How to Get Rid of Lie Bumps ( Step by Step with Naturally )

How to Get Rid of Lie Bumps. Lie Bumps; When you eat and drink something, it gives a feeling of burning and pity, resulting in Lie Bumps due to cold or allergic reasons on the edge of the tongue. Lie Bumps on the skin often affects our lives negatively. Even eating, drinking, tasting and sometimes even talking will work.Some rashes resulting from excessive hot eating and drinking are rashes spontaneously spontaneously without treatment. But sometimes the Lie Bumps on the back can also be the cause of serious illness. Over time, Lie Bumps that causes inflammation and infection should not be neglected.

If the Lie Bumps on the back does not pass, a physician should apply without causing more damage. Lie Bumps on the skin can cause pain and excessive sensitivity. Lie Bumps caused by the inflammation of the substance called papiila, which occurs on the tongue and allows us to taste, is common in people who consume excessive cigarettes and alcohol.

Lie Bumps in people who are not paying attention to mouth cleanliness can then lead to inflammation called aphthae. It will be useful to briefly review the complications that cause Lie Bumps on the skin.

How to Get Rid of Lie Bumps

Lie Bumps

Tongue is regarded as the strongest body part and has many functions such as speaking, chewing, and taking food. The healthy tongue appears pink and is covered with small nodules called papilla. If your tongue has bubbles and you want to know why,

1- Gargle with salt water

Add a sweet spoon of salt to 1 glass of water and mix. Gargle with this water 3-4 times a day and consume.

2- Mint

Mint is a plant known for its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. Continue chewing a little mint before sleeping every night. In addition 1 cup of hot water 1 dessert spoon of mint leaves and 5 minutes brew and drink as tea.

3- Feed on the right foods

Stay away from these foods for a while as sour, salty, fried and spicy foods will trigger irritation on the back.

4- Pay attention to oral hygiene

Continue brushing your teeth 2-3 times a day and using dental floss every day. So you can combat intra-oral infections, you can prevent bubble formation on the bottom.

How to Get Rid of Lie Bumps with Natural Ways

Now we will talk about the natural and herbal treatment methods that you can use in the treatment of wounds and aches on the back. If you do not get a result after testing these methods for a week, consult your doctor or dentist.

Here are the most effective natural and herbal treatment methods for wounds and aches on the back.

1. Aloe Vera to Get Rid of Lie Bumps

The inflammatory properties of aloe vera reduce pain and inflammation on the back. Helps the wounds heal.

  • Extract the gel of an aloe vera leaf. This gel directly onto the yarn.
  • Also gargle with aloe vera juice 3 or 4 times a day.

You can try this method until pain and inflammation have passed.

2. Relief powder to Get Rid of Lie Bumps

You can use the embossing powder in the natural treatment of wound and pain on the back. The embossing powder cuts the pain and inflammation.

  • Add half a teaspoon of boiling soda to half a glass of water. Wait for a minute after rubbing against the wounded area and rinse with warm water.
  • Stir in a glass of warm water a sweet sponge embossing powder and gargle with this water several times a day.

Try three times a day four times a day to get effective results from the methods.

3. Hydrogen Peroxide to Get Rid of Lie Bumps

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is pale blue; when diluted it becomes a colorless compound. Hydrogen peroxide is an effective antiseptic for language problems. Reduces the risk of infection because it has very strong antibacterial properties. Use only 3 percent hydrogen peroxide.

  • Mix 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and hot water in equal amounts.
  • Drive on the affected area using a clean cotton swab.
  • Rinse your mouth with warm water.
  • You can try this method several times a day for several days.

4. Salt to Get Rid of Lie Bumps

Salt is a natural antiseptic that you can use for tongue treatment. Salt prevents both inflammation and also helps to reduce pain. It is also effective in preventing infection.

  • Add 1 sweet spoonful of salt to 1 cup warm water. Mix well and wash your mouth with this water 3 times a day for 4 times a day until the wound heals on the back.
  • You can even apply some salt directly to the affected area to prevent throat drying. You may feel pain when you drive the salt.

5. Licorice to Get Rid of Lie Bumps

Since it has healing properties, it is very effective in the treatment of tongue wounds and pain. This plant has anti-inflammatory properties and can relieve pain in the injured area.

  • Mix enough water and 1 teaspoon cornstarch powder to make a paste. With a cotton swab crawl onto the affected area with this paste. After waiting a few minutes, rinse your mouth with hot water.
  • Another option is to chew 1 or 2 ready-made cranberry tablets daily.

Note: those with high blood pressure should not use liquorice drugs.

