How to Get Verified on Instagram

Verified on Instagram. Instagram finally makes it easier to verify your own account. We explain how you can apply for the coveted blue tick for your profile.Like Twitter or Facebook, Instagram has been displaying a blue check mark for quite some time to verify a user account. This guarantees that a user account is actually operated by the person under whose name it appears on the network.

How to Get Verified on Instagram

On Instagram, a blue check mark indicates that an account has been verified and the identity behind it has been confirmed. If you want to verify your own account, it’s sometimes impossible. Why this is and how you may still get a verified account, we explain here.

Verified on Instagram

Get Blue Hook and Verified Account on Instagram

  • If you search for popular people or companies on Instagram , you’ll sometimes see a blue tick behind the name. It indicates that the account is verified.
  • Currently, Instagram only verifies accounts of people or companies that are at high risk of being imitated.
  • These are, for example, celebrities like Chester Bennington (“chesterbe”) or Marken Wie Nivea (“nivea_de”).
  • The feature was introduced in 2014 by Instagram and is a consequence of the many fake accounts on the social network.
  • Unfortunately, as a “normal” user, you can not request verification right now. Currently, Instagram itself is approaching those whose profiles are heavily imitated.
  • If you want to show other people on Instagram that you’re authentic, Instagram recommends linking your profile to your website or Facebook profile, for example.

Get Verified on Instagram via app

But how does that work with the verification? Actually quite simple:

  • Open app
  • Change to your own profile and change settings
  • Search the menu item “Request Verification”
  • Enter real name or name of the company
  • Image of an identity document (does not have to be the identity card) or trademarks of the commercial register entry
  • Submit Submit
  • Finished

Then it’s time to wait. Instagram will then report after an exam with an acceptance or refusal.

Instagram: Get Blue Check for Account Verification

Celebrities are also active in social media. Just like on Facebook and Twitter, the authenticity of these “VIP” profiles is confirmed by a blue check next to the account name. But how do you get that blue hook in Instagram ?

Verification confirms the authenticity of the profile. Thus, the profile in which a known person is actually active is distinguished from fake profiles using celebrity names.

Instagram: Blue check only for selected accounts

Anyone who wants to apply for a blue check and thus verify the Instagram account has long been disappointed. Only months after the introduction, there is a way to apply for verification:

  1. Sign in to your Instagram profile.
  2. Controls the button in the lower right corner.
  3. Opens the settings via the icon with the three bars or the gear symbol.
  4. Scrolls down in the settings. Here you can request the verification.
  5. Ghent your username and full name.
  6. For a confirmation of the profile, you must also attach a copy of your ID with photo as a file. The date of birth must be visible next to your name.
  7. Send the request to Instagram. Your information will be checked. Upon confirmation, you will be informed by message.

According to the provider only selected companies and people get the symbol. These are those profiles that are especially at risk from profile copies. If the function is not yet available to you, you need to be patient. The feature will be gradually rolled out to Instagram users.

Blocked instead of verified account

Of course, a breach of which is the attempt to buy the blue hooks terms of Instagram before. Corresponding employees who have been found to have already been released. Also for users this way is not recommended. If an attempt to access an account verification in this way is proven, this may lead to the account being blocked.

Various hacks that promise a hook also circulate in the network. These are only fakes. Hooks promised in YouTube videos are only visible on their own PC and not Instagram-wide. Elsewhere tools are promised to help, but want to tap password data. Also here threatens an account suspension.

Verify an account on Instagram: These rules exist

On Instagram, the blue check behind a name indicates that it is a verified account. This confirms that, for example, an actor leads this account and is not the side of a fan. Instagram only offers this tool to people and businesses that have many imitators on Instagram. In most cases, Instagram itself goes to affected individuals and companies and offers you a verified account. It is also possible to contact the support and request a verification. Private individuals can not have their account verified on Instagram. An alternative is the link with Facebook.

Linking instead of verifying: That’s how it works

If you want to increase the credibility and reach of your profile, you can link to it instead of verification. As a result, however, all images of Instagram are also published on your profile on Facebook.

  1. You need the Instagram and the Facebook app and you must be logged in to both.
  2. Open Instagram and go to your profile.
  3. Select the three dots in the top right corner.
  4. Open Options – Settings – Linked Accounts.
  5. Choose Facebook.
  6. The “share option” is turned on.

Verification on Facebook

By the way, a similar way can also be found on Facebook. There is a support Formula the opportunity to apply for the verification. But also on Facebook the hurdles for such a verification are very high. If you are not really celebrities, a well-known brand or a journalist, you will hardly succeed.

Withdrawal of the verification

Even though Instagram does not constantly monitor the verified accounts, violating the verification frameworks may result in its being revoked. So if you put links to other social profiles, delete all pictures or commit other “stupidities”, you can lose the checkmark again. Same applies to the sale or transfer of the user account.

Attention hackers

In the last weeks a lot of Instagram accounts have been hacked. Not least because dubious providers in the network promised a verification of the account against the allegedly only temporary surrender of user data. In some cases that went so far that Instagram Story Ads were switched to this hack. However, that said providers did not have the verification in view, but only wanted to take over the account many users noticed too late.

Therefore: Do not get involved in such third-party offers. The verification takes place by Instagram and Instagram staff and is either fully automatic (at the VIPs) or after an application via the above path.

Verify Instagram Account – How to get the coveted blue checkmark

The verification process has been extremely opaque so far. This has in the past led to a veritable black market for Instagram verifications has developed in which also employees of the Facebook subsidiary have participated.

In July 2018 , Instagram began testing a more transparent verification process directly through the app in Australia. Now the image network has rolled out this feature worldwide. A small test within the t3n editorial staff shows that the function is also available in this country. However, we were only able to start the verification process on iOS. Android users may therefore have to wait a while.

Instagram: Which accounts are allowed for verification?

As with other networks, there should be the blue tick for known personalities, brands or organizations. According to its own statements, Instagram also reviews press articles in which an account holder appears. In addition, however, there are other requirements.

For one thing, you’re only allowed to have a single Instagram account. In addition, your profile must be completed and public, you need a profile photo and you must have published at least one post. References to add you on other social networks are an exclusion criterion.

So you request a verification of your Instagram account

Within the Instagram app you have to go to your profile and select settings there . There you will then find the entry Apply for verification . In the following menu, you will need to fill in your full name and, in addition, Instagram will require a copy of your ID card, passport or other official document that can confirm your identity.

Instagram makes it clear at the point, however, that not everyone who wants to have their account verified gets a blue check mark. After all, you will be informed after completing the examination process, whether it worked or not. If you have been denied, you can try again for verification at the earliest after 30 days. Instagram also notes that blue check marks can be removed if a verified user misuses the profile picture, short description or name as advertising space for other services.

How to Get Verified on Instagram
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