How to Get Rid of Roaches Without an Exterminator

How to Get Rid of Roaches Without an Exterminator. Roaches are disgusting guests and it can be very difficult to completely remove them from your home. These insects, besides being disgusting, carry diseases that can poison your food without you noticing. The most disturbing thing is that the Roaches are hiding all over the house and the nights are active when we do not move.

Are you ready to get rid of Roaches Without an Exterminator ? Pest cleaners can get rid of them quickly and easily. It can even take seconds. But the materials they use are usually toxic for the health of both us and our pets. So, in our current article, we will offer you natural, effective and inexpensive solutions that you can prepare to get rid of Roaches.

How to Get Rid of Roaches Without an Exterminator

Get Rid of Roaches

Homemade pesticides are great for get rid of Roaches and keeping them out of the house. But before you apply them, do not forget and remember carefully that keeping your house clean and clean is the most important way to get away from these creatures or invite them back home.

-First, close all gaps around the dishwasher, sink, bath, shower and bathtub. It is also useful to keep the kitchen and the basin dry.

-Clean the bottom of the furniture frequently. Keep the spaces between the chairs, pillows, carpets, rugs and everything else important, and the distance between them and the walls.

-Empty the books, all the drawers and cupboards that you hold for clothes, and clean them.

-Do not leave meals in the kitchen sink. Now the dishes are all about pulling the Roaches. Also close your food and animal food thoroughly and slide it.

How to Get Rid of Roaches with homemade materials

1-Bay leaves:

Crumble or break the bay leaves and leave the places you think are bath-house beetles. They hate it and smell it.

2-Onion and boric acid:

This method is very popular because it is very effective and cheap. Mix medium size onion chop, half cap plain flour and a little bit of water or beer, a pinch of sugar, 3 to 4 tablespoons boric acid powder. Boric acid powder can be found in shops selling natural materials. Mix everything in a container and leave places where you are sure or confident that bathrobes are circulating in the house. Keep this mixture away from your pets, it may be toxic to them.

3-Carbonate and sugar:

Mix a container of capers and a cup of sugar and sprinkle it on your house. The bathrobes are pulled towards the candy and the mixture is in place. Carbonate causes bubbles to form in them and kills them.


This natural material is a natural material used in soaps made for the destruction of clothes. Sprinkle a little borax to the house you need to do, especially where you suspect that the bathrobes are hiding. When they walk on it they stay dry and die. If the shells of the Roaches are broken and damaged, they can not hold moisture and die.

5-Nepeta cataria

Sprinkle some cats around the house. It has an effect like laurel leaves – bath bugs are disgusted and distracted by this scent.

Where are the Roaches hiding in your house?

Before we talk about ways to control this insect, we will talk about where you can be in your house during the day. These points are very important:

-Kitchen and bathroom cabinets, spaces with cracks beneath and behind the furniture.

-Interior of wooden furniture.

-They can enter from the outside where the doors and windows are open.

-They can enter water pipes, rain pipes and kitchen, bathroom, laundry room pipes, gas pipes, heater and ventilation entrances, electric boxes or ceiling panels and so on.

-They love to hide behind refrigerators, ovens, mixers, microwaves and other white goods.

-It’s in cardboard boxes, in warehouse containers, on paper stacks, and on papermaking.

-Wooden places, under parquets.

-Excavation, garbage, etc. in the thrown places.

Natural ways to Get Rid of Roaches Without an Exterminator

1- Using Borax and powdered sugar to Get Rid of Roaches

  • Borax or carbonate
  • Granulated sugar

Borax is the most effective remedy that can be used to prevent Roaches from multiplying and entering the house. We recommend you to use it with sugar to increase the effectiveness of borax. Since bath bugs love sugar, adding sugar borax helps insects get trapped more easily.

Mix one unit of sugar and three units of borax. (Depending on the size of the area you will use the amount of unit, you should use borax three times the amount of sugar you will use, such as mixing 1 teaspoon powder sugar, 3 sweet spoon borax) Sprinkle this mixture throughout the baths. (After mixing this mixture, wash your hands thoroughly and it is advised to wear gloves without touching the borax.)

Note: Borax can be supplied by pharmacy or online. If there is no borax at home, carbonate will do the same.

2- Using Powdered red pepper to Get Rid of Roaches

Red pepper is also the most effective substance used to destroy bathrobes.

  • 1 tablespoon powder red pepper
  • 1 clove garlic
  • 1 white onion
  • 4 glasses of water

Sprinkle with onion and garlic blender or calendula. Put 4 cups of water in the pot and boil it, add in the mash of onion, garlic and 1 tablespoon red chili pepper. Drain this into a spray bottle and squeeze the roosters of the Roaches. If you do not have a spray bottle, dip a piece of cloth into this water, squeeze excess water and wipe the places where bathrobes are touched.

3. Using powdered cocoa to Get Rid of Roaches

4 cocoa spoon borax, 2 cocoa spoon flour and 1 cocoa powder mix. Sprinkle the mixture of Roaches on their journeys. You can get rid of this unbelievable mixture of bugs.

4. Using filter coffee (ground coffee) to Get Rid of Roaches

Filter coffee beans, also known as coffee grounds, will attract chamomile beetles with its delicious fragrance and will naturally help you get rid of Roaches. Mix the ground coffee with a little water and bring it to the dough consistency, put it in small containers, and place these containers in places where the bath bug walks.