6. Lavender Essential Oil to Get Rid of Lie Bumps

In the natural treatment of language wounds, you can use sweet and fragrant essential oil of lavender. This helps to reduce fat sores. In addition, this accelerates the healing process and helps speed up skin repair.

  • Drop a few drops of lavender essential oil into a glass of hot water. Wash your mouth with this water several times each day.
  • Mix 3 drops of lavender essential oil, 1 teaspoon honey and half a cup of hot water. This mixture is then diluted with cold water. Wash your mouth with this water several times daily.

Note: Do not swallow the Lavender essential oil. Swallowing this oil can cause various health problems.

7. Honey to Get Rid of Lie Bumps

Honey is soothing and healing properties that can help alleviate pain and inflammation on the back.

  • You can drive honey on the back a few times.
  • Also mix 1 tablespoon honey and half a teaspoon turmeric to make a putty. Drive this paste over the wound.
  • After waiting 5 minutes, rinse with warm water.

8. Sage to Get Rid of Lie Bumps

Sage is a natural medicine you can use at home for the treatment of tongue wounds. Calming properties of sage can help reduce pain. It also has a firming and drying effect on the wound.

  • Throw a handful of fresh sage leaf into 3-4 glasses of water and boil for 5 minutes. Wash your mouth with this water after you have waited for your chills.
  • You can also speed up the wound healing by pouring the sage powder over the wound.

9. Hot Pepper to Get Rid of Lie Bumps

Hot pepper makes the pain relieved by insensitizing nerves that cause pain. You can use pepper for pain and inflammation on the back.

  • Prepare a paste of some red pepper powder by dripping a few drops of water. Apply this paste to the wounded area. This paste will cause irritation in the first place, but it will heal later.
  • You can also get rid of the pain by sucking a little sugar containing hot pepper.

10. Screed to Get Rid of Lie Bumps

The alum reduces pain and inflammation and helps the wound heal by drying the upper nipple. The screed will make the antiseptic property tight.

  • Apply a small amount of alum to the injured area.
  • Do not swallow the screed.
  • Wait for 1 minute and then consume.
  • Rinse your mouth with water.
  • If necessary, repeat the same process the next day.

Additional Tips

  • If you have a lot of pain, we can put an ice cube on the wound.
  • Drinking a glass of cold water will lighten the pain.
  • Get B12 Vitamin Reinforcement to get out of the scars on the outskirts.
  • Those who have allergies such as chocolate, orange, pineapple, strawberry, egg, cheese, nuts and coffee will stay away from these beauties.
  • As you brush your teeth, dig your tongue. Brushing the outside will reduce the risk of infection.
  • Shake your mouth with a mouthwash to prevent infection.
  • Stress increases the risk of catching tongue. With deep breathing exercises and proper nutrition you can reduce stress.
  • If your toothpaste contains a compound called “sodium lauryl sulphate”, change your toothpaste.
    Brush your teeth gently. Be sure to use a soft bristle brush.

How does Lie Bumps appear ?


Health problems such as toothbrushing, eating hard foods, grinding teeth can cause irritation on the skin and may cause blistering on the skin.

Nutritional Deficiencies

Some vitamin deficiencies, such as folic acid, can also cause blistering on the tongue.


Language squash can react to a variety of foods and medicines, and bubbles can appear on the skin.


Excessive cigarette smoking can also cause irritation on the skin and trigger bubble formation on the skin.

Special medical conditions

One of the typical symptoms of some medical conditions, including anemia and diabetes, is the onset of blistering on the dorsal surface.


Aft is an ulcer of the mouth that is thought to be of stress origin. Aft can also cause blistering on the underside.

Mucosal inflammation

Mucosal inflammation, also known as aphthous inflammation, can occur due to inadequate dental hygiene and may also result in blistering of the skin.


Red is a bacterial infection that can cause blistering on the skin.

Kawasaki Syndrome

This syndrome is usually seen in children under five years of age, and can affect blood vessels and cause blisters on the dorsum.

Tongue burn syndrome

It is a common condition especially in the menopausal stage and may cause blisters on the skin.

Enlarged papilla

The flavor on the tongue is called papilla. Inflammation and swelling of the papillary are also the most important causes of the bubbles on the dips.


In this medical condition, oral cells grow excessively, creating white stains throughout the mouth and tongue. It may also be an early manifestation of some types of cancer in the leukemia.

Oral cancer

We often do not care much about bubbles on the tongue. But if the bubbles on the back do not go through for two or three weeks, there is a possibility of oral cancer, then the ear, nose and throat should go to the doctor.


Thrush is a common fungal infection especially in the elderly and infants who use prosthetics. In addition, lung disease and cortisone drugs used to treat diabetes can also cause canker sores. The thrush is a discomfort with a bubble on the underside.