How to Get Unconstipated

How to Get Unconstipated. Constipation is one of the symptoms of decreased intestinal motility that occurs when you have less water than usual in your intestines. In addition, various medicines can cause constipation. In this article we will tell you how you can quickly get rid of the natural methods and the stuff that you can find anywhere in the world.

Get Unconstipated shortly, the digestive system does not work well, the stomach and intestines can not make good discharge due to the reduction of the stool period or no stools can be done. This problem still suffers thousands of people. Some prefer to use medication for Get Unconstipated, others are trying to treat themselves. Here, it is necessary to stand a little bit on the reasons of the insufficiency.

How to Get Unconstipated


1- Drink water to Get Unconstipated

For two to four glasses of warm water when you feel constipated. If you are a couple of days you are constipated, like you wake up in the morning for water. You should drink at least 10 cups of warm water a day.

Water is one of the most effective fluids to discard toxins and residues in your body. Other drinks, such as juice or soda, can not hold the water and, no matter how natural they are, they usually contain extra sugar, which can make your candy worse.

2- Eat fruits and vegetables to Get Unconstipated

Consume fruits, vegetables and other fiber foods to increase your daily fiber consumption. Try to consume at least 24 to 38 grams of fiber a day. Constipation arises from consuming excess fat, processed sugar and dairy products instead of whole grain fiber, bran, fruit and vegetables.

Even if you think you get enough fiber from the things you eat all day, you might want to buy fiber reinforcements. Fibers can not always be digested by enzymes in the human body and can not interfere with blood. So they stay in the gut and absorb water to soften the ovary.

Some foods rich in fiber are: raspberries, pears, apples, wholegrain pasta (cooked), barley (cooked), kidney beans (cooked), lentils (cooked), artichokes (cooked), artichokes (cooked), pears .

3- Coffee can help to Get Unconstipated

Many people think that corpse is a quick solution to constipation. The caffeine in the kettle triggers the intestinal motility by triggering the digestive system muscles. On the other hand, because coffee is a diuretic, it makes it difficult to reduce the humidity of the feces. Doctors therefore suggest that diuretics such as coffee, alcohol, cola and tea should not be consumed.

4- Eat Plum to Get Unconstipated

Eat plum or two glasses of plum juice. Plums contain sorbitol, a fecal-softening sugar that naturally favors fibrous and fibrous as well as fibrous. Sorbitol is a moderate intestinal trigger that reduces the risk of constipation and shortens the duration of fecal incontinence.

If you do not like the texture and taste of plums, plum juice may be a better option for you. Wait for the first cup to show its effect before drinking the second glass, as it will be effective within a few hours. If you do not wait, we risk being diarrhea.

100 grams of plum contains 14.7 gr of sorbitol, while 100 grams of plum contains 6.1 grams of sorbitol. Since plum juice is processed and contains extra sugar, it is necessary to consume more to show the same effect with plums.

5- Make Exercise to Get Unconstipated

Try not to sit for more than 10 minutes if possible and keep your body in motion. Physical exercise in moderate difficulty will be more beneficial, but a 30-minute walk will be good for your intestines.

Practical suggestions to Get Unconstipated

-Try to drink warm water on an empty stomach in the morning. Warm water stimulates the intestinal peristalsis.

– Do not postpone your defecation need for a long time. During the day, go to the toilet at the same time each day and take enough time.

– At each meal, keep a nutrient containing pulp, take advantage of the pulp content of the nutrients.

– Make sure that your bread is whole grain, whole wheat or rye bread.

– Choose foods like pasta and rice that you will be consuming.

– Do not forget to consume 3-5 servings per day.

– Consume some amount of raw and cooked vegetables every day.

– Take care to eat vegetables and fruit shells that can be consumed with shells.

– Do not neglect to consume enough water (at least 8 cups) and liquid foods.

– A few dry fruits that you will consume before breakfast in the morning allow the intestines to work and comfort you. At the same time you will have a beautiful day.

– Exercise regularly. The increase in physical activity is effective in the regularization of large bowel movements.

– If you have to remain immobilized in the bed due to any disease, make passive movements that can be done in bed, especially those that operate your abdominal muscles.

Causes of Constipation

  • High amount of processed sugar.
  • Fibrous and lean foods are consumed little and never consumed.
  • Do not leave the big toilets or put off hanging out all the time.
  • The cause of diseases such as tumors, urine, cancer in the intestine
  • Lazy intestines
  • Psychological situations. I can not go to the toilet elsewhere like the house, I can not get a toilet in the places where strangers live.
  • Medicines used can cause constipation as a side effect.
  • Pregnancy.

Natural and Effective Methods in the Treatment to Get Unconstipated

Without medication against constipation, you can come to the top of this disorder with natural treatments.
This may be possible with nutrition with pelitic and fibrous food, remote stalling, adequate water consumption.

* Finish your bowels. Go to the toilet every day at the same time and sit down for five minutes, even if your toilet is not there. But definitely do not bother. You will see that after a while you will need a toilet at the same time every day.

* In the morning on an empty stomach, eat a spoonful of marmalades made from plum and apricots and drink 1 cup of water. If you are on weight loss diet, boil a half kilogram of myrdum in 3 liters of water. For every cup of hungry carrots every morning.

* The tea is little and open. If you like to drink a lot of tea, squeeze lemon juice into it. Because C vitamins can sometimes be cured of constipation.

* For plenty of water. For at least 1 or 1.5 liters of water a day.

* Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Eat vegetables and fruit at least 4 times a day.

* Choose unprepared grain products. However, do not include excessive amounts of whole-grain products. Because the phytic acids in the hive prevent iron absorption and lead to cancer.

* Frequently eat dry legumes. Mullet, like lentils.