you have set up through the application. The amount of tip to be given to the driver is left to you.

If you want to share the trip with someone else, you come to the Share Fee option from the application menu. When you add other users who accompany you to the system, you will get equal amount of money from all cards at the end of the journey.

We do not even have to emphasize how innovative and useful Uber work is. When you are attending an important convention in different cities, you can arrive at the place you want with a stylish vehicle, a special driver, without unnecessary communication.

How Does Uber Work as an App

Uber work With the Uber application, you will be given the name of the driver-business partner, the vehicle type, the license plate number when you request a trip so you can make sure you get the right car. When you take a break, check that you have entered your preferred destination in practice.

The driver-business partners use the UBAR application to confirm your travel details. If you have a route that you prefer, it is easy to select the route by reporting it to your driver-business partner.

The journey ends when you arrive at your destination. Your fee will be automatically calculated and your Uber work in an account will be charged to the linked form of payment. Please note that Uber work to allows you to pay in cash in some cities.

Your practice will want you to score your driving immediately. Driver-business partners are also required to score passengers. Uber’s bilateral feedback system uber work to improve the obligation in a respectful community and platform, providing a high standard for travel and everyone.

For more information on how Uber work, please see the following other help topics.

How Does Uber Work different from Taxi’s

Uber work as a smartphone application. After they are loaded on the phone, they provide services to detect, find, call, price and route the transportation vehicles that accompany the users.

The user can have the option of going by taxi, luxury car, boat or any other vehicle.

Since it is written on the system in the first place where it is going to go, the driver does not have to deal with describing where you will go. Uber work as a transportation service has the possibility of having cash with the credit card.

US Uber work as a company provides taxi or luxury car, or even boat service, via application downloaded to smartphones. There are some differences between normal taxi and public transportation services, which bring the ones who need a car and those who own a car together.

First, the user can select and select the place to go and the vehicle through the system. You do not have to describe where you go, and you can see how long you can go with it. At the same time he can choose the driver and the driver himself.

It allows private car owners to make a taxi service through mobile application.

Another advantage of the Uber work in an application is that the credit card can be used as a payment method. It can also be done with a non-paying credit card and there is no obligation to carry cash next to the user.

What is Uber ?

Uber work as is seen as the American international transport network system originating in San Francisco / California. Uber work within offers marketing, development and business services through mobile application.

As of May 28, 2015, the service is now available in more than 300 countries in 58 countries around the world. The company, known as “Uberification”, offers a service approach to individuals and institutions through its commercial model.

How was Uber established?

Uber was first founded in 2009 by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp under the name “UberCab”. Mobile application was introduced to the market in June after 1 year. As of 2011, an enterprise that has exceeded 49 million dollars has collected capital.

In 2012, Uber is now taking firm steps towards becoming an international company. The company, which experimented with car sharing in 2014, also maintained its updates without slowing down.

Uber work continues to accumulate capital, and by the beginning of 2015 it had a treasure of 2.8 billion dollars in total. As of 2017, Uber is worth about $ 12 billion on the market!

Ineffective drivers have protested against many state and taxi companies, Uber, whose assertions about insecure and illegal driving of community-driven drivers are at the forefront.

Uber work started to carry passengers with autonomous vehicles as a result of his R & D uber work. As of 14.12.2016, the autonomous Uber car in San Francisco passed under the red light and had the danger of crushing a bow.

For this reason, it is expressed as “dangerous” by the American people for a while, but the company that keeps developing technology in the best shape by 2017, it transfers the commercial transportation service number 1 !

Why is Uber being discussed?

As for all of these positive aspects, there is a fact that Uber work has caused problems in many countries, dealing with cases and making some sectors uneasy. Why is Uber so much discussed? Actually, the reason is quite simple. Uber made a strong impression on the taxi and private car rental sectors that the Internet has not touched before.

While technology has radically changed many sectors, it has not touched these areas, but things have changed with Uber. In the end, the taxi stand in your neighborhood is threatened by an application by a few software developers in California. In the summer of 2014, taxi drivers in London organized various protests against Uber.

His complaints were clear and understandable.

In many countries of the world, it is necessary to pass a wide range of exams to become a taxi driver. Once you get your qualification certificates, you can be a taxi driver. If we give an example from London, a person who wants to be a cab driver there enters the famous knowledge test of the country.

It is not possible to drive a taxi in London without passing this test, where questions about all the streets in the city are asked. In addition, taximeters are often controlled independently. None of them are found in Uber.

The advantage of the taxis is also getting out of hand as Uber can now be called very easily through the phones which are not available anymore. Taxi drivers are also naturally disturbed by the situation.

Uber has often been criticized by taxis and governments around the world since the day he left. In some cases, the Uber drivers were acting badly and reporting that they were attacking the users.

In Uber, which is banned in Spain and in Portland, there are also cases where drivers are uncomfortable. In New York and San Francisco, several drivers were also notified of the attack. Nevertheless, the fact that such news was deliberately introduced by competitors and various media outlets has also been a subject of frequent talk in the recent period.

Ultimately, Uber is one of the most valuable startup companies Silicon Valley has seen up to now and is rapidly spreading to more than 50 countries around the world. In addition, the service offered is a quality service to the benefit of the consumer.

So it is not so wrong to think that Uber is behind the scenes. Nevertheless, you will decide whether or not you will use the application.


How Does Uber Work ( Step by Step with all Details )
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