How to Get Rid of Hickies

How to Get Rid of Hickies. Hickies can remove by using heparin creams with hickies. However, despite the use of the drug, the hickey heal completely between 2 and 3 weeks. In the meantime, you can also benefit from the herbal treatment methods to ensure that your hickies are destroyed in a short period of time.Hickey can occur within seconds.The greater the intensity of the hickey or the hurt zone, the darker the color.

Hickey lasts for a few days when the severity of the injury is improved in a few seconds or minutes. Some hickies may cause pain and inflammation. Caries and hickey generally are expected to improve around 12 to 15 days.

How to Get Rid of Hickies Fast

How to Get Rid of Hickies

1- Place ice Packs in the area to get rid of hickies

Everyone knows that nearly everyone knows that icebreakers should be used immediately during the moribund. But let us give you detailed information. Putting ice syrup on the hickey is the first aid to purple.

Placing ice packs or ice packs in the hickies area will keep the damaged blood vessels cool and the blood leaking under control. Apply ice therapy to the hickey or purple zone for 10 minutes. Try not to hold the ice bag for more than 20 minutes. If you do not find ice, you can apply it in cold water.

2- Place a Cold Spoon to get rid of hickies

Alternatively, if ice and water are not available, it can be put in frozen vegetables. If there is no ice in the icebreaker to hickey the body and none of these other options are found, place it in a stainless steel ice-creme cabinet and cool. Take the cold spoon and wrap it on a napkin and hold it in the hickey area. All these treatments improve the blood clots caused by the formation of purple.

3- Use Cloth or Bandage Wrap to get rid of hickies

You can wrap a bandage or cloth around the hickey to prevent the spread of the purple. The hickey begins to spread quickly to the tissue cells next to it after it hurts. If you want to make a sudden intervention at the time of hitting, immediately put on a cloth and prevent the growth of the purple. This application also provides a quick healing of the purple.

4- Use Hot Water Bottle to get rid of hickies

Take a bottle and fill the inside with warm water and hold it on the hickey. Hot water reduces blood clotting and slows blood flow to the affected area. The heat radiating deeply and quickly is much more useful on the skin.

Alternatively, a good hot bath, hot water or a hot towel soaked in hot water is a hot jacuzzi.

5- Use Vinegar to get rid of hickies

Vinegar improves blood clotting in the affected area. For this, mix vigorously with warm water and keep on the hickey. Morrow is one of the house methods that will pass instantly.

6- Use Pineapple to get rid of hickies

There is an enzyme called “bromelain” in the pineapple. When pineapple is consumed, this enzyme is released in the body and the inflammation that occurs in the skin is eliminated by the hickies and even the hickey on the skin. At least 500 milligrams per day for hickies or hickey should be consumed.

7- Use Vitamin K to get rid of hickies

Vitamin K, which treats blood clotting and tissue damage. For this reason, you can pay attention to the food you consume to get rid of hickies or hickey. For example, many varieties of Brussels cabbage, broccoli and green leaves have vitamin K. Alternatively, you can purchase a cream that contains the pharmacy K vitamins and apply the hickey to the area to treat purple.

8- Use Chocolate to get rid of hickies

Another answer to the question of how the hickey passes is chocolate. Chocolate is a food with anti-inflammatory properties. So it contains very useful ingredients for skin health. But this chocolate is not the wafer you bought from the grocery store. It is pure chocolate with cocoa inside.

For the hickies, melt the chocolate and hold the hot melted chocolate in the hickies area. Wait for the chocolate to dry in the hickies area. You can even cover it with a bandage. Hot chocolate tightens blood vessels that control blood flow. At the same time reduce hickey.

CAUTION: Be careful not to overheat while melting the chocolate. Otherwise you can unintentionally burn your skin.

9- Using Sugar Syrup to get rid of hickies

Sugar has antibacterial properties and supports wound healing. Apply sugar syrup on hickey or bruise and wrap with a bandage. After waiting 15-20 minutes, open the bandage and clean the area with cold water. After cleaning, place ice in the hickies area for a few minutes. You’ll see that the morale will pass right away. Sugar syrup is also used to tighten dry skin.

10- Using Papaya to get rid of hickies

There is an enzyme called “papain” in the papaya oil or plant. This enzyme is a marvelous plant for the quick hickies. Move the papaya oil that you will provide from the transgressor onto the bruise and wait. After the oil has dried, wash the area with cold water.

11- Using vitamin C to get rid of hickies

How to get rid of the bruise is one of the most effective vitamins Vitamin C, especially for large bruises should be consumed. C is rich in vitamins such as lemon, orange, broccoli, mango, pepper, sweet potato. These foods are good for bruises as well as for reducing skin inflammation.

12- Using Grape seeds to get rid of hickies

You can use the grape juice for this. Grape juice, which is very good for rotten and purple, is a very rich food in terms of flavonoid. You can apply grape juice on the bruise. You can even take grapefruit from the transporter and apply it on the bruise.

13- Use Turmeric and Tamarind to get rid of hickies

Turmeric is a giant plant of almost every species. It is used in many creams or medicines to get rid of the bruises. Mix the turmeric and tamarind powder that you will get from the transfer with water and bring it to the dough consistency. Then heat this hare and apply warm to the area with bruise. Cover the top of the masquerade with a cloth for the quicker treatment.

14- Using Onion to get rid of hickies

The onion has an inflammatory feature. It is a healing plant on damaged skin cells. It causes the blood vessels to be injured because of the bruises. Especially the onion water is great for bruises and bruises. It cures blood clots. For this, remove the onion water and apply it with cotton on the skin. Wait for the skin to absorb the onion water.

15- Use Lemon to get rid of hickies

There is plenty of vitamin C in the lemon. Lemon, which is the main recipe for skin problems, is also a therapeutic tool for aching bruises. Apply lemon gently on the bruise or bruise for 5 minutes. In a very short time you will see that the bruises pass.

16- Use coffee to get rid of hickies

You can use black coffee to heal a scar or purple. Cover the bruise or wound with black coffee mud and wrap it around with a cloth. With this method you will see that the purple will pass in a few hours.

17- Bleach Treatment with Vaseline to get rid of hickies

Vaseline is sold at every pharmacy. Vaseline, which is very popular for bruise treatment, is a cream that accelerates the healing process and is very good for bruises.

18- Use Butter to get rid of hickies

Butter has anti-inflammatory properties. Your butter has proven to be good for skin problems. It is very good for the quick treatment of bruises. Even small bruises, bruises, burns can be used for butter.

19- Use Indian Oil to get rid of hickies

Castor oil may be applied on the bruise, bruise. Massage, gently push the Indian oil over the bruise without pushing too hard. Indian oil also prevents peeling of the bruised bruises.