5- Using bay leaf to Get Rid of Roaches

Laurel leaves are the plants used to destroy the day-old hammock. Buy the bay leaf from the transsexual and transfer 1 palm bay leaf to a blender and dust it. Sprinkle this dough everywhere you think you are infected with Roaches. Thanks to the bay leaf, you can get rid of the hammer bug in a short time.

6. Using of boiled potatoes to Get Rid of Roaches

3 and yea 4 knead potatoes boil a little sugar into the last 1 packet of boric acid in a little oil. You can make small balls and put them in places that children can not reach, or you can take them in a thin layer. After 15 days, put them up and put them in 2 times. They do not see the planet anymore. It’s very clean.

7- Using powder sugar and carbonate to Get Rid of Roaches

Mix some carbonated and powdered sugar (I also added a teaspoon of borax) and put in the places where you think these insects are, the exact solution is to destroy the bath bugs.

Which smells does the Roaches don’t like ?

Cat nanosphere (Nepeta cataria) 

Nepeta cataria was found to be a cockroach repellent effect of nepetalactone. Cat owners should be aware that this plant, which is not harmful to humans and animals, causes different chemical reactions in the keds. It is recommended to mix with some water and use it as a spray.

Bay leaves

Laurel is a natural insect repellent. The smell of this plant is disgusting with Roaches. Crushed bay leaves that you have in your kitchen will have a repellent effect not only against these insects but also against ants and other pests. You can boil the bay leaf and prepare “insect tea” and spray it on areas where kitchens and insects are frequent.

Citrus fruits

Roaches and other such insects do not like citrus smell. The lemon or orange juice to the house will be repelled by Roaches with the help of a fısfıs. It has been observed that lemon juice is effective in the areas exposed to the invasion. You can rinse the place with a little lemon juice. The shells of these citrus fruits also have a repellent effect. Grate the lemon or orange peel into the cabinets. These shredded shells will keep not only bathrobes but also safety at home.

Red pepper

red pepper makes these insects away. We suggest you prepare a hamburger soup. For this 1 liter boiling water add a spoonful of red pepper, crushed garlic, crushed or grater white onion. Then let it cool. Fill it in the spray bottles and tighten the areas where the pests are found.

Rosemary oil

it is known that insects do not like the smell of some herbal essential oils. By using these oils you can remove pests from your home. Make cotton balls and squeeze the rosemary oil. Place the balls in areas where bugs are frequent. You will have to repeat this process as the odor will flow. There is cedar and eucalyptus among the vegetable oil smell that the bath bean does not like. Especially cedar is a favorite product in terms of keeping away from many harmful.


Many insects hate the smell of this plant and Roaches are among these insects. Undoubtedly the most effective odor is the smell of fresh crushed garlic. However, this odor not only bugs, but also people are disturbing. Garlic powder may be a lighter solution in this sense. You can put garlic powder on the corner of your house.

Pseudo oranges

It is known that this orange beetle has been removed. However, rotten fruit can attract insects.


Roaches do not like cucumber smell. The smell of fresh cucumber shells has a repellent effect on these insects. You can peel the cucumbers and put the shells in the areas where the pests are found. As long as the fragrance is fresh, it is a smug effect.


solutions such as lavender oil, lavender sachets will keep the bugs away from your home.

Mint and sage

These plants are among the smells that Roaches do not like. By using essential oils at home you can remove pests. Another remover is a melekotudur.

Tea tree oil

The tea tree oil sprayed on the bottoms of doors and windows and in the areas where the insects are coming will keep them away from home.


it is known that the sirken diluted with some water will remove these harmful ones from the houses. The vinegar mixed with water is filled into a spray bottle and squeezed into the spaces of the bees.

Borax (boric acid)

this substance has a lethal effect on insects. Be careful, however, as it may be harmful to pets as well. Feeds containing borax are used to poison bugs. In general, egg whites, boiled potatoes or sugar mixed with insects to eat this feed is provided. In addition, food items such as cocoa and flour can also be used to feed baits and cocks to the likes of Roaches. Borax is used as an insecticide by diluting and spraying.

Carbonate powder + powder sugar mixture:

Powder sugar is used as a trap. The two are mixed and prepared as insect bait. Put it in the areas where insects are often found. The pests that consume it die, because they make gas in the soda maddelas and make the mideler upside down and kill.

Carnation oil

You can apply a natural remover solution to get rid of the cockroach by dropping a few drops of clove oil on the corners, dripping with cracks on the wall and holes in the cabinets.

Pandanus, Pandanus amaryllifolius

this plant destroys the respiratory and nervous systems of insects and removes them from your home. Naphthalene – It has been determined that Roaches do not like naphthalene odor. However, this method of solution is not recommended because some substances in naphthalene may harm human health.

White mouse

there was no cockroach in houses with white mice. It is an interesting piece of information, but it is known that these insects do not like mouse smell. Ammonia – You can remove floors by adding ammonia. This smell also has a cockroach effect. it has been found that ammonia is also toxic to humans when it is inhaled.

Paint odor

Insects are freshly scratched, do not like paint, repairs and cleaner smells. You can keep your house clean and keep it alive.

How to Get Rid of Roaches Without an Exterminator
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