How to Get Rid of Fleas

How to Get Rid of Fleas. Fleas are extremely fast-moving parasites that can be seen in humans, cats, dogs, various birds and poultry. Even though they are known that they can only affect animals; they can cause deadly diseases in humans through the bacteria they carry. These agile insects who fed by the blood of animals, are carried into houses by pets.

It does not take a long time for a flea to get in once your home and then reproduce quickly, invade your entire house and become a difficult problem to cope with. It is not always possible to get rid of the fleas that can become a big problem especially in the summer. Now you can find necessary and beneficial tips to kill all fleas in your home…

How to Get Rid of Fleas with 15 Ways

Get Rid of Fleas

Method 1

It would be helpful to start with the methods of get rid of the fleas in your pets because it would be pointless to clean them from home without destroying the source of them. For seen in animals, you can start using products such as nape drops, flea carpets, flea shampoo.

Since bathe is not good for the skin of some pets such as dogs, it will also be a useful method to comb their feather every day. It is also possible to get rid of the fleas by adding cider vinegar to the water of your pet. But be careful not to do this too much.

Method 2

Pay attention to wash your pet’s place and fabric piece frequently at a high temperature.

Method 3

Cleaning is one of the things that limit the living spaces of them. When you have a doubt that there are fleas in your home, firstly you should increase the frequency of your cleaning days, be more careful than ever about hygiene, frequently ventilate the house and get sunshine, and use vinegar during cleaning. Do not forget to throw away the duster and vacuum cleaner bags you use during cleaning.

Method 4

Fleas that occur in the home can spread easily on the surfaces such as sheets, linens, quilts, blankets and clothes. After you are sure of the presence of the fleas, wash everything that can be washed at home at high temperatures.

Repeat this process frequently until you have no doubt that your home is free from fleas. This is a fundamental part of the cleaning and the fleas cannot live in high temperatures.

Method 5

Sprinkle salt on your carpets to get rid of the fleas that hold on to the feathered surfaces and maintain their life. When a salt crystal touches , they stick each other. This crystal corrodes the fleas and they eventually die. If you use small-grained salt, the crystal can easily stick to small  and kill them all.

Method 6

Lemon water is as effective as at least vinegar and salt. In places where they are found, it is both beneficial and natural way to put lemon into boiling water to cope with fleas. Leave this water for one night with lemon.

The next day you can use the same lemon water by spraying the areas where the fleas are dense. Direct contact is always more effective and provides faster solution. But this mixture can leave traces on the walls or on the surfaces after it dries.

Method 7

Putting naphthalenein various parts of your house is another way to fight fleas. They cannot resist resistance to smell of it. In the same way you can put naphthalene into your vacuum bag. When you clean your house, the fleas that are packed into the bag will die before they can spread again.

Method 8

Humid environments are very convenient for reproduction of fleas. They can grow easily in such environments and hold onto moist surfaces.

It may be a solution to this problem by not lifting your clothes while they are wet and keeping them open until they are completely dry. It may also be useful to have a dehumidifier in your home.

Method 9

Use water with washing liquid is another effective solution. A mix of water and washing liquid is like a toxic swimming pool for fleas. They will die when they cross. Place the mix of water and washing liquid in a well-decked, non-deeper bowl so that they can accidentally jump into it.

Put a light source, preferably a night light, next to the mixture. They turn towards the light. When they turn to the light, most of the fleas fall into bowl and die.

Method 10

Flea dust is one of the most effective methods for those who cannot benefit from natural methods. You can destroy fleas by pouring flea dust into the surrounding areas, living areas of pets, parquet floors and wall corners of your pets’ homes.

You can also get rid of the fleas in your home with dust same product to your broom, armchairs, and beds. Finding another place to stay while home is full of flea dust is good for your health.

Method 11

Mix flea dust with borate powder and boric acid. The easiest way to kill fleas is to catch them at the point where they are most vulnerable. Fleas in the form of eggs and larval can be destroyed much more easily than in grown up fleas.

While a grown up flea can live for only a week without blood, a flea larva can live for months. It is important to attack the larval first. This mixture will help prevent reproduction of them. But you should take care to use the mask when you apply this chemical containing mixture.

Method 12

Spray with the insect growth regulators on the grounds, beds, and other areas where the fleas may reside. Insect growth regulators stop the development of fleas and break the reproductive cycles. These regulators are particularly effective for areas that have been invaded.

The most economical way is to take a concentrated chemical and use it according to the instructions on the product. Usually, this is applied at least twice, between three and a half weeks. it will be an advantage to spray the places where your pets are mostly stayed once a month.

Insect growth regulators do not harm mammals. This makes it a good option for the people who have children at home or pets like hamsters, reptiles, and fish. You can find flea dusts in the stores selling agricultural pesticide, as well as order from the internet.

Method 13

If you live in a house with a garden, even if your house is cleaned, the fleas can still infest the house if you do not clean your garden. Use same kind of products for garden.

Method 14

In order to kill the fleas in the house, it is necessary to take measures in all areas where they are seen such as whole apartment and apartment garden. Seeking partial solutions cannot go beyond wasting your time.

Method 15

If you cannot get rid of the fleas in spite of all these methods with and without chemical, you should try to get help from an expert. Taking professional flea cleaning services from pharmaceutical companies provides a fundamental solution to your problem and your home become flea-free without any effort.

How to Get Rid of Fleas
